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Loveday London Luxury Lingerie Review: 'Titania' Bra & Ouvert Thong

Disclosure: This lingerie set was purchased by The Lingerie Addict for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

Editor's Note: Our second review of Loveday London was published in response to comments made by the brand after our first review, which can be found here.

Loveday London 'Titania' lingerie set.
Photo by K Laskowska

Why We're Reviewing Loveday London a Second Time

Earlier this year, I reviewed the ‘Oncilla’ set by Loveday London. The lingerie was originally purchased at a sample sale, in good faith that the pieces were simply end of line styles (i.e. leftover from a previous season), rather than seconds or samples. All the garments were presented with their original swingtags, size/care labels, and price tags which detailed both the retail price and the new discounted sale price.

The term ‘sample sale’ is somewhat of a misnomer. Although you usually can find samples (the test garments created for brands before a collection is put into production in a factory), often these sales are used to clear leftover stock from previous seasons and seconds (a.k.a. faulty) garments. Under UK consumer law, faults in such styles must be displayed clearly to consumers.

A fellow attendee of the sample sale, who asked to remain anonymous due to an employment conflict, recalled their experience shopping at the Loveday London stall:

'Every item that I looked at was tagged with at least swingtags that had pricing on. Every product appeared finished. I remembered I was surprised about the sale price (which also had the original RRP crossed out) of a garment because it was so low. I was told the item only fit a certain bodyshape, hence the low price. I purchased two items that had swingtags, which appear to be finished garments’.

Loveday London contacted The Lingerie Addict regarding the previous review, stating in a public comment:

‘We would like to remind you that not all items for sale at these events accurately represent the fit or quality of our final products. Sets are offered at up to 80% off for this reason.

Had we known you were planning to review our whole brand on this particular discounted set, we would have advised you to contact us in advance to discuss your concerns and views.’

Under UK law (the country where the garments were purchased), it is not enough to simply discount an item and consider flaws to be covered by this, especially when it has the original price attached (implying that the piece itself was originally sold for this price).

Additionally, it is against TLA’s review policies to ever contact a brand prior to a review. The point of a review is to give an accurate, unbiased consumer view of the product.

Whilst I can accept that the items in question were indeed seconds (owing to the numerous faults found with their construction), the claim that the set was either a sample or a second implies deeply unethical selling practices.

By not appropriately labeling its products, the brand does not make it clear to consumers what they are really purchasing. A product should be clearly presented as either faulty or as discounted end-of-line.

Loveday London 'Oncilla' set

Loveday London 'Oncilla' set. Photo by Karolina Laskowska.

How I Approach Lingerie Reviews

My approach to lingerie reviews is a little different than the average blogger's. To start, my experience in the lingerie industry gives me a much more in-depth perspective on lingerie construction and fit.

I have a 3 year lingerie degree under my belt, which taught me how to pattern cut and sew lingerie. I ran an award-winning luxury lingerie brand for over 5 years, where I both sewed products myself and oversaw factory production runs, ensuring my garments were made to a high and exacting standard.

For nearly a decade I have studied vintage and antique lingerie, developing a wealth of knowledge which culminated in the opening of The Underpinnings Museum, an online museum dedicated to the study of lingerie history.

All these experiences have resulted in a stringent approach to reviewing modern underwear. I examine the quality of materials and stitching up close, and have exacting standards of what consumers should expect at particular price points. This is not borne of any desire to punish lingerie brands, but rather to give our readers as accurate and informed a perspective as possible.

With that in mind, I was asked by The Lingerie Addict to review another set from the brand. The set in this review has been purchased directly from a stockist of the brand, and is therefore irrefutably ‘representative’ of the brand’s products.

Purchasing and Price Details

For this review, the ‘Titania’ balconette bra and ouvert thong were purchased from the brand’s Spring Summer 2017 collection.

The bra originally retailed at £140 ($180) and the thong at £70 ($90). Both pieces were available in size S/M/L (with the bra band adjustable through several band sizes). Although the range is now largely sold out, you may still find the odd piece at one of the label's stockists.

The set is based around a pale pink foiled leather (with leather being one of the brand’s design signatures) and corded pale pink embroidered tulle (though this is described as a 'blush corded lace' on the brand’s website).

It’s a common mistake, but an embroidery is differently made to a true lace (although they can look similar). Lace is created by the individual threads being twisted together to create a pattern, whilst an embroidery is a pattern sewn into an existing fabric.

Loveday London 'Titania' bra embroidery detail.

Loveday London 'Titania' bra embroidery detail. Photo by K Laskowska.

Stitching and Construction Notes on the Bra

The bra is simply constructed, with cups made of a single layer of embroidered tulle, shaped with a single dart in each. The cups have a balconette shape, with a straight scalloped edge cup across the neckline and a strap apex before the underarm.

The bra cradle and decorative underwire channel overlay are both constructed with metallic leather on the exterior. The bra’s centre gore is an interesting design detail, with the underwires extending beyond its finish for a cut out shape between the two bra cups. The interior of the cradle is lined with sheer nylon, with plush casing for the underwire.

The side seams are encased in bone channels with small plastic boned to maintain vertical tension. Both the underarm edges and underband are trimmed with a picot edge elastic.

Loveday London 'Titania' bra centre gore detail

Loveday London 'Titania' bra centre gore detail. Photo by K Laskowska.

The shoulder straps are split into a front half of foiled metallic leather, trimmed with a small pink satin bow at the strap apex, and adjustable strapping at the back of the garment.

The bra’s ‘wings’ use a signature brand design and are made entirely of adjustable strapping, allowing the garment to fit multiple band sizes.

The strapping is a pale pink with a picot edge and a plush back, with rose gold toned rings and sliders. The bra fastens with a pale pink hook and eye fastening at the centre back.

