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Where to Buy the Best Garter Belts

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Prefer video instead? Check out our video on The Lingerie Addict YouTube Channel: "How to Buy a Garter Belt."

Today's Ask the Addict question comes from a Tumblr follower, who asks:

Where can I buy a good garter belt?

That's a great question, especially since garter belts are not only back in fashion but surprisingly hard to find in the average lingerie boutique or department store. If you're brand new to the world of garter belts, you may also want to take look at this article - How to Buy a Garter Belt.

Essentially, a good garter belt has at least six garter straps, uses both metal adjusters and metal garter clips, and has several rows of hook-and-eye closures at the back (the same clasps that are on a traditional bra) - though some styles are pull-on without closures or fasteners.

A good quality quarter belt is also fairly wide (at least the width of your hand at its widest point, if not more). For everyday or long-term wear, materials like satin and powermesh tend to be most comfortable.

The vast majority of garter belts I own and wear come from two brands in particular: What Katie Did and Kiss Me Deadly. Two specific styles I recommend are the What Katie Did's Maitresse Garter Belt and the Kiss Me Deadly Van Doren Suspender Belt. Both of these styles are also available in peach and white, respectively.

Dita Von Teese Lingerie

If those styles aren't quite to your liking, try Dita Von Teese Lingerie for a slightly more contemporary take on the traditional six-strap garter belt. If you're sized out of those brands, take a look at Rago Shapewear for plus size, six-strap garter belts up to a 42" waist.

Ready to buy stockings? You can't go wrong with StockingsHQ. They have one of the best selections online (including plus and tall sizes), as well as excellent customer service.

Happy shopping!


Cora Harrington

Founder and Editor in Chief of The Lingerie Addict. Author of In Intimate Detail: How to Choose, Wear, and Love Lingerie. I believe lingerie is fashion too, and that everyone who wants it deserves gorgeous lingerie.

56 Comments on this post

  1. Katie says:

    Do you find y-strap garters to be more effective for daily wear? Or do you prefer the regular straps?

  2. Katie says:

    Can you recommend a good cotton, rayon, or natural fiber garter belt? Thanks!

  3. Alexia says:

    Hi! The smallest size of both of the places you recommended is small. Do you know where I can get an extra small one? I have a thin waist and have a really hard time finding lingerie, as most places start with a size small.

    • Cora says:

      Hi Alexia!

      It would definitely help to know your waist measurement to make an accurate recommendation. Barring that, I’d recommend trying Etsy. Tons of indie lingerie designers are able to custom make garter belts to your specifications, and that includes extra small sizes.

      • Alexia says:

        Thank you so much for replying Cora. I have a 24 inch waist. I’m looking for a sturdy 6 strap. Alternatively, do you know of a way to keep thigh highs with the silicon tops up on my body? After one wear, they usually won’t stay up. (Probably because they are too big for my thighs, as I can’t find x-small thigh highs either.)

        • keranna says:

          I have skinny legs and they often fail from new but definately from washed. One way is to wipe the silicon strip with an alcohol mediwipe but I use a square (about 1″) of toupee/lingerie/tit tape at the back and front to stop embarrassing slippage

  4. Elena says:

    Thanks for a great article!
    I’m looking for North American places with garter belts? I’m in Canada, but products from the US are fine (otherwise I find shipping too expensive).
    What are your suggestions? What’s your take on this one:

    • Cora says:

      That one’s by Rago. It’s a nice one (and made in America), but I’ve found I prefer garter belts with a hook-and-eye closure over slip on garter belts. That’s just a personal preference though, and I think this one will do just fine.

  5. Vanessa says:

    What’s your opinion on nude colored or white suspender belts? Because while white probably looks “cleaner”, the clean-color is harder to maintain, but the stark color has a higher chance of showing through clothing. I’m torn between getting the white or bronze Cleopatra Capri suspenders.

  6. Stella says:

    Hi Cora,
    I’ve just placed an online order for the What Katie Did ‘Maitresse’, but the one I’ve ordered is the “narrow” version. I’ve only ever owned one garter belt before and it was a terrible 2strapped, plastic clasped lacy contraption. Can you please give me some input about the differences between narrow and “regular” garter belts? What are the pros and cons of each?

    • Cora says:

      Hi Stella,

      Have you written to What Katie Did to ask them? They’d be in the best position to explain the differences between their garter belts.


  7. Monique says:

    Thanks for reply. I’m actually after your personal experience with them because in another post I read that they were one of your favorites. (Although it may have been someone named “Treacle” who made the comment, I can’t remember).

    • Cora says:

      Treacle and Cora are the same person. That was the penname I used to write under. However, I don’t own every What Katie Did garter belt, and even the ones I do own, I’ve had for years. So unfortunately I won’t be very helpful.

  8. Monique says:

    Hi, I was wondering how much the What Katie Did Harlow suspender stretched? I plan to make the purchase and wear it for extended periods of time.

