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As a lingerie copywriter, I’m always especially conscious of how trends are marketed. Marketing is more than a set of pretty photos; it’s also about wording product descriptions and marketing materials in ways that will appeal to your target customer. So, for obvious reasons, I’m always interested in seeing how new trends are marketed to both the plus size and core size market. Today I wanted to talk about the […]

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The lingerie industry can be hard to analyze in an objective way because so few brands and boutiques publish their statistics. Today I’m going to be relying on two boutiques that graciously have: A Sophisticated Pair and Bluestockings Boutique. Erica has actually just started to publish her series on her statistics over at A Sophisticated Pair this past week, so go here to see the updated numbers. For this article, […]

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We’ve covered plus size panties and bras several times at The Lingerie Addict, but today I wanted to cover your options if you are above the standard plus size range. Panties that come in a 6X or higher can be harder to source, making it a severely underserved market. Luckily, several companies have come to the rescue and produced panties in a wide range of sizes, some up to a […]

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This robe was purchased by yours truly with my own money. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Like most reviewers, I usually photograph and take pictures of lingerie pieces while they are brand new. After all, lots of things can happen to a piece of lingerie in a year or so: food and drink spillage, fabric pilling due to washing, color fading, etc. I’m reviewing this robe today specifically because […]

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For the past few months I’ve been yearning and searching to rediscover my love of lingerie. Some of my feelings are because I blog a lot for work, so I simply see a ton of bras. Some of it is because this season all the lingerie kind of looks the same and I’m someone who tends to fall in love with unique and slightly kitschy pieces. But part of it has […]

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