Stitching and Construction Notes on the Thong

The thong has a very skimpy cut, with the scalloped edge of the embroidery panelled in a way that leaves the front of the garment completely open. Picot edge elastic extends out to form the leg edges on either side of the ‘ouvert’ cut out. Pale pink stretch mesh makes up the back and side panels of the thong, with a panel of metallic leather at the centre back.

Loveday London 'Titania' ouvert thong

Loveday London 'Titania' ouvert thong. Photo by K Laskowska.

The waist edge is trimmed with the same picot edge elastic as the legs. There's a big variance in weight between the different fabrics used in the thong: the leather and embroidery are very heavy, whilst the stretch mesh and elastic are very lightweight. Consequently, off the body, the thong has a tendency to curl up on itself as the different fabric tensions fight against each other. It's not visible when worn, thankfully.

Loveday London 'Titania' thong

Loveday London 'Titania' thong. Cracks have already begun to appear in the leather panel. Photo by K Laskowska.

The stitching on the thong isn’t quite as clean and accurate as on the bra. The overlocked side seams don’t quite match up, and the top stitching has noticeably different lengths on the left and right sides of the garment.

The squared off leather panel at the centre back of the garment has been quite neatly inserted (angular garment panels can be particularly challenging to sew), but the top stitching isn’t entirely accurate and the interior overlock stitch hasn’t been secured so is starting to unravel.

Loveday London 'Titania' thong interior stitching

Loveday London 'Titania' thong interior stitching. Photo by K Laskowska.

The ‘ouvert’ cut out at the front of the garment is framed by plain knicker elastic. Although there’s nothing explicitly wrong with leaving the elastic plain here, the stitching at the edge of the embroidered panels extends out just beyond the fabric, leaving a slightly unsightly area of distorted stitching on the plain elastic.

The seam allowances also haven't been trimmed back as much as they should have, and there are areas on the interior of the garment where raw fabric edges are extending beyond the elastic trim.

Leather and Fabric Quality

For a brand that places itself at the luxury end of the market, the fabrics leave something to be desired. The aforementioned embroidery (incorrectly described as lace) is nice, but just doesn’t feel as luxurious or intricate as a true corded lace.

I’m not an expert, but the leather used in these pieces also does not feel like it's a particularly high quality. The garments have barely been worn, but already the metallic coating is starting to split, leaving tiny hairline cracks on both the bra and thong.

Loveday London 'Titania' thong. Seam allowance is emerging from the elastic trim, along with the contrast leather interior.
Photo by K Laskowska

This wouldn’t normally be an issue, except that the reverse of the leather is an unpleasant shade of dirty yellow-green. Suffice to say, it’s quite incongruous with the soft pinks of the rest of this set.

However, these cracks are particularly disappointing to see on the outside of the garments. As these garments are still essentially brand new, I suspect with extended wear and washing this problem will only get worse.

Loveday London 'Titania' bra

Loveday London 'Titania' bra. Leather finishing on the garment interior. Photo by K Laskowska.

Both garments were made in the UK. The stitching on the bra is overall accurate, with an appropriate stitching length on the leather and no visible mistakes or unpickings. The cup darts are overlocked and top stitched, and elastic is applied with a 3 point zigzag stitch. The elastic strapping details and bone/wire channels are all finished with a secure bartack stitch.

The only area of construction I would take exception to is the finishing of the leather straps and decorative channels. Finished edges have simply been folded to the interior of the garment, bartacked over and left raw. It feels a little ill-considered, especially with the yellow leather lining so visible as a consequence.

Lingerie is an area of fashion which is all about the details, and the joy of a truly luxurious piece of lingerie is when it looks as good on the inside as on the outside.

Loveday London 'Titania' thong side seam

Loveday London 'Titania' thong side seam. Photo by K Laskowska.

Loveday London 'Titania' bra

Loveday London 'Titania' bra. 3.5cm space within the underwire channels. Photo by K Laskowska.

Sizing, Fit, and Flaws

One of the first things I noticed about the bra when I took it out of the parcel was a major technical flaw; something I was quite shocked by, and shouldn’t have been signed off for a production run.

The underwire is too short for its channel by over 3.5cm (typically an acceptable amount  of tolerance for an underwire is only 1cm). That’s a lot of space in a small garment and means the bra is either going to collapse on itself at the centre front or the underarm, depending on where the underwire shifts during wear.

Since my last review my body shape has changed a little, so I chose to order slightly different sizes. I’m increasingly wearing size 32B/30C compared to my previously usual 32C/30D.

In the previous review, I tried a size M bra (recommended by the brand for sizes 32D/34C/36B). This time I decided to try a size S, recommended by the brand for size 32C/34B/36A. I opted for size L for the thong, in line with my previous purchase. I usually wear a size UK 10-12, but the brand recommends the L for a UK 12-14.

Loveday London 'Titania' lingerie set

Loveday London 'Titania' lingerie set. Photo by K Laskowska.

As before, both garments come up small. The thong is a little easier to fit, as it uses very stretchy mesh and elastic. Nevertheless, I can’t help but feel it’s a little tight, and I could have done with a XL. The ouvert cut out is very revealing. This definitely isn’t a knicker style for the faint-hearted!

Despite my change in bust shape, the bra does come up very small. The cups are very shallow, and although the single dart for shaping does give a nice rounded shape with a slightly pointed bust, there simply isn’t enough volume in the cups. During wear, I’d find my breast tissue constantly shifting out of the cup and spilling over the neckline.

However, the fit is definitely an improvement on the Oncilla bra I reviewed. The shifting of the shoulder strap to the cup rather than the underarm gives a dramatic improvement on lift and cup security, and the cup no longer collapses in on itself.

The wire profile and shape is a good fit and true to size. Unfortunately, the discrepancy between the wire length and channel does cause the fit problems noted in the first paragraph of this section.

Loveday London 'Titania' lingerie set.
Photo by K Laskowska

The adjustable underband design has a lot of open space, which unfortunately means any soft flesh on your back gets very squashed and constricted. My underbust measures 27" , and I've found I have to wear the bra on nearly its loosest setting. I am curious as to how this bra would fit on a 36 band size, which is supposedly within this bra's size range.

