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29 Pieces of Plus Size Lingerie for Sizes 20 and Up

Disclosure: This blog post contains affiliate links.

After my column last week, Cora emailed me to ask a question that I hear a lot: "Since the selection of lingerie in sizes 20 and up is so awful, where can we send TLA readers for nice stuff?" I suspect she's not the only one asking that! Once you get past a US 18, the lingerie pickings become much narrower. Today I've collected some of my favorite pieces of plus size lingerie in that size range, from a variety of places. I've tried to use photos of actual plus size models when I can, which was actually surprisingly difficult. There were tons of plus size pieces shot on core size models... which really baffles me.

I've also tried to incorporate a variety of styles, which was again difficult in this size range. The lingerie out there tends towards the plain or the immediately trendy, so there isn't a ton of choice if you're interested in a style of lingerie that isn't having a moment currently. There are some vintage-flavored pieces in here, some super feminine stuff, and some pieces that are more outside the box --- like the crop cami from Torrid featured at the top of this blog post.

Some quick notes on sizing: I'm converting sizes extremely roughly here, as ladies in the 20+ size category can fit as low as an 18 occasionally. Most of this will cover up to a 28, with some pieces going up to a 32.

As usual, just click on the photo to see more about each piece of lingerie. I'd also love to hear about where you buy lingerie if you're in that size range. What have I missed? Where is all the great stuff hiding?

Edie Bra & Panties by Elomi

Edie Bra & Panties by Elomi