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Catherine Clavering is the Founder of Kiss Me Deadly, a retro-inspired lingerie label for femme fatales. Agent Provocateur is probably the most famous lingerie brand in the world, at least in the English-speaking parts of it. Since last year, however, lingerie industry insiders have been grabbing the popcorn to watch the latest installment in the ongoing drama “What’s happening at AP this week?” Until recently though, the average shopper likely […]

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It seems indie designers aren’t the only ones giving up on traditional fashion seasons. As even the very largest fashion houses begin to adopt a more ‘seasonless’ approach, Agent Provocateur is leading the way in some respects by releasing a new collection, complete with brand new lookbook, every few months. Their latest range is a collaboration with famed shoes, handbags, and accessories designer Charlotte Olympia, who is perhaps most well-known […]

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Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links. I confess, I struggled a little before posting this article. As a Lingerie Wishlist feature (our recent replacement for “Lingerie Lust Objects”) this item will automatically be out of the price range for a lot of readers. But after first spotting it weeks ago, I can’t stop thinking about it, and when that happens, I take it as a sign that it’s time for […]

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When I first discovered lingerie, Agent Provocateur offered me an exciting and boundary pushing new world of underthings. Although I still utterly adore many of their past designs, recent collections have felt a little flat in comparison. Older styles like ‘Maschina’ and ‘Marilyn’ are pretty much staples in my lingerie wardrobe but there’s been very little in their latest releases that I’ve felt strongly enough about to add to my collection.

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“I like photographing women who appear to know something of life.” Agent Provocateur’s newest campaign, All Woman, takes its cue from legendary photographer Helmut Newton’s love of dominant femininity. Through his voyeuristic lens women became larger than life, flaunting their strength and sexuality in a way that was both celebratory and highly erotic. Agent Provocateur imagines women over the decades that have embodied this unapologetic sexuality, choosing four icons with […]

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