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Sale Lingerie of the Week: What Katie Did 'Valerie' Garter Belt

Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links.

what katie did valerie garter belt

I try not to be too snobbish about my lingerie. After all, it's supposed to be fun. But if there's one place I'll admit to being a little snooty, it's garter belts. Try as I might (and I admit to not trying very hard), I will never stop proclaiming the virtues of the vintage style, 6-strap suspender belt. Yes, I know most folks just want a boudoir accessory. And I know that modern, 4-strap styles are easier to find. And I definitely know it's a rather odd thing to be a stickler about. But I just can't help it...I have passionate feelings about the virtues of six straps.

It's a pretty frequent refrain nowadays to talk about how the quality of fashion has done down in the last few decades. There are lots of reasons for that, including the rise of fast fashion, and the world of lingerie is no exception. However, a classic, retro garter belt, especially one made by a company that knows how (like What Katie Did) is truly just as good as those of yesteryear. Before I even began blogging, I bought one of my first "real" garter belts from this brand. 10 years later, I still have it, and it's still wearable. That's not something I can say for most lingerie (though, interestingly enough, all the other items I bought back then and still wear are either authentic vintage or vintage inspired - my Rago corselette, my first custom corset, and a handful of vintage slips from ebay).

I like the Valerie Garter Belt because it's simple enough for everyday (i.e. no ruffles or other adornments), yet has visual interest in the form of the lacing detail along the front panel. It reminds me of something I would see in the book 1000 Pinup Girls (and, honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if it was inspired by a photo from there). Factor in the high quality metal grips and clips plus the sale price, and this is the perfect piece for someone who's been wanting to try this style, but doesn't want to invest a lot of money to start.

what katie did lulu suspender belt

What Katie Did also has Lulu Garter Belt on sale in beautiful red organza with black lace overlay. Like the Valerie, this is simple enough to wear under even close-fitting clothing, but pretty enough that it still feels special.

Both garter belts are currently retailing for $35. As with all sale items, sizes and availability are limited, so it's better to buy sooner rather than later if you're interested. If you happen to be reading this blog post later, and don't see these items on the WKD website, take a look at their ebay store. It's an amazing place for WKD clearance.

Have you ever tried What Katie Did's products? If so, what did you think?


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