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Lingerie Review: Rago Shapewear Lacette Corselette

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Rago Style 9357 Body Briefer (Corselette) via Hepburn & Leigh

Rago Style 9357 Body Briefer (Corselette) via Hepburn & Leigh

Above is the Rago corselette, lace powernet, firm control, 70% nylon/30% lycra, sizes 34B-48D, six garters, $45.99-$69.65 USD.

Rago is one of the leading names in pinup-inspired shapewear. They've been in business for over 50 years (and many of their lingerie patterns are that old as well!), and they have a tradition of high quality yet budget friendly undergarments.

A corselette is another word for a girdle dress (which is another name for an open bottom body briefer). Instead of a girdle that only goes from the waist to just under the bum, a corselette from the bustline to the upper thighs, cinching the waist, lifting the bosom, and shaping the hips and rear. If you like girdles (and if you don't, that's totally fine, but they're pretty groovy), it's a marvelous piece of lingerie. Rago's patented tummy panel provides firm control for the stomach while their trademark shaping bands wrap around the waist, hips, and derriere to give firm control and tight support. The lace powernet stretches to semi-sheerness once it's on the body, and it looks a bit like having a floral tattoo.

Oh dear. I sound like I'm writing a love letter, don't I?

Rago Style 9357 Body Briefer (Corselette) via Hepburn & Leigh

Rago Style 9357 Body Briefer (Corselette) via Hepburn & Leigh

The soft bra cups have a slightly pointed shape, but not as pointy as a bullet bra. Shallower or smaller busts may need bra pads to fill out the cups, otherwise you can get a bit of puckering or dimpling around the edges or very tip of the cup. The corselette has a low, scooped back which makes it great for low-backed dresses, but the corselette would still be visible if paired with a "backless" garment. The six garters have metal clips and adjusters, but are non-removable, i.e. you'd have to cut them off or unpick the stiches (sidenote: this girdle may not stay down as well without stockings). The Rago corselette is a pull on style, and has neither zippers nor hook-and-eye closures. You'd want to roll it up in your hands, pantyhose style, and pull it on starting from the bottom up.

Something to note, if your hips are more than 10 inches larger than your waist (like mine), you may have to make the difficult decision of either ordering up a cup size and having the proper fit on your hips (but requiring pads to fill out the bra cups) or ordering your usual bra size and having it fit your bust but be extra (dare I say uncomfortably?) snug about the waist, hips, and rear. As this is a firm control shapewear item though, remember that some snugness is to be expected. In my case, since I didn't mind the extra firmness on my lower half, I simply stuck to my regular bra size.

rago shapewear corselette back view

Rago Style 9357 Body Briefer (Corselette) via Hepburn & Leigh

I'm 5'8", and the hem of this garment comes just to the bottom of my derriere. It's very stretchy however, so I could see someone an inch or two taller than me wearing this so long as they were comfortable with the hem being slightly higher. You petite people are lucky, however, as this could potentially double as a mini-dress for a party. For people of any height (and with enviable style), this could even work as a retro-style top if paired with a skirt.

The Rago corselette is a classic piece of lingerie, one that's remained almost unchanged for decades. I think of it as a wardrobe essential, and the accessible price point makes it a must-buy in my humble opinion.

You can purchase the Rago Style 9357 from HerRoom, StockingsHQ, Secrets in Lace, Amazon, or Hepburn & Leigh.





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  1. Tights Lover says:

    I don't yet own a corset, but would love to get one. This looks like one worth checking out!

  2. Miss AJ says:

    I do have a corselette but I find it so restrictive that I rarely wear it. Maybe I will give it another go tomorrow and see if I can find a love for it.

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