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Finally! Plus Size Stockings Up to 4X: A Glamory Hosiery Review

Disclosure: The products shown below were received as review samples. All opinions are my own.

Glamory Hosiery Plus Size Thigh Highs

As a plus size fashion designer, I often ask my community what they would like me to design. One of the most common responses is thigh highs that fit plus bodies. I always said if I had the ability to make hosiery, it would be a million dollar idea. I didn't think thigh highs that actually come up above the knee existed for sizes 20+ until I discovered Glamory Hosiery.

I first found Glamory when they were named TLA’s Best Hosiery Brand for 2016. With a size range fitting dress sizes up to 30/32, Glamory fills what has been a mostly forgotten market. Most plus size thigh high stockings come in either a general plus or queen size, which doesn't really serve the plus size market beyond a 18/20. (Trust me, I’ve tried!) The only other plus size thigh highs I've found only went slightly above the knee. A true thigh high stocking in my size was a unicorn.

Glamory Hosiery

I first tried Glamory Hosiery at Curvexpo back in February where US brand reps Tim and Delilah were so proud to tell me about this company. Glamory has been making hosiery since 2005 as a German-based company. Tim and Delilah discovered Glamory while on the hunt for plus size thigh highs and decided to become their US distributor. Like me, they recognized the need for a product like this.

Glamory Hosiery Comfort 20 Thigh Highs and Curvy Girl Lingerie Alysse Diva Lace Babydoll


I took home a pair of the Comfort 20 thigh highs in sizes 3X and 4X (both priced at $29) to review. Tim and Delilah helped me find the right size. My thighs measure 35” around at the largest part, which places me right between 3X and 4X on their size chart. While both pairs fit me comfortably, I'm wearing the size 4XL in these photos because I wanted the stocking to be as high up the leg as possible.

The size chart has a lot of reference points. If ordering online, I recommend going by your actual thigh circumference since, in my case, dress size didn’t correspond very well. I wear a size 20, but Glamory’s 4XL corresponds to a dress size 30-32 on their size chart. This is not to say Glamory’s 4XL would not fit someone who is a dress size 30-32, but I found thigh measurement worked better. Also, I am 5’1”, which is not listed on their size chart at all, so I wouldn’t choose based on height either. A tape measure will be your best bet for finding your right size.

Glamory Hosiery

Design & Quality

Plus size thigh highs are not going to stay up with just a stretch lace welt. There needs to be strong silicone on the back of the lace. I like Glamory’s lace because it makes the internal silicone mostly invisible, which has not been the case with other plus size thigh highs I've tried.

An up close look at the thigh high lace

The Comfort-20 has a transparent, matte finish. However, Glamory offers eight different thigh high styles with varying opacities and finishes. All thigh highs retail between $27-$32.

As you might imagine, it was a personal challenge for me to get these on with stiletto nails. In fact, I put them on while wearing gloves so I wouldn’t risk ripping them. Even with my nails and the delicate nylon, I could tell these weren’t going to snag easily. They didn’t feel thin, and my nails couldn't easily puncture them.

The inside of the Comfort 20 thigh highs


The most important thing to know about plus size thigh highs is "Do they stay up without rolling down?" And the verdict for Glamory is "Sort of. I didn't have this issue when I tried the stockings on at Curvexpo. At home, however, I tried them on three times (twice in the 4X and once in 3X) and had issues with rolling all three times.

I tried putting them on with gloves. I tried putting them on with my bare hands (very carefully). One thigh high stayed up perfectly and the other did not, as you can see in the photographs. While it didn't fall off, it was rolling. That said, I definitely think there is a level of human error here because I know my nails make it harder for me to grip. