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From Romania to Canada: Lingerie from Around the World, Part 2


When I wrote the first guide to Iconic Lingerie Around the World, I knew it would be impossible to include every country's iconic lingerie aesthetics. So we're back with a part two!

Globalization has homogenized so much of the fashion industry, and we are so interconnected today. But it's so cool to explore the differences still in existence between countries' iconic styles!

We're still limited to what can fit in a mere blog post, but I hope you'll enjoy this little journey around the world. And if we missed where you live, sound off in the comments! What type of lingerie is your country known for? How would you define the popular bra shapes in your area? We want to know your thoughts!


If you’re fuller busted or read The New York Times, you probably know about Polish lingerie!

These brands are known for crafting a vast range of bra sizes with incredibly careful fit.

If you have a particular fit need, it’s very likely that you can find the perfect Polish bra for your breast shape. Support and special engineering is almost never sacrificed, even when a style is quite pretty.

Lingerie designers located in other EU countries frequently outsource their manufacture in Poland, so it’s no surprise that perhaps all Polish lingerie brands are made locally. They’re known for their hosiery manufacturing, too.


Much like in Australia, the Canadian lingerie market took hold over the last decade, meaning their designers are known for modern, on-trend looks.

Mass market trends tend to reflect the United States’ love of t-shirt bras, but Canada’s local lingerie designers are all about gentle, sporty simplicity.

Think sheer mesh, solid elastic straps, and textural lace. Bold seams and thoughtful hardware give aesthetic consideration to otherwise simple shapes.

Shapes are simple, and bras are often wireless - especially when items are made locally, due to the high cost of Canadian manufacturing.


Italian lingerie is known for fine fabrics and craftsmanship. After all, La Perla, one of the lingerie brands with the best name recognition in the world, is based in Italy and still manufactures many products there.

However, there is a particular Italian lingerie aesthetic. It’s elegant like French lingerie, but not at all fussy. It’s slightly sporty in shape like Canadian lingerie, but soft and delicate in feeling.

Cup shapes are gentle, and bodywear is sleek and lightly tailored. Overall, the look feels effortless.


With so many luxury fashion brands manufacturing in Romania and a long history of textile production, it's no surprise that Romanian lingerie offers high quality craftsmanship and elevated style.

Rich textures and bold design come through in Romanian lingerie, even in the simplest of designs.

Most lingerie can be considered “bodycon,” but Romanian lingerie has a particularly body-conscious aesthetic.

These pieces are designed to emphasize the lines of the body, rather than only providing support or style.


German lingerie shares the clean sportiness of Canadian and American lingerie brands, with a cup shape somewhere between the two.

German bras tend to have more structure than Canadian bras, and less “oomph” than American bras. Cups are rounded but soft, and frequently offer full coverage.

Bodywear is sleek, commonly featuring tonal lace insets. The resulting designs appear structural and functional, but easy and chic.

What do you think? If you can't find your country, check out Part 1 of this series here. Do you agree with our descriptions here? What other notes would you offer?

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