    • Cora says:

      Hi Monique, have you written to What Katie Did to ask them for the specifics on that? They’d be the best resource to answer.

  9. Constanze says:

    Thank you for replying so promptly! My concern is that the sizing chart lists Small as waist: 24-26inch with hips: 34-36inch while the Medium measures waist: 27-29inch with hips: 37-39inch. Would my hip measurements greatly affect the “sit” of the suspender belt(s)?

    • Cora says:

      Nope! If it were a longline suspender belt or girdle, it would. But for a basic suspender belt, all you need is the waist measure. That’s where the belt sits. Now, if you had a more dramatic hip/waist difference (say in the 14-16″ range), I may have worried about the suspender straps being able to stretch enough, but that won’t be a problem.

  10. Constanze says:

    I’m hoping to make my first garter belt purchase. I can’t find decent Aus retailers who stock functional suspenders (beyond the boudoir) and am now resorting to ordering online. I have a 27inch waist with 36inch hips. Can you please advise me on whether the Small or Medium would be best for the KMD Van Doren 8 strap suspender belt? I’ve tried contacting the retailer but haven’t heard back since.

    • Cora says:

      You want to order your garter belt by your waist size as the belt needs to stay firmly cinched around the smallest part of your waist to avoid slipping down your hips. I’d check the KMD size chart to see which size fits your waist measurement.

  11. CJ says:

    Do you happen to know what the metal clips are made of (Aluminum, Nickel, …) My wife has a metal allergy so it is something we have to be watchful of, thx

    • Cora says:

      Have you tried asking the brand you’re thinking of buying a garter belt from?

      • Karen J says:

        I recall having garter belts years ago that had small flaps of fabric or lace sitting behind the clips, to precisely solve irritation and garter-shaped dimple issues like CJ mentioned. It would probably be an “after-market” alteration, these days.
        Great website, Cora!
        I came here via Google, doing research on making a custom belt for a rather large friend of mine. Thanks for the in-depth articles on both Hows and Whys of functional sexy-bits – I really appreciate your personal touch :)

  12. Jacqueline says:

    I live in Canada and have been surfing the net trying to find a functional garter belt. It looks the the UK is the best source for online garter shopping. I’m wondering if you can give me an idea of the cost of duty and taxes to purchase a Maitresse narrow suspender belt from WKD. I would also appreciate some insight into the order process, specifically at what point the duties and taxes must be paid, and to whom, in order to take delivery.

    • Treacle says:

      Hi Jacqueline,

      Any questions related to shipping, including taxes and duties, should be directed to the seller in question as we’re not in a position to keep track of that information for every retailer (or reader!) worldwide. For some things, it’s best to go straight to the source.


  13. Suzanne says:

    I have bought many suspender belts I have one small 2 hook and eye with skinny straps it holds well indeed plus skinny straps are great under a silk skirt I also have 6 and 8 strap ones that are great for seamed stockings.

  14. Brookie says:

    I just bought a great garter belt that I absolutely love. However since I’m petite the straps are too long and will hold up my stockings in the back, where I’m a little more gifted, but wont hold them in the front. Is there any advice you could give that could help me with this problem?

    • Treacle says:

      If you’re petite and the straps are too long, you may want to look into buying a garter belt with extra short straps. Either that or shortening the straps on the one you have right now. It sounds like a matter of fit and alterations more than anything else.

  15. Elli says:

    I’m 16 and i bought a pair of hold ups- my last pair had rubber to keep them up, but the pair I’ve just bought don’t (even though i thought they did!) I only wear them because i find tights annoying to adjust when wearing long skirts, not to look pretty etc. but these damn things just fall straight down! There’s no way I would be allowed a garter belt, my mum would have a complete heart attack!
    Are there any alternatives that are less “sexy”?

  16. Lingerie lover says:

    It’s indeed harder to find good garter belt nowadays. I’m agree with you that garter belt with at least 6 garter straps is the basic requirement for choosing a good garter belt. Thanks for the great information!

  17. I cannot recommend enough the Kiss me Deadly Van Doren garter belts.. they are by far the most comfortable and reliable garter belts around. Very durable too, you’ll keep them for years and I find they give you a great silhouette.
    Sure, they are pretty simple and if you’re after something a bit fancier, there are some good options out there (I love WKD too) but if you want a garter belt that will keep your stockings up all day long and make you feel comfy yet sexy.. well, look no further!

    We have recently started stocking the version with 8 straps and contrary to my perdition, they have been uber popular too!

    • Andra says:

      Have you tried both the narrow and deep versions of the Van Doren garter belt? I don’t own any garter belt and I’d like one, but I don’t know which one would be better. I’m leaning towards the narrow one because you can put your panties on top, but I’m afraid it won’t be as effective as a deeper one. Do you have any advice?

