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National Lingerie Day: Why Lingerie is Important

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Today, April 24th, is National Lingerie Day, a holiday I honestly knew nothing about until roughly 11 p.m. last night. But since I am a lingerie blogger, I feel like I should do something appropriate for the day, so I thought I'd write a post about why I started blogging and why lingerie matters and all that other meta stuff I never really talk about here.

Though it doesn't sound particularly empowering, I started lingerie blogging because of a guy. It was my first real, adult relationship, and after a steady diet of Victoria's Secret commercials telling me how much guys thought lingerie was sexy, I decided to buy a set to impress him. The only problem? I had no idea how to buy lingerie. None.

I researched for several hours that first day, looking for lingerie reviews and bra fitting advice and information on how to choose a garter belt, and ending up pretty much empty handed. I mean, there were articles out there, but most of them either copied the exact same information I'd seen in a dozen other places or seemed more concerned with telling me how AWESOME!™ everything was so I'd buy it from their store instead of giving me an honest review.

But I eventually made my decisions and the first three stores I purchased from were La Magia (now specializing in retro swimwear as For Luna), Girdlebound, and Bare Necessities. The first three pieces of lingerie I purchased (from the same stores) were the Kiss Me Deadly Sirena set, the Rago Lacette Corsolette, and the Falke Lunelle Thigh Highs.

Me at Dragon*Con in 2009. That's the Sirena bra.

Looking back, I was extremely lucky because I happened to buy three very well made brands from three stores with very good customer service. It's no exaggeration to say that had my first few experiences been terrible, I may have given up on lingerie entirely (which is part of why I'm so irritated by shoddy customer service today... but that's for another blog post).

Even though things didn't work out with that particular guy, I found that I was still interested in lingerie. I loved the way it made me feel. The lace, the nylon, the satin... I enjoyed splurging on these delicate bits of fabric that felt so luxurious against my skin.

I'm not (and probably never will be) able to afford a designer wardrobe, but lingerie made me feel like I could have a taste of the fashionable life. There were so many styles in so many colors, and I could upgrade my outfits with new pair of fashion tights or a lace-trimmed vintage slip for far, far less than money a new dress or jacket might cost. I admit, I went a little lingerie crazy those first couple of years, but I wore many of those pieces until they fell to, well, pieces.

But even more than that, lingerie changed the way I felt about myself. It's hard to describe exactly what I mean, but I'll try. When a lot of sites talk about lingerie, they focus on how it makes you look to others. But lingerie is more than just a prelude to sex or way to avoid pantylines. Lingerie is one of the ultimate forms of self-expression.

My "Everyday" Lingerie

We don't always get to present the truest image of ourselves to the outside world. Maybe you're having a bad hair day or an acne breakout or you have to wear a uniform to work or you're kitted out in sweats because you're chasing a toddler or *insert your own scenario here*. But lingerie lets you express who you really are, no matter what you may have to wear on top. And since we're multidimensional human beings, lingerie lets you express multiple aspects of your personality, even when they don't always fit with what you need to project to the outside world.

Feeling like a pin-up queen today? Rock those suspender straps. In more erotic mood instead? A quarter cup bra and ouvert panty is just the thing. Want to keep things simple? Hello there t-shirt bra and brief. Romantic? A lace-trimmed cami and tap pant will do the trick. And the list goes on.

In a world where so many assumptions are made about who and what you are based on the outside, lingerie is a refuge for who you are on the inside. Who you are in all your changing, wonderful, and complex glory.

So... Happy National Lingerie Day. Remember to enjoy those bras and panties. I know I will.

Cora Harrington

Founder and Editor in Chief of The Lingerie Addict. Author of In Intimate Detail: How to Choose, Wear, and Love Lingerie. I believe lingerie is fashion too, and that everyone who wants it deserves gorgeous lingerie.