Final Thoughts on Loveday London

Overall, my experience with Loveday London has been somewhat disappointing. My initial experience of the ‘Oncilla’ range left me thinking that the brand had a lot of potential and just needed to tweak a few details. However, the Titania set has left me thinking the label has some major quality control issues.

If I’d purchased this set for myself, I would have sent it back immediately. The serious technical flaws combined with the lack of attention to detail make me wary about trying this brand again.

Readers: What are your thoughts on Loveday London after this second review?





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Karolina Laskowska

Lingerie designer. Spends most of her time sewing bras and getting excited by chantilly lace.

65 Comments on this post

  1. Lyra says:

    I too, purchased the Titania set (though I went with the longline triangle bra and the brief) and was thoroughly disappointed. The set is absolutely stunning, but the fit is unacceptable. The brief fit well enough, but I couldn’t get the bra to work in either a small or a medium. It is not nearly as adjustable as Loveday London claims their designs are and the band was too big even in the small. For reference I usually wear a 32C but go up to a 32D in some brands and styles. Not to mention the “lace” was super scratchy. I was so excited about this set and this brand, so this experience was extremely disappointing.

  2. Kathy says:

    Wow, so many details! That’s a very professional review. :)

  3. Shawnna says:

    When I read the review for the first set, I thought, “I don’t know very much about the actual construction of lingerie, so I have no idea what some of the things she wrote means. I can handle a few puncture marks in leather, and I could possibly pick out the threads when beads fall off and be happy with the underlying material. I wish that she had said whether or not these items were worth the cost.”

    Such technical reviews only influence my decision the barest amount because the most I know about lingerie is how well certain designs fit on me and whether or not a fabric or detail is appealing. I would have purchased from this line because it looks pleasing and been aware of the fact that it isn’t exceptionally well made.

    Then I read this review and the comments on both, and… seriously? Seriously?!

    It’s one thing to stand up for your product. It’s another thing entirely to rail against a technical review of it and place your product and yourself in the wrong by doing so. Now I wouldn’t purchase anything from this line because I’m worried that I’d end up with expensive scrap cloth for future craft products when it falls apart because the company would tell me that they’ve never had any complaints on any of their items, and how dare I contact them about their product ripping or pilling – it sold out as soon as it hit the stores and is an award winning piece!

    The actual review may not have helped me as much as they would have someone with more knowledge of how lingerie is designed and made, but the comments certainly did. I’m extremely glad that TLA made the interaction between the company, reviewer, and editor transparent because that is something that I do understand. It’s nice to know that if a reviewer *did* say that a product was a great item for the price, I wouldn’t have to worry about them lying in order to satisfy the company.

  4. Elaine says:

    I have recently been admiring Loveday London collections online, and was seriously considering purchasing from them. Now, after reading both TLA reviews and Loveday London’s replies, I no longer feel comfortable doing so. I am thankful to witness the interaction that has occurred, as it saves me from going through stress. Parting with my wages, getting my hopes high, and discovering that, in my own personal opinion, I’ve received a poorly constructed product (for it’s price point), is an exhausting process. I have no doubts about the ineviable stress that would incur when contacting the brand for a return, should they avoid addressing my genuine concerns and and make unprofessional and personal attacks on me. As they do have beautiful designs, I hope LL will improve their quality, or lower their price in accordance with what is fair for the products they are producing. Most importantly, I hope they can learn how to be kind, fair, and professional.

  5. lia says:

    Thanks for another great review! Karolina’s reviews are always in depth with a ton of technical knowledge you can’t find elsewhere. I always appreciate and value the reviews on TLA; the transparency and honesty is hard to find elsewhere.

    I’ve read a few reviews on Loveday London. Lace and Haze reviewed the Leandra set, Calliope on Esty Lingerie reviewed the Goddess set, and of course Karolina reviewed the Oncilla set earlier. While none of the reviews were glowing (they actually noticed similar issues as to those in this review), I hadn’t been turned off by the brand. Things like construction and fit don’t always take precedence for me-sometimes the esthetic overrides them. That said, I have been turned off by the attitude displayed by the brand here and in response to this ongoing drama. I understand they may feel hurt, but that in no way justifies the nastiness they’ve shown. They are not behaving in any sort of a professional manner and I will not be a customer. They clearly need a PR person.

    On the other hand, your comments have been cool-headed and the height of professionalism, Cora. I hope you all are coping well with this stressful situation and that Karolina is enjoying her vacation.

  6. Heather says:

    I always enjoy reading Karolina’s reviews, even though they are typically for brands not in my size or price range, because she brings a unique perspective to her reviews as someone with a deep knowledge of lingerie construction. She points out things I would probably never notice on my own, good and bad, and it’s educational. Reviews like this inspire me to take a closer look at the things I buy and develop better expectations for what I should see in my (lower cost!) purchases. I learn so much from this blog!

  7. Jilly Frilly says:

    As someone who has been involved with lingerie from years,writing,blogging,reviewing, writing content and helping lingerie companies market their brand I am impressed with the details that Karolina goes into in her reviews. This amount of detail is not typical in a lingerie review at all and I’m sure it feels to Luisa that something she is hopefully proud of is being picked apart stitch by stitch.
    Knowing both Karolina and Cora on twitter and being thoroughly impressed by their integrity and ethics,I have no concern about Karolina’s honesty and accuracy.
    Running a business in 2017 is tough. The classic marketing line “Influence the influencer” is even more salient in a digital world and TLA is,of course, at the top of the influencer list for good reason.
    Nobody likes to receive bad press. It hurts,it feels personal and attack sometimes seems like the best form of defence. Handle bad press badly though and you compound the error.
    Address the concerns,counter the claims, apologise for being less than acceptable, offer to make amends and you can come out of a bad review with your integrity intact.
    This,sadly,will have the opposite effect

  8. Catherine says:

    Setting aside the suspicious timing of the claims about “it’s biased because Karolina is a competitor” and that this would logically mean that both Krista and Cora were inexplicably out to get a random small UK lingerie brand for no apparent benefit to them at all . . . .