  18. vickybelle says:

    Very fortunately, I found the “Cleopatra Capri” six-strap garter belts at Stocking Headquarters in UK ( ), ( ). These garter belts (or suspender belts as these chaps call them) are exquisitely crafted, very nicely finished and incredibly comfy so as to be worn in a daily, all-day-long basis. Currently, I own six pieces of thie beautiful type and, surely, I consider them a real treasure in my lingerie collection.

  19. ff38dd says:

    I agree that a good garter belt has at least six garter straps, metal adjusters and metal garter clips. The 4 strap belts are non functional and purely for looks.


  20. Lee says:

    I’m about to make an online purchase from KMD and I’m torn between the Van Doren 6 strap and the Van Doren 8 strap.
    Can you tell me if there is any big difference between the two?
    The price difference isn’t very large so that doesn’t play a big part in my choice, I just want something practical and flattering that will look good outside and under clothing. :)

  21. Lilibeth says:

    Narrow suspender belts work very well with me, but I have hips like a Buick!

  22. Gigi says:

    I own both narrow and deep WKD suspender belts, and I find they both work very well. For myself it just comes down to the look I’m going for with the rest of my lingerie.
    I have yet to try a KMD garter belt, or anything for that matter, but very much look forward to.

    It is a shame, that at least here in Canada’s ‘biggest’ city that you can’t find a decent garter belt in the shops. Thank goodness WKD ships here, and fast too!


  23. MiaRose says:

    Is it just me, or do the links you posted in the post do go nowhere?

  24. Thursday says:

    Totally second all those recommendations. My first ‘real’ suspender belt was the six strap Van Doren, my second the Harlow! StockingsHQ is also my go to for stockings. I first tried one of those flimsy, four strap ‘boudoir’ things and am glad I didn’t give up based on that experience.

    • Treacle says:

      Ditto! At first I thought garter belts weren’t for me, then I tried What Katie Did. Once you learn how they’re supposed to fit, it changes the way you think of suspender belts forever.

  25. Helen says:

    I’ve been thinking of getting a KMD suspender belt for months! The Candy in particular catches my eye (though there are at least 3 others that I want)

    But my friend isn’t a fan of clothing sitting at her natural waist. Do you know of any functional belts that are lower?

    • Treacle says:

      You could conceivably buy the belt larger so it sits on your hips, but then there’s nothing to keep your garter belt in place once it starts to fall. The reason garter belts sit at your waist and not your hips is because then your hips can provide a natural stopping point if the belt starts to slip during the day.

  26. Annmarie says:

    My recent purchase in that department was a Chantelle piece in Nordstrom for $59. It is pretty wide and also meant to be a waist cincher, which works for me as it stays where it supposed to without creeping down like other garter belts.

    • Treacle says:

      I just don’t trust any garter belt with only 4 skinny straps. Also, the stockings the model is wearing are holdups…which is just a no-no for garters (the thick silicone warps the clasps).

      • Annmarie says:

        I agree that six straps are certainly preferable. As for the stockings, I suspect Nordstrom chose those particular ones for the picture because of the textured look, possibly also because they’re wrapped evenly around the model’s thighs.
        I have used the seen above piece few times already, with ordinary holdups-free stockings, and had no problems. I should also mention that the removable garters are attached to the belt in a very secured way and one doesn’t have to worry about them falling, which is often the case when the garters are not sewn in.

  27. Sexy Lingerie says:

    The Kiss Me Deadly one is great. I don’t agree that a good garter belt has to be wide though – sure, if you want something slimming or with a vintage pin-up look, wide is the way to go, but I have plenty of beautiful garter belts from Agent Provocateur and even La Senza that are ultra thin and still just as pretty!

    • Treacle says:

      A wide garter belt has less to do with a slimming or a vintage pin-up look and more to do with it’s primary purpose, which is to hold up your stockings. Thin, dainty garter belts (like the kind you buy from Agent Provocateur or La Senza) look pretty, but they’re not made for actually holding up one’s stockings for any length of time. A good garter belt needs to be wide so it can sit at your waist (and not budge) and also so that it can accommodate a series of hook-and-eye closures for adjusting.

      • Lovecraft says:

        So have you “road tested” the 3.5 inch Maitress (L2010) versus the deeper (L2003) and, if so, do you have specific impressions of each?

        • Treacle says:

          In terms of personal preference, I prefer narrower suspender belts over deeper ones (when I want tummy coverage, I usually just wear a girdle) but there a tons of people for whom the inverse preference is true. I’d recommend trying them both and seeing what works best with your body type.

      • Hmm, maybe it’s more to do with body shape – I wear my suspender belts around my waist rather than my hips and despite being thin they’ve always kept my stockings up!

  28. sorrell says:

    My lovely boyfriend washed my garter and its ruined the elastic hold bits that hold the stockings up. Could I get replacements from somewhere or would it just be better to replace the entire garter belt altogether?? Needless to say he’s only allowed to wash his stuff from now on lol

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