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I’ve written repeatedly about how the full bust and plus size lingerie portions of the lingerie industry have changed wildly since I started writing here. I write a lot about things like sizing expansions and marketing campaigns around here, but the styles of lingerie available have also expanding rapidly from what was available several years ago. Full bust and plus size customers now have access to bondage inspired pieces, to […]

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I spent a lot of time thinking and writing about the state of plus size lingerie last year, from the way it is marketed to the types of pieces that are available. In retrospect, I feel like it was a good year for plus size lingerie. We had some progressive ad campaigns spearheaded by outspoken and unconventional spokesmodels as well as fashionable new lingerie pieces. That said, this year there are […]

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Items for this review were provided by Addition Elle. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Happy New Year, everyone! I hope everyone had a great holiday break. I’m back today with a review of the latest from Addition Elle, whose partnership with Ashley Graham has been picked up by Nordstorm and is selling like hotcakes. I wanted to see if the line had changed any since last season, as […]

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As a lingerie copywriter, I’m always especially conscious of how trends are marketed. Marketing is more than a set of pretty photos; it’s also about wording product descriptions and marketing materials in ways that will appeal to your target customer. So, for obvious reasons, I’m always interested in seeing how new trends are marketed to both the plus size and core size market. Today I wanted to talk about the […]

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The lingerie industry can be hard to analyze in an objective way because so few brands and boutiques publish their statistics. Today I’m going to be relying on two boutiques that graciously have: A Sophisticated Pair and Bluestockings Boutique. Erica has actually just started to publish her series on her statistics over at A Sophisticated Pair this past week, so go here to see the updated numbers. For this article, […]

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