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5 Sheer Mesh Lingerie Dresses to Style as Outerwear

Though it’s still technically Spring, it’s definitely starting to feel more like Summer. And if the last few years are any indication, this year promises to be just as hot – if not hotter. Though I love a cute little cotton or linen sundress during the day, on occasion I may want to wear something a little more scintillating in the evening. Think a private celebration, anniversary date, or cruise […]

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If you’re reading this, you have the internet. And if you have the internet, you know what’s going on in Ukraine. I won’t profess to be any great scholar of global politics, diplomacy, and Eastern European history. But what I do know is that Ukrainians are experiencing unspeakable tragedy and fear right this moment. Unsurprisingly, several Ukrainian lingerie designers are among the millions of people who’ve been uprooted from their […]

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Hey, Lingerie Addicts! We’re on the cusp of a new season, which means it’s time for a new shopping guide. I honestly love doing these shopping guides. They’re not only an chance to share some of my favorite online lingerie encounters with you, they’re also an opportunity and a challenge to find new labels I’ve not shared before. Part of what keeps these guides exciting – for me, and hopefully […]

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Fairy tales were my favorite stories to read as a kid. They may have originally been written to teach children lessons about right and wrong, but I was in love with the flowery language, the old illustrations, and the spirit of the headstrong, romantic heroines. Wildflower meadows, forbidden forests, enchanted grottos, unicorns and mermaids, witches and kings…for as long as I can remember, I’ve escaped into those fantasy worlds, dreaming […]

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It’s been 5 years since TLA’s last Black-owned lingerie brands list. In that time a lot has changed, most of it for the better. Not only are the majority of brands on 2017’s list still in existence – which hasn’t always been the case with previous roundup lists – the number of Black-owned lingerie brands available has increased exponentially! Never have there been more lingerie companies owned by Black people […]

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