    Not all of us small indie brands believes that everyone else is their competitor. I (Kiss Me Deadly) don’t run cross promotions and collaborations and work with other brands out of the goodness of my heart, I do it because I know from sales figures that other brands sales, even conceptually-close indie brands, do not affect our sales, even on the same shops/sites. And Karolina’s seen those figures too, and tend towards that my economic take on things. She works with other indies quite frequently – in fact I distinctly recall she’s contacted Loveday to be part of some of our cross promotions and multi brand events in the past.

    It must truly be awful to spend your whole working life thinking that the very people who will understand the issues you face and could help are out to get you or will kill your sales. I’m profoundly grateful that I have some wonderful colleagues who are happy to work together. Any indie brand who can get their head round the notion that we could work together to expand *all* indie brands should come say hi :)

    • Emma says:

      On that note I heard it’s time to start planning the next Lovebomb :)

      • Catherine Clavering says:

        Yeah, shame we’re too sweaty to think straight :D

        I might squeeze in a less formal summer thing, too. Possibly involving some trespass ;)

        And I think Karolina is happy to carry on doing the secret santa as long as I do the comms, though this incident rather scotches another event that was a glimmer in my eye . . .

  9. Angela De Napoli says:

    I’ve been a longtime admirer of Loveday London and I find this review unnecessarily harsh and destructive.
    It’s one thing to be honest but it’s quite another to assainate a brand so publicly and then be humiliated.
    As you correctly note it’s a High End Brand and NOT couture
    What you have written is Harsh and bullying.
    Shame on you!

    • Cora says:

      Hi Angela,

      Like you, I was also a longtime admirer of Loveday London. That’s why the brand was often featured in our trend reports and holiday shopping guides. Even now, I adore the brand’s aesthetics; not a single comment here has changed that.

      However, I am not quite sure how reporting on visible and obvious flaws – such as cracked leather on a brand-new item – is an “assassination.” I am also unclear as to how expecting your leather goods to be whole and stable beyond one wear is a couture requirement. Finally, I am uncertain why discussing any of this would constitute “bullying.” Bullying is a serious social issue. It has a specific meaning. Using that word simply to describe behaviors you dislike is insincere.

      I wish you well.

      ~ Cora

  10. Stephanie London says:

    All of the people slating this designer should be ashamed! This review is obviously going to be biased if Karolina has her own brand?!! The aggressive backlash that this designer has received for standing up for her SELL OUT designs is shameful. It puts a really unpleasant slant over the industry. This is a shame for all of the other successful and hard working designers out there like Lovday London. Biased reviews and cyber bullying is unacceptable. Good for you Luisa Loveday for standing up for your brand! Fight for your designs and continue selling out! Haters will always hate and be negative, but the positive will always shine through x

    • Cora says:

      Hi Stephanie,

      To start, Karolina’s brand is in the process of dissolving. She is no longer producing, designing, or selling new styles, and is only working through currently in-stock (that is, already made) items until September 2017.

      That said, I believe it’s also important to note that Karolina has been a columnist at The Lingerie Addict for 6 years. Yet, for some reason, no one has had a problem with her contributions until this article. The timing of your concerns is suspicious (also, late), and seems motivated by the fact that we’ve a published a less-than-sunny review about a designer or brand that is close to you.

      Furthermore, publishing a negative review about a brand is not “cyber bullying.” The Lingerie Addict publishes reviews regularly. We have neither harassed nor threatened Loveday London. We have published no rumors of the brand (all Karolina’s technical notes are supported by photographic evidence). Nor have we resorted to personal attacks and insults. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the brand or its supporters.


  11. Sarah says:

    Utterly shocked to have clicked on this article from a ‘sponsored post’ on Facebook – is the Lingerie Addict out to damage Loveday London???
    Karolina, your negative reviews do read very bitter. It would be interesting to see if you have any glowing reviews on brands which you’d have considered to be ‘your competition’?

    • Cora says:

      Hi Sarah,

      We regularly promote posts to our Facebook page fans (that is, people who have already liked The Lingerie Addict). As you may know, Facebook’s algorithm limits organic reach for brand pages, and we find boosted posts help ensure our readers see The Lingerie Addict’s latest articles. That said, I believe there is nothing in this review that comes close to the damage of the brand’s own comments.

      As I said in my reply to Luisa, Karolina is on vacation. Unfortunately, as I also said to Luisa, neither of us will be responding to personal insults. However, you are certainly welcome to explore The Lingerie Addict’s archives.


  12. Emma Parker says:

    Being acquainted with both Karolina and Luisa and a long time part of the bra community (Playful Promises) I feel saddened by this exchange. The reality is it is very hard to make money in the independent lingerie sector. Very, very hard. That is why so many brands come and go. There is also the problem that if you do small runs you have no clout with your manufacturers and often scrabble around to find components – anyone tried sourcing underwires in the UK – nightmare! Having had a look at Luisa’s accounts (by law they are in the public domain in the UK) she is also finding it hard to make money from her brand so perhaps she was worried about the negative review and it caused an emotional outburst. If I was Luisa I would apologize for taking it personal and move forward as she has a great aesthetic. Karolina is also an amazing designer who also is highly technically competent. Another point I would like to address is that despite the price tags on Loveday products they are not making lots of margin – if you think about the cost of develping the product, fabrics and trims, sewing it in the UK and the cost of doing a small run, shipping it, warehousing it and marketing it. It is really hard for small brands as they end up with a cost of product inline with people like La Perla and AP but often with little clout to keep quality up and much less margin because of the small runs.

