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29 Pieces of Plus Size Lingerie for Sizes 20 and Up

Disclosure: This blog post contains affiliate links.

After my column last week, Cora emailed me to ask a question that I hear a lot: "Since the selection of lingerie in sizes 20 and up is so awful, where can we send TLA readers for nice stuff?" I suspect she's not the only one asking that! Once you get past a US 18, the lingerie pickings become much narrower. Today I've collected some of my favorite pieces of plus size lingerie in that size range, from a variety of places. I've tried to use photos of actual plus size models when I can, which was actually surprisingly difficult. There were tons of plus size pieces shot on core size models... which really baffles me.

I've also tried to incorporate a variety of styles, which was again difficult in this size range. The lingerie out there tends towards the plain or the immediately trendy, so there isn't a ton of choice if you're interested in a style of lingerie that isn't having a moment currently. There are some vintage-flavored pieces in here, some super feminine stuff, and some pieces that are more outside the box --- like the crop cami from Torrid featured at the top of this blog post.

Some quick notes on sizing: I'm converting sizes extremely roughly here, as ladies in the 20+ size category can fit as low as an 18 occasionally. Most of this will cover up to a 28, with some pieces going up to a 32.

As usual, just click on the photo to see more about each piece of lingerie. I'd also love to hear about where you buy lingerie if you're in that size range. What have I missed? Where is all the great stuff hiding?

Edie Bra & Panties by Elomi

Edie Bra & Panties by Elomi


Holly Jackson

The Full Figured Chest provides creative and elegant copywriting for the high end lingerie industry.

17 Comments on this post

  1. Angela Waterford says:

    It’s true that the lingerie pickings get much narrower once I hit plus size. I think that buying plain underwear wouldn’t work in the bedroom with my husband so I might pick some lingerie that is nice to wear. Currently, I’m in that size range so I’ll be sure to look online for some brands that would fit nicely with this kind of body.

  2. Wanted_A_Pony says:

    Well, once again I came to a website that was recommended as “great for all sorts of alternative folks & women of size”, with tremulous hope in my heart that maybe I’d see SOMEthing I could wear… maybe even something handsome or pretty! Once again I searched through tags & skimmed the posts & photos. Once again: nothing. I’ve read about 10 posts here & seen perhaps a half-dozen garments IN TOTAL that I could get into–a pair of stockings (nice, but I don’t wear them), some shortie robes in cheap shiny materials (uh, no; I’d rather wear woad), & a couple of scratchy-looking babydoll things (just what a small-breasted mature woman needs to feel confident, right?). I don’t know why I still try. Masochism I guess….

    • Cora says:


      From this article, I’d recommend getting in touch with RavenDreams or Sonata Lingerie. Both offer customized sizing, and RavenDreams could likely create a custom garment to order for your specifications (size, style, color, etc.). It’s hard to make more detailed recommendations than that since I don’t know anything specific about what you’re looking for, but the designers Angela Friedman, Karolina Laskowska, and Dottie’s Delights might also be labels to try, since they offer made to order lingerie as well (i.e. you tell them what you’re looking for, and the two of you work collaboratively on a garment to create it).

      Take care and thanks for stopping by,

      • Wanted_A_Pony says:

        Thanks for the reply, Cora! I’ve bookmarked this page so I can look into those designers/companies when I’m more cheerful. :-P It’s interesting that, when I thought about what you wrote, I realized that I’m actually not sure what type of garment I might like now. When I was much younger & thinner I had a couple of things I liked wearing but they would be ill-suited to my shape now. Hmmmm….

  3. Lauren says:

    Oh my gosh, I NEED more information about the garter/stockings in the picture of the Daphne Black Satin Ballet Robe by Ravendreams! Can anyone help out?

  4. Heather says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE everything from Hips & Curves! I have quite a few of their pieces and each one fits perfectly and makes me feel incredibly sexy. The garter belts fit perfectly and the corsets are amazing because of the hook and eye in the front. Sexy, well fitting and made to fit women who have actual hips and curves :)

    Hanky Panky are also my go-to for boy shorts. LOVE them and I have them in just about every color.

  5. Cora says:

    One of the things I like about this post is that it includes some higher-end, luxury pieces. Very often, when the subject of plus size lingerie comes up, the emphasis is only on cheap things, often for the same reasons Holly discussed in her previous posts. But it’s nice to be reminded that there are luxurious plus sized options out there and you can see how they look on plus sized models (talking about Sonata and Ravendreams in particular here).

  6. Larissa says:

    Thanks so much for featuring a few Hanky Panky items! Our larger-sized items have been getting a great response, so look out for more pretty things in larger sizes in upcoming collections.

  7. Renee Posey says:

    I get most of my lingerie from Torrid, Lane Bryant, Hips and Curves, Torrid and French Lingerie Outlet (they have a good selection of Oh La LA Cheri Curve). I own several of the pieces pictured in this article. While the selection of plus-size clothing in general has vastly improved, the market for really beautiful lingerie in larger sizes is still, unfortunately, vastly under-served. (Entrepreneurs: take note)

    The area wherein I have the least difficulty finding RTW pieces I love, is, perhaps surprisingly, in corsetry. I have had great luck finding gorgeous corsets that fit well through Mystic City Corsets on eBay, and of course, Orchard Corset, although I find that I’m curvier even than their most extreme silhouettes.

  8. Thursday says:

    Hips & Curves is one of my go-tos for nice and interesting pieces. I’ve seen some of the Oh La La Cheri offerings come across my radar but am reluctant to take a chance on something that would be hard to return. Would love to hear from anyone who has had experience with the quality and fit – especially as the bras are sized 1x/2x/3x etc, which gives me no indication as to whether they’d work for my large band/small cup.
    Australian brand City Chic do some nice pieces in their lingerie collections at times, although I find their bras too heavily padded for my liking. They seem to be more readily available in the US now and often do nice hosiery too.
    Canadian label Additionelle are another brand worth mentioning for sometimes doing interesting pieces. I picked up an amazing black lace robe from them when I visited a few years ago.

    • Renee Posey says:

      They’re big in the band and small in the cup. If you’re a C-D, they should fit you well. As far as quality, well, I own two pairs of their panties, the strappy back lace chemise and the strappy cage bra and garter skirt set. I got the panties at bare necessities for $10 total and the bra, skirt and chemise at French lingerie outlet for a total of about $65. Because they’re so sexy, and my hubs loves them, I’m happy with that, but due to the quality, wouldn’t pay a penny more. They’re great if you’re just looking for something to wear for sexy time, but I’d had hopes of wearing the cage bra under backless tank tops this summer, but that won’t work because it lacks support and won’t hold up to a lot of washing. If you go in thwith this expectation and find a deal (they’re on zulily from time to time too), then they’re a worthwhile buy. They just are what they are. For sizing reference, my measurements are: b: 54, UB: 43, w: 41, H: 57. Hope this helps!

      • Thursday says:

        Thanks for the info, Renee – as most plus size lingerie design assumes that plus size ladies have large busts, my default is to assume that my B cup bust will feel as exposed as a raisin in a shoebox. I might take a risk on something with your feedback in mind!

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