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Lingerie Review: Dita von Teese 'Star Lift' Bra Set

Disclosure: I received this set free of charge for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

dita von teese star lift 3

Oddly enough, this will probably be the only Dita Von Teese lingerie review I ever write on this blog. It's not because I hate the brand. No, in fact, it's just the opposite. Rather, after purchasing half a dozen Dita Von Teese sets (and loving them all), I just don't think it'd be right for me review the line again.

DvT lingerie has entered the rareified air of being one of those brands I purchase from every season... and that consistently sells out before I'm able to get everything I want (I'll give you two guesses who the other two names on the list are: one starts with K and the other with C). After a slow start, the Dita Von Teese lingerie line (they appear to have dropped the 'Von Follies' appellation for now) has really picked up speed, and I am most definitely a fan.

dita von teese star lift 1

The Star Lift, while not a set I'd have chosen myself (and certainly not in this color), is beautifully made, with the kind of details I'd hoped to see from the burlesque icon's line, but also a kind of accessibility that I think works well for the more casual (i.e. less lingerie addicted consumer). As per usual, I was sent the bra in size 34C and the knickers in size Large. My first impression of the set is that the satin feels wonderful to the touch - soft and slick, but too hard or shiny. The lace trim is also very soft (I particularly enjoy the vintage-style fan motif), and the mesh on the back of the panty and the wings of the bra is also very soft. Note: this isn't a shaping powermesh; it's more like a micromesh fishnet - very stretchy.

For details, the back of the panty has ruching along the center and the back of the bra has a split-band, v-style detailing... all very nice touches. Though I am not a fan of those little flowers sewn onto my lingerie, I did like the tassel detail; again, it's a small touch that's perfect for this particular line. The bra is more of a half-cup, baclonette style with the lace trim providing a bit of sheer coverage but no support. The cups are also lightly padded - not push up pads, more like the contour cup foam lining you'd get in a t-shirt bra.

dita von teese star lift 2

For me, the fit was excellent. I know this might seem like a special occasion set, but I've worn it all day on multiple occasions, and each time it was a dream. I will say that if you're fuller on top, this neckline may not work for you, but that's more of a breast shape issue; not every style is a good fit for every shape. But I personally have no complaints.

Point blank, this bra set fit me well and made me feel good. I'm actually thinking of picking it up in the blush color soon, and I have my fingers crossed for a midnight blue/black colorway in the future. If you're thinking of trying the Dita von Teese collection, I definitely recommend you go ahead.

Have you worn anything from Dita Von Teese's lingerie collection? What was your impression of the pieces?

Cora Harrington

Founder and Editor in Chief of The Lingerie Addict. Author of In Intimate Detail: How to Choose, Wear, and Love Lingerie. I believe lingerie is fashion too, and that everyone who wants it deserves gorgeous lingerie.

4 Comments on this post

  1. Clara says:

    I got the Savoir Faire plunge bra, and it’s fantastic ! It is very beautiful, comfortable and durable at the same time. I hope it will be reissued, I’d love to get another one.

  2. I, too, am really enjoying this line. I have been buying it through Debenham’s in England whenever they have a sale, so I was getting it at really good prices, which helped. I bought the “Mancatcher”set and really want the Madame X, Her Sexcellency, La Parisienne and countess sets. I also bought the “Mancatcher” garter belt at Dark Garden in San Francisco; which carries the lingerie and also her perfumes. I have found sizing to be a little tricky, as it seems the retailers are not carrying a lot of stock in the larger sizes. This is really frustrating. Hopefully this will change as the line gets more popular. The quality is nice, with nice details and durability. I wear lingerie every day, so I need it to be pretty sturdy, and it is, even the delicate eyelash lace. I hope I can afford to get some more of the line, particularly some of the newer pieces. I really hope she continues to go in the direction she is going in; with more retro details and unusual designs. I’m dying to try her stockings, as well! I wonder if you’ve done a review of them…

  3. HJB says:

    Finally coming out of the woodwork having read TLA for a year or so to say that I LOVE the fact you do your own shoots for reviews Cora! It’s fantastic to see the lingerie on a shape that is like mine – I’d had trouble working out why things didn’t fit me for years before your article on mesomorphic body types. It makes such a huge difference to the review to be able to see what you’re describing in terms of fit etc. And inspiring that you have the confidence to do the shoots in the first place. Thank you.

  4. Karolina says:

    I was actually planning to review this set in the blush/black colourway haha! You’ve said pretty much everything I was planning to say – *love* this set, still can’t get over the amount of detail and quality considering the price point.

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