Ysé Lingerie: Delightful Spring Bras for Small Busts
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Ysé Lingerie: Delightful Spring Bras for Small Busts

Yse Lingerie A l'horizon detail

When we introduced Ysé Lingerie nearly a year ago, we talked about how the small bust community is terrifically underserved. While sadly there remain very few brands that design specifically for A cups, I'm happy to report that this beautiful French brand just keeps getting better. Ysé Lingerie's S/S 2015 collection is an absolute breath of fresh air, with breezy prints and cool colorways that are perfect for Spring.

There are a lot of misconceptions about bras and bra fit for women with smaller breasts. Yes, many women with small busts do want to wear a bra. Yes, it can be hard to find one that fits well. And most importantly, no, not all women with small breasts want to be padded into a larger cup size. What makes Ysé so exceptional is their commitment to celebrating a woman's natural shape. And it does so utilizing innovative fit architecture that provides lift and a subtle boost without adding volume.

There are six looks in the Spring/Summer collection, many utilizing the same bra silhouette crafted in different fabrics. The A l'horizon is crafted in a delightfully unexpected mint green lace (I just love green lingerie and it's so hard to find!). The underwire bandeau style features removable straps and gets its shape from a center dart. This unlined style lets the body show through and the dart and elastic edging creates a graphic linear effect which makes it both romantic and modern. A l'horizon also includes an underwire style that utilizes darts to create a gentle push-up without padding. The last style features a two-part molded cup with a lace overlay.

Yse Lingerie A l'horizon bandeau Yse Lingerie A l'horizon 2 Yse Lingerie A l'horizon

Parfum Exotique is a soft and sophisticated tropical print. Half cups in a thin foam are cut in a gentle curve that direct the eye downward to the keyhole front. The upper cups are crafted in the palest of yellow tulle. The balconette style is similar in shape to the above bandeau with wide set straps creating an open neckline. The coordinating briefs have a sleek inset of tulle along the waistband for visual interest.

Yse Lingerie Parfum Exotique detail Yse Lingerie Parfum Exotique demi Yse Lingerie Parfum Exotique bandeau

La Vedette is the most romantic of the offerings, with richly detailed embroidery. There's a lovely play of transparency and texture with these pieces. The way the scalloped edge frames both the bras and the panties is so pretty! These, as with all Ysé bras, are expertly designed to hug the body (gapping is a common problem with small bust bra fit). Isn't the starburst pattern of the embroidery at the nipple point a sassy touch?! La Vedette is available in a beautiful blush or a sunny yellow that just screams Summer.

Yse Lingerie La Vedette blush 2 Yse Lingerie La Vadette detail Yse Lingerie La Vedette blush Yse Lingerie La Vedette unpadded Yse Lingerie La Vedette Detail Yse Lingerie La Vedette

Ivresse Rose is perfect for fans of pink. It's such a juicy pop of color without being overly sweet. There is a slightly padded push up with tailored rows of pleating along the cup edge. The non-padded style utilizes the play of sheer tulle and a no-frills trim for a look that is sleek and sophisticated, even in such a whimsical colorway.

Yse Lingerie Ivresse Rose Yse Lingerie Ivresse Rose with sheer overlay Yse Lingerie Ivresse Rose detail

The Affinités Secretes is all about creamy Calais lace and pale microfiber. The two-part triangle cup offers minimal support for women who prefer a wireless style. The center gore features a cutaway detail in orange that mimics a minimalistic bow and matches the slim straps. The back of the coordinating briefs sets off the lace to great effect. I love the little orange insets on the knickers that form chic little arrows. In fact, you'll note that all of Ysé Lingerie's pieces have thoughtful and subtle design details like this. Because small bust lingerie shouldn't be boring!

Yse Lingerie Affinites Secretes bralette Yse Lingerie Affinites Secretes demi Yse Lingerie Affinites Secrete briefs

Lastly, the Caresse des Yeux is the most minimalist of the looks. A gorgeous and comfy option for women who either don't want frills or want a smooth look under clothing. The triangle bralette features a two part lower cup in taupe microfiber and a striped upper cup in cream. The cups cross in the front and are stitched down, forming a deep V-neck. This would be a fantastic option for women who like a more androgynous look.

Yse Lingerie Caresse des yeux bralette

Ysé Lingerie now has an English e-commerce site (yay!), making it a bit easier to navigate without the language barrier (though their sizing guide is directed to the French site which can be problematic). Sadly, this seems to be the only place you can purchase these beautiful small bust bras. Here's hoping that some brick and mortar stores catch on and discover this hidden gem.

Bras are available in band sizes 30-36 with cup sizes A-B. Bra prices start at 52 Euros (roughly $58).

What do you think of Ysé Lingerie? Do you prefer small bust bras that aren't padded? Do you have a favorite look from the collection?

Laurie Shapiro

Laurie Shapiro is the former owner and designer of the luxury lingerie label, Toad Lillie. Based in Seattle, WA, she now helps lingerie businesses engage their customers through brand communications and social media.

14 Comments on this post

  1. Star says:

    I wish they had used more than one model for these images. I think my breasts are even smaller than this person’s, and I’d love to see some suggestions for women whose stomach sticks out farther than their chest! Also, I’m hoping I find something like this article for all kinds of lingerie, not just bras!

  2. Ricky says:

    I am in love. I think that Yse’s has done a great service by providing lovely garments for a all but forgotten genre.

  3. Athena B Rork says:

    These are lovely! I’m surprised that they don’t come in 28 bands.

  4. Emma says:

    Just ordered the yellow set at their summer sale, it is so so pretty! I hope the fit is good too :)

    • Emma says:

      The set has arrived and I think the fit is good and it is pretty, but I’d say the band is a little bit loose and it might be worth sister-sizing down if one likes a snug band… :)

    • Anna says:

      Not sure if you’ll ever respond to this since it’s been a year.. but if you order from the English version, are they EU or FR sizes?

  5. KathTea says:

    As a small band, small bust… I am pleased. VERY pleased.

  6. Gabriela Villacis says:

    Thks For The article :)
    I’m not a small bust but I felt identify with all the problems you described because I have friends in Ecuador who always tell me I can’t find a small bra because they are normally padded.

  7. sol says:

    Very pretty

  8. Thursday says:

    What a gorgeous collection. Fantastic use of fabric, embellishment and lovely lines. Lovely to see niche sizes so well served.

  9. 4004 says:

    Was delighted to discover Yse last year, finally something that doesn’t either cater to >D or with excessive padding so common today. Their bralets are wonderful. Some French online stores (I think L’excepionel) sell them.

  10. Katrina says:

    I have been wistfully looking at Ysé’s lingerie since their English website went live. Soooo many pretty styles, and I appreciate that they are not ridiculously padded. I really think I am going to try them out for my next bra purchase. Do you know if anyone has tried and reviewed their bras?

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