    I hope this all resolves itself peacefully and with a bit of grace after some reflection from Luisa as both Luisa and Karolina are great assests to the UK lingerie industry – Emma, Playful Promises

  13. Sarah says:

    First off, bravo Karolina and Cora. You’ve stuck to your guns about both reviews and that’s such an admirable thing to do. These sorts of disagreements give me even more respect for the TLA team and trust for your content. I’m sorry you had to put up with a brand owner being so nasty!

    Second, I want to add my two cents to the mix here and say that Luisa’s unprofessional response (and, I suspect, fake positive commenters) make me never want to buy something from her brand. Fit and quality control mistakes every now and then I can accept. A toxic attitude? No way.

    As someone who’s bought from Karolina in the past, I can attest that her work is gorgeous. She doesn’t need to, nor would she, “maliciously” attack another indie brand. To accuse her of such is petty and wildly inappropriate.

    Shame on Loveday London, and go TLA.

  14. Beth says:

    This is a very well thought out, professional and concise review. Karolina has stuck to the facts and backed up her findings with clear images. At this price point I would be expecting sheer perfection in construction and fit. I would really love to hear the justification behind the shortness of the underwires, amongst other things.

    As for the comments below – I find these childish and entirely unnecessary and will have done more damage to the band than this review ever could. Well done.

  15. Miss Mew says:

    It is extremely disappointing for me to see Luisa and Loveday London respond to a critical review so poorly. I have purchased almost all of Loveday London’s early collections; I literally have a box of it on my Instagram which does not include everything I own (like one of their robes). Unlike Karolina, Loveday works really well for me. Everything I own from them is very nicely made. I’m not technically trained, so I can’t comment in thorough detail like Karolina, but I am happy with them. I have also had really positive CS when I emailed them to help me track down some missing pieces that I wasn’t able to acquire.

    But my positive experience does not negate or override others’ experiences for the brand. Or that if the rude comments/poor responses are a result of someone doing something wrong. At this point, I do not feel comfortable supporting Loveday anymore (but I will still wear and appreciate the items I do have) until they can calm down and apologize for any untrue statements.

    The bra channel, for me, is evident that there are some serious QC here. I wonder if the rest of the Titania bras are like this, or maybe this was a sewing mistake. If so, I don’t understand the difficulty in acknowledging any of the criticisms pointed out and/or looking to do better.

    I’ve given critical reviews of brands before. One that I always think of had the owner openly receive the feedback, listened to what others designers/customers said, and was willing to work with me to make sure that I was happy. And in my experience, since then, her sizing has become much more consistent. I have since repeatedly bought from her and will continue to support her because of how she responded and how she continues to want to improve and support her business.

    I would like to see Loveday come through from this, but given the reactionary posts so far… :(

  16. Ryan says:

    One more thing, closing your doors for personal reasons does not have anything to do with experience, or success. Just because you say you’ve sold out of this line, and had zero returns ( which, come on, who believes this?) has no reflection on the quality of your product. Even Walmart sells out of stuff

  17. Christy says:

    This was a very detailed review of a luxury product accompanied by photo proof. Surely the brand is not accusing the writer of altering the product? I enjoy reading the reviews here. I am encouraged by the openness of the review process. Thanks, Cora and Karolina.

  18. Samantha C says:

    The comments Luisa made were completely baseless personal attacks that are deeply unfair, particularly in this public forum.
    What is also telling is that Luisa/Loveday London completely neglected to address the valid and obvious technical issues with the garment (not to mention the questionable sales tactics). Sadly the way that they have handled this review has made me never want to purchase anything from this brand, whereas the review simply made me think that the designs were pretty enough to purchase despite the flaws.
    As a Lingerie Addict fan, I appreciate the transparity and honesty of these reviews and wish that some brands would take notice and perhaps try to practice it themselves.

  19. TG says:

    As a long-time reader of TLA, I always appreciate accuracy and honesty in reviews.

    I personally noticed things that would immediately steer me away from purchasing, just going off of photos alone. If it helps, I have 10+ years of education and experience in fashion merchandising, wholesale, & quality assurance. I also currently run a small, private kink apparel business.

    Whereas I find the design to be beautiful, the first thing I noticed in the photos was the foiled leather (which appears to be a low-quality painted suede).
    Given the understanding that undergarments will be worn, & often times will take a tougher beating than most garments do (being so close to the skin, they will move more or be layered over), quality material is a necessity. The leather was stated to have cracked already, which does not signify quality or longevity.

    In my own business, I have often gone out of my way to talk to experts in leather and pleather care on numerous occasions to provide not only resilient items, but also care instructions to my customers.
    There are four concerns about the set to address:

    1) The leather on the thong should be lined with an appropriate material to separate the backing from the skin. People sweat & have bodily oils. Having the raw backing would be acceptable on an item of lesser cost. There are plenty of ways to line this so oils do not touch the leather and ruin its integrity over time.

    B) Acquiring better material is important, as previously stated. There are metallic and foiled pleathers and leathers that will be crack resistant for quite a time, or at the very least are sealed well. For businesses that are ordering wholesale, there are several options and places with reasonable costs that will send swatches to test integrity first.
    Given that the leather is also bunched on the thong, this is cause for concern that more stress is placed on it with each time wearing and removing. A good quality would not be worn down so easily. Suede also has a habit of shrinking and growing based on moisture and heat, which will eventually cause more decay to the piece & show in frays and/or peels.

    C) The edges at the top of the bra should be neatly tucked into the casing in order for the seams and raw edge to be hidden, or at the very least be finished and folded under appropriately. As it is, that foil will come off on the skin & that will accelerate the wear-down of that portion of the material much quicker.

    4) For cleaning, the website says: “Cool handwash only. Condition leather after washing. Dry flat in shade. Cool Iron only.”
    These are absolutely wrong care instructions for leather. You cannot and should not submerge leather in water. In leather care, a slightly damp cloth and an immediate gentle cloth dry is suggested in the case of any dirt or mess, but wiping down with a soft cloth is the best method of cleaning. Also, specialty products made specifically for metallic-coated leather should be purchased to ensure the care of this item.

    These are serious design flaws (though I didn’t even touch on the underwire casing), & I would return the product immediately if it was sent to me that way after being promoted as a luxury leather item.
    Leather requires a good amount of care, & low quality and/or poor construction does not help it last (take it from personal experience, it is worth it to spend the extra money on better quality).
    My advice would be to find a reliable source for leather with appropriate sealant and a strong quality guarantee. I would love to see this design improved.

    • Emily says:

      Wow! You could be a TLA guest writer.

    • Cora says:

      This is an amazing comment. Thank you for sharing your expertise here.

    • Tyeneshia says:

      Your comments are spot on! Maybe they will do better to focus on design issues rather than emailing insults. It looks like they got their friends to comment on their behalf but the picture are proof that they had poor execution of their ideas. The underwire being too short and unlined leather is just so….wrong.

  20. Sara says:

    Wow. Consider this brand sidelined until otherwise noted based on their shockingly vindictive and petty personal attacks for a very detail oriented review about the brand’s tangible qc and fit issues. I’d be really afraid to try to post my own review of their product, on any platform, unless it was shiny sparkly both thumbs up. That’s a shame. Honest critique and feedback is a great way to learn; insisting you have nothing to improve is a great way to stay mediocre. Incredibly unprofessional and cringeworthy.

  21. Nicole says:

    Having no knowledge of this brand the review to me seems very through and well thought out. And the fact that even minor details can make lingerie a step above the competition, I would think a brand would love the view from someone who has knowledge over construction. Especially considering most women like myself rarely splurge on luxury items like this. This is why I follow this blog, there are great reviews for items with different price points and I like to peak at items I can’t really afford. I thought the items were beautiful and if I spent that amount of money I’d probably be a bit picky and be upset with small flaws. However, after seeing the comments from the owner and from other people I will never purchase from this brand and will ensure to warn others to stay away. God forbid a private customer have a complaint if this is how a well established blog is being treated PUBLICLY

  22. Excellent, fair and detailed review! I always try to make a note about a bra’s quality in my reviews but I’m no sewing expert so the things you’ve picked up on are definitely going to help me in the future. I can’t believe anyone thinks you’re being unfair – you wrote positive and negative things, but focused on the things that stuck out to you most.

  23. MD says:

    What an interesting and careful review. As a dedicated home sewist, I appreciate the attention paid to stitching, material weight, and other details–with plenty of images to show both the lovely aesthetic and the issues with finishing.

  24. J shears says:

    Unfortunately whilst Luisa may not have handled this the best , I am sick of karolina giving negative reviews on brands, brands that happen to have rejected her for jobs and even resorted to cease and desist with regards to her blanant design copying. Very disappointed all round that Cora chooses to align herself with someone such as karolina.

    • Cora says:

      Hi Jessie,

      This is a very strong allegation, and if these claims are true, I could understand your disappointment. If they are false, however, then this is libel.

      Do you have supporting documentation for what you’ve said here? Please feel free to post links within this comment section or to email me directly with evidence at [email protected].

      I look forward to your reply.


  25. Alison says:

    I have purchased many sets from Loveday London and the quality of the products has always been impeccable. The fit is great and the service second to none. This review doesn’t ring true on any level with my experience with the brand.

    I have read all of the comments above and think Luisa Loveday is justified in her comment and should be allowed to stand up for her brand without people having to post unnecessarily rude responses. From what I can see the whole review is unjustly negative – I’ve always had such a positive experience with Loveday London and will continue to buy from them!

    • Cora says:


      I’m happy you’ve found Loveday London’s fit and quality to be impeccable. It’s always good to hear from other purchasers of a brand. That’s part of why we have comments.

      However, Loveday London’s comment on this article was unimaginably and shockingly rude. I cannot fathom why you would view Loveday London’s rudeness as acceptable, but rudeness from those who responded to her as “unnecessary.”


    • Emily says:

      She isn’t standing up for her brand, she is making personal attacks without addressing any of the actual garment issues. I suspect some sock puppetry in these comments :v

  26. AE says:

    I think the benefit of self-purchased lingerie is evident in this review. I am not an expert, but even if this was in my size range that excess space in the wire channel would be unacceptable to me even in a bra that cost 20 EUR. I appreciate seeing an accurate review.

  27. Lauren says:

    I am really disappointed in how a digital platform such as a ‘The Lingerie Addict’ can be used to attack a brand at such gravity within the industry. With Loveday London being such a small team, the reviews and comments seem to be personal and Luisa’s response to defend her brand seems perfectly acceptable. I agree that Karolina, having closed her own brand is probably not the best person to be writing reviews on other lingerie brands? Luisa highlighted Cora’s comment in an article “While there is vocal demand for innovative, thought-provoking, fashion-forward design, that demand does not always translate into sales (or at least the kind of sales a brand needs to stay in business)”… then why do people think it’s acceptable to target a brand with this kind of behaviour rather than support designers working hard within a difficult industry as soon as they try to defend themselves?

    • Cora says:

      Hi Lauren,

      The belief that The Lingerie Addict owes uncritical and unflagging support to any brand is one I disagree with, and, quite frankly, that has never been what this blog is about. I can understand how our willingness to publish criticism means we depart from most fashion industry norms, as critical commentary is something frequently lacking from fashion media, especially when it comes to lingerie.

      That said, I have no issues with Loveday London defending their brand. It is completely acceptable, and even to be expected, that a company would have something to say regarding a less-than-positive review. What is not acceptable, however, are the repeated lies Loveday London has told in an effort to “defend” themselves.

