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Has there ever been a more controversial subject in the fashion industry than this one? No matter your opinion on knock-offs, cheap copies of luxury goods are here to stay. After all, if there’s a market for people who want expensive items for lower prices (and there definitely is), there’s going to be a company willing to cater to that market. Some of these knock-offs are outright counterfeits and forgeries […]

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Lingerie of the Week: Zinke Rosalie Robe

Yup, it’s a Zinke kind of day. When I reviewed the Zinke Intimates lace romper one of my chief complaints was that the lace, while gorgeous, had no stretch, give, or flexibility. Those qualities aren’t good for an item that fits close to the body (like a bra, panty, or bodysuit), but they are doable for an item that’s a bit looser… like a robe. I really like Zinke’s trademark […]

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Disclaimer: The lingerie in this review was provided by Zinke Intimates. All opinions are my own. Today’s lingerie review is a bit unusual. I actually received this piece a year and a half ago, but chose not to publish a post about it at that time. However while moving, I rediscovered this romper, gave it another try, and decided it’d be a great piece to talk about on the blog. […]

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By Holly: When I first started buying lingerie, I bought only matching sets. It was one of the only rules I had when shopping, as it seemed like a waste to me to have bras and knickers that didn’t match. Fast-forward to this month when due to my work schedule, basic things like showers and regular laundry sessions seemed like luxury activities. Last week, I even announced that I had […]

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Fortnight Lingerie S/S 2012 Collection

Founded only in January 2010, Canadian brand Fortnight Lingerie is perhaps most famous for being featured in last year’s ‘Super Sexy CPR’ viral video. But if next season’s collection is any indication, Fortnight is about to be known for a whole lot more. Sweet, seductive, and deceptively simple, Fortnight’s clean lines and sumptuous fabrics embody today’s trends in fashionable lingerie. Best of all, Fortnight manufactures sizes 30A-38E. This is definitely […]

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