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Fashion! Style! Lingerie! Sure, it sounds all glamorous and exciting — but, like anything else, working in the lingerie industry comes with a barrage of drawbacks and disadvantages which, at times, push many a die hard lingerista to the edge of reason. And I have to admit – I’ve been there myself. Many times! This industry can be stressful, lonely and frustrating. However, it can also be rewarding, satisfying, and […]

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Disclosure: This blog post contains affiliate links. (Just so we’re clear, it also hurts models and photographers… but the title was long enough already.) We’ve all been there. You’re on Facebook and a killer photo shows up in your feed. The styling, pose, lighting, location, and composition are all on-point. You click, “Share,” or maybe on Instagram you take a screencap or use a regram app. You reblog, or repin, […]

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If you’ve been reading TLA for awhile, what I’m about to say is old news, but the lingerie world is experiencing some pretty dramatic shifts in direction right now. Classic, storied brands are struggling to stay relevant while brand new companies are completely skipping over traditional industry methods to success (like tradeshows and retail wholesale), and paving the way through crowdfunding campaigns and direct-to-consumer sales. Even the way we learn […]

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Photo Credits: Keena Royale by Viva van Story Today’s article is on a subject very close to my heart. I’ve been debating if I should write this for weeks now, but after talking with other women of color in the lingerie industry and doing a bit of soul-searching myself, I’ve decided there’s no way I can’t not post this. The Lingerie Addict is about all aspects of the lingerie community, […]

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