      First, they were deceptive about the circumstances of the sample sale, choosing to level an unsubstantiated allegation that they could not support and which was in fact undercut by other attendees of the same sale. Next, they implied Karolina’s decision to review the brand twice was the expression of some sort of personal vendetta. It was not. I asked her to review the brand on both occasions. Third, they said TLA has never published negative reviews of our sponsors. This is false, and, as with all their other claims, easily disproven.

      As I said, Loveday London is welcome to defend themselves. I hope in the future, however, that such defenses do not rely upon spurious falsehoods and are instead focused on their brand. I would love, for example, to hear a response from Loveday London regarding the length of their wire channels.


    • Ms Pris says:

      ” Karolina, having closed her own brand is probably not the best person to be writing reviews on other lingerie brands?”

      This makes absolutely zero sense. Your implication is either that no one who has ever worked in lingerie should review lingerie, or that only people who work in lingerie should review lingerie.

    • Emily says:

      “the reviews and comments seem to be personal” They aren’t personal, they are about garment materials and construction. Try re-reading the reviews and pushing the pause button on your overactive emotions, Lauren. (or Lucy, or Luisa, or whoever you are).

  28. Lucy says:

    Considering this is an independent business, I can sympathise with Luisa wanting to defend her brand. Having bought from Loveday London myself it has shocked me that someone would feel strongly enough to write not one, but two reviews stating they are “wary” about the brand’s “lack of attention to detail”- having been so happy with all my previous purchases. If anything some of these responses seem like a “personal attack” towards Luisa and I think her response is justified.

    • Cora says:

      Hi Lucy,

      As stated in both TLA’s disclosures and my comments, Karolina’s first and second review were commissioned by this blog. In fact, the second review was commissioned based solely on Loveday London’s accusations regarding the first review.

      I do feel strongly about someone implying my team has behaved unethically, which was the gist of Loveday London’s accusation when they claimed the first review items were samples or seconds. Interestingly enough, it has emerged there was no labeling or disclosure to that effect, which means it was either an undisclosed second in violation of UK law or an item that was produced to factory specifications yet still had some flaws.

      However, I took the claims made by the brand regarding the quality of their work seriously. They said the Oncilla set was not representative of their label, and the best way to respond to that particular comment was to review another, more recent, set, which we have done.

      I am sorry you found personal attacks and insults to be justified, and, somehow, less shocking than the fact that TLA would want to write a follow-up lingerie review.


    • Bubble says:

      Luisa is personally attacking Karolina for her writing a fair review of Loveday Londons underwear, that is hardly justified. She should behave like the grown up she is, her response was what made me never wanting to buy anything from her at all, not the review.

  29. Ellie Versaci says:

    Loveday London is one of my favourite lingerie brands, it’s designs are so unusual and I have found such great quality and fit (I love that they are made in the UK too as this is rare to find). This article seems to me to be biased and has negative intentions from the offset. I absolutely think it is right that the brand would respond to such negativity in order to defend themselves.

    • Cora says:

      Hi Ellie,

      If the brand’s replies were simply a defense of their garments, I believe your comment would have a point. However, Loveday London’s replies have been light on defense and heavy on unfounded speculation and personal attacks. I too would love if the brand published an actual defense of their garments and a rebuttal to the technical notes presented here as opposed to these irrelevant and spurious allegations.


  30. Thursday says:

    I guess we can all just dismiss Karolina’s rational, objective assessment now that Luisa is here with her wild accusations. I’d say luxury lingerie for conspiracy theorists is a niche market indeed…

    • Lee says:

      Your entire comment was great and that last sentence made me chuckle! Let’s ignore the actual photographs and the fact that Cora asked Karolina to do this review. Who needs or cares about facts?

  31. Lisa says:

    This is a such well-informed, detail-oriented, educated review of this set with absolutely no biases. I am such a perfectionist when it comes to purchasing lingerie and I know that most consumers don’t notice the tiny flaws that drive me crazy. At this price point, near perfection should be expected and Karolina did an amazing job as always. The brand’s comments speak volumes about who they are and not the reverse, and it is for that reason that I wouldn’t buy from this company. Keep up the great work!

  32. Luna says:

    Thank you for such a detailed overview of their products. Coming from textiles background and experimenting with foiled materials, I’ve realised it is very common to have foil cracks with time, in fact foils wash out completely at some point and it is the brand’s responsibility to inform on the care labels of such issue, so the customers know what to expect

  33. Hi Karolina,
    We are disappointed to see that once again you have gone to an extensive effort to write a negative review on our brand.

    Clearly as a former lingerie designer who’s business has recently closed there is an underlying agenda and malice to your reviews which we do not feel are justified.

    This collection ‘Titania’ has been our fastest and best selling to-date. It has completely sold out on our own website, at Selfridges London and we still receive customer requests for this style. We have had zero returns on this collection.

    You seem hell-bent on creating a bad profile for Loveday London on this website which is unfortunate. We are a very small team of professionals working hard within an independent business to create an impression on the industry. We are thrilled to have been recently shortlisted amongst only three other brands as Lingerie Brand of the Year in the Drapers Independent Awards 2017.

    In the article about you closing down your own brand Cora writes “While there is vocal demand for innovative, thought-provoking, fashion-forward design, that demand does not always translate into sales (or at least the kind of sales a brand needs to stay in business)”

    It is then only a reflection on you, that you are attacking other brands who are managing to ‘stay in business’.

    We wonder if the same critique would have been published should Loveday London have been one of TLA’s advertisers? We suppose not!

    We have a loyal following of very happy repeat customers who highly anticipate our next creations. Whilst we do appreciate constructive criticism and we are always aiming to improve our operations, we are proud of our achievements and continued success.

    Loveday London

    • Kate White says:

      Sure, Karolina moving to live with the love of her life is all about YOU and must be a nefarious plot rather than a perfectly normal decision for someone in their 20’s :D

      God forbid someone love your aesthetic but have any fit/QC issues with it, they MUST be involved in some sort of dubious conspiracy, even though TLA has the most transparent review policies out there. Yes, Big Lingerie is clearly out to get you, of course that’s what’s secretly happening here. What a relief that you revealed the plot!

