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Hips and Curves

Last year, I skipped doing the Valentine’s Day Shopping Guides. Between moving to California, traveling to the Salon International de la Lingerie in Paris, and then attending Curve in New York, I just felt too overwhelmed. But I realized, right around the time I usually would have been writing the guides, that I missed doing them.

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TLA’s official Holiday Lingerie Shopping Guides kickoff today, and I am so excited to share some of my favorite lingerie finds from the past few months with you! For the first guide especially, I wanted to exhibit a wide range of exciting, enticing budget-friendly items. Often, when I’m talking with people, there’s this idea no nice lingerie can be found anywhere for under $100. While you won’t see any French Chantilly lace in this particular shopping guide, there are a lot of treasures here – everything from stockings to sleeping masks to sequined chemises.

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With the holiday season in full swing, you may find yourself with a long list of gifts to buy for your family. Or maybe you’re stuck trying to find that perfect Secret Santa gift for that coworker you’ve only talked to once. Over the holidays, it can be easy to remember to treat everyone but yourself. As a plus size woman, wearing lingerie is something that has helped me learn to love my body and what better time to practice some self love than over the holidays? Whether you’re looking for something naughty, something nice, or something just plain comfy, get in the holiday spirit by giving yourself the gift of festive plus size lingerie.

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Disclosure: This blog post contains affiliate links.  All opinions are my own. When October rolls around, I always find myself scrambling for a costume. Plus size Halloween costumes aren’t readily available in stores, especially beyond a standard “queen size” so costume shopping always requires a mixture of creativity and planning. Because I hate the idea of purchasing something I’ll only wear once, I often find myself looking for pieces I […]

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Growing up plus size, I was in need of a bra long before any of my friends even saw a single hair on their legs. I looked for supportive bras but nothing too sexy. It was also a difficult balance of finding comfort without looking frumpy. As I got older, I still didn’t want to be seen as sexy, but I was also scared that not being seen as sexy was a reflection of my worth.

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