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Ethical Cotton Underwear Up to an 8X? Kade and Vos Underwear Review

Disclaimer: The lingerie in this post was purchased by The Lingerie Addict for review. All opinions are my own.

I was really excited to see relative newcomer Kade & Vos on the underwear scene. Their underwear offerings are fairly basic, but they have wide size range from small to 8L (26”-85” hip measurement) and – even better and rarer – consistently use models across the entire range to showcase the fit of their products. Their models have big bellies that drape over powerful thighs – just like I do.

For this review, I wanted to try an example from each of their main lines. The Signature Collection uses a Pima cotton/spandex blend for a selection of underwear including briefs, shorts, thongs, and bralettes. Pieces from the Signature Collection are made in the United States. The Classics Collection is their lower-priced line, using a cotton/spandex blend and is made outside the United States and imported.

I selected the Signature Brief in black ($34, S-8L) and the Classics Brief in purple ($12.50, S-8L), both in size 1L. While the cut of these two pieces is similar, as we’ll see, the fit differs.

Sizing and Fit

Size 1L Kate and Vos Classics brief in purple and Signature brief in black. Purple briefs are visibly bigger than the black ones.

Kade & Vos Classics brief (Purple) and Kade & Vos Signature brief (black)

Both the Signature brief and the Classics brief are full-coverage underwear with a low-cut leg opening and a wide waistband. The first thing I notice after opening my Kade & Vos package was how different the two briefs appeared in size when laid flat. The black Signature brief was at least two inches narrower and shorter than the purple Classics brief, despite being the same size.

Noticing this clarified something that had perplexed me in the marketing on the Kade & Vos website. They show the Signature brief on a variety of bodies – which I loved! – but the fit looked different on each. On some, it came up nearly to the belly button, while on other it hugged lower on the hips. On their size charts, each size has a wide hip range that it will fit (for instance, 8L, the largest size, includes a hip span of 56”-85”).

They’re clearly relying on the large amounts of stretch in their fabrics to fit as many bodies as possible. However, the cotton blends used for the Signature and Classics have similar amounts of stretch and should, therefore, be around the same unstretched size in order to have a similar fit across products.

Model wearing Kate and Vos Signature brief in black. Waistband rests under stomach.

Kade & Vos Signature brief

My concern with this fit discrepancy was born out. While the Signature brief technically fit on my body, the legs cut in at the top of my thighs and the waistband rolled down. I would need to size up in this style for a comfortable fit.

Kate and Vos Classics brief in purple. Waistband rests midway across stomach.

Kade & Vos Classics brief

The Classics brief, on the other hand, fit very well! The rise is high and stays put over my belly. The full-coverage back doesn’t ride up and the leg openings are soft and comfortable. I also prefer the cotton used on the Classics brief, which has the softness of a comfortable tee-shirt. The fabric on the black Signature brief, on the other hand, has a slightly toothier hand, intended to be moisture-wicking.


Back view of model wearing Classics brief in purple. Soft cotton fabric.

Kade & Vos Classics brief

Both pairs are simply constructed, with serged seams and coverstitched hems. The leg openings in both are folded-over hems without elastic or bands. The waistbands are folded bands of the same fabric serged into place. With this lack of elastic, the soft fabric of the Classics line particularly would make a good option for folks with sensory sensitivities.

Back view of model wearing Signature brief in black.

Kade & Vos Signature brief

The stitching, overall, is fairly neat and secure. In a few places around the leg holes, the excess raw edge of the hem was not trimmed down or encased by the coverstitch, which can look a little sloppy but does not impact longevity of the garment.

As the waistband on both is simply serged on without the serged seam allowance then stitch down, that seam allowance tends to roll a bit on the inside. This also does not impact wear but does make a more visible seamline from the outside.

Final Thoughts

I was disappointed with the Signature brief. It didn’t fit as I expected, despite fitting precisely within the sizing guidelines. However, I’ve found myself reaching for the Classics brief frequently. At a price point comparable to other plus size stores like Lane Bryant but with a much wider size range, I think the Classics line offers a good option for everyday underwear for many bodies.

Shannon Flaherty