    • Tigz says:

      Luisa, this is so uncalled for. Its one thing to be unhappy about a review. It is completely another to attack someone personally and imply there is an ‘underlying agenda’, when quite honestly the first review didn’t put me off your collection. I’ve always loved the aesthetic of your brand. Its totally up my street. Its great that you’ve had awesome sales on the Titania range, and I’m thrilled for you that you’re shortlisted. Its great to see independent brands getting recognition for their work. What does put me off your brand is this comment. A personal attack on Karolina and her brand is so unbelievably below the belt.

    • Cora says:

      Dear Luisa,

      Thank you for commenting. As Karolina is on vacation, I will be responding to your remarks. Unfortunately, I am sorry to see you once again lapse into false and easily disprovable allegations.

      First, Karolina’s “underlying agenda,” if one wants to call it such, was that I, in my role as Editor in Chief, requested she write a second review. That request was made in response to your brand’s initial allegation that Karolina reviewed a sample or second item which was not indicative of your usual brand quality.

      Speaking personally, I have been a longtime fan of the brand and wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt that the issues found with the Oncilla set (issues which our readers corroborated in the comments) were a one-time occurrence. The best way to do that would be by reviewing another, newer set. I am not sure how consistent issues found by three separate individuals are evidence of malice, but we are free to disagree here.

      Regarding your recent award nomination, I congratulate you. However, that has nothing to do with The Lingerie Addict and our editorial content.

      Your personal insults are distasteful and irrelevant to the matter at hand. Therefore, they will also not be responded to.

      To address your next allegation, The Lingerie Addict has published reviews, including negative reviews, of advertisers before. A notable example was this 2015 review of Timeless Trends’ corsetry which ultimately resulted in the brand deciding to pull their ad. However, we review products from our advertisers on a not infrequent basis. Our product reviews, like all our articles, are approved and edited by TLA’s Assistant Editor, Krista (formerly of The Lingerie Post), who has no contact with our advertisers or potential advertisers at all. To accuse Karolina of acting maliciously is also to accuse Krista, as her immediate report, of acting maliciously. Unfortunately, neither of these accusations is credible.

      Finally, I find it interesting that, given an opportunity to share your perspective and speak officially on behalf of your brand, you choose to attack and insult instead of addressing the reported faults in the garments. Why, for example, is the leather on a brand new lingerie set already showing cracks? Why do your products appear to be cut smaller than their indicated size range? And, perhaps most importantly, why, if the items from the first review were indeed samples or seconds, would Loveday London fail to follow UK consumer rights law and properly label or disclose them? Answers to any or all of those questions would be far more interesting than what you’ve typed here.

    • Amber says:

      Wow. I definitely won’t be purchasing from your brand again. Not only is this an unprofessional response to a review (a review that you have no control over, you do not own it, a review that anyone is entitled to write once purchasing your product line) but is completely uncalled for act like Karolina is trying to bring down your brand for her own means. Her works is and was phenomenal, she didn’t close her brand due to sales, but to move forward with her design in another way. Have you seen her stitching and designs? It is the one indie luxury brand that can actually claim the word “luxury” properly. Instead of getting angry at a review, how about taking notes and possibly changing some things for the better? Why not use Karolina’s advice to have better quality control? I mean, I don’t see why you mind about the review anyway, you get zero returns, and sell like hot cakes, as you say. So one tiny review of someone who’s not kissing your butt (unlike the Instagram crew) shouldn’t really hurt your sales, no? Also, how dare you come to Cora’s website, which she spends her hard work and money on, to make it the best running and most popular lingerie blog worldwide, and accuse the review of your faulty pieces of lingerie on the fact that you’re not an advertiser here? Take several seats. This comment shows that you know nothing about how TLA works, or about the integrity of both Cora and Karolina. Shameful, and very childish.

    • Erica says:

      What an…interesting reply to a review. While you may have repeat customers (for now) you don’t seem to care that you are turning off a lot of potential NEW customers handling criticism this way. Is this wise? Not sure.

    • Manoela says:

      I was thinking “I don’t care much about the small issues on the construction, I think their designs are so pretty that I would certainly buy them, love some leather with other materials!”.

      Now I am more like “I could never buy from a brand that treats other people from the industry like that. I can take my money elsewhere.”

      Such a shame! I can find other great designs in respectful brands, though, no big deal ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      • Cora says:

        Hi Manoela,

        For me, it raises the question of how the brand might treat a customer they dislike in private.

        As I said in my original comment to the brand here, our recent (and very public) interactions have made me concerned regarding how the brand might respond if our readers are dissatisfied with a garment. Unfortunately, nothing has happened so far to lessen these concerns.

        Thanks for stopping by,

    • Emily says:

      Luisa, you can make a fool of yourself all you want (hire a PR person if you want to stay in business), it’s not going to distract us consumers from that crazy underwire situation.

    • Ryan lerue says:

      I have never seen such an immature reaction to a very professional review, by an expert. Seeing karolinas work throughout the years, I can tell you she knows what she’s talking about. I saw no personal attack against you, I have however, seen them from you.
      You took it to a very unnecessary level.
      I love criticism, it helps you grow if you just take it in and learn from it. You can’t just have yes men surrounding you to inflate your ego. Come on, be better than that.

      Side note: I’m extremely impressed at coras responses, she has been nothing but professional, maybe you should take notes. Just a thought

  34. Andra says:

    I’m glad to see you holding onto your ethical standards and caring about your readers first. It’s unacceptable for a brand to knowingly mislabel their products and just as unacceptable to imply it’s you being dishonest. (The alternative would be that that’s how Oncilla actually went into production and they were trying to lie their way out of a bad review, which would be just as bad but with a side of weird)
    If your reviews hadn’t convinced me to not buy from them (if/ when I could afford it), unethical business practices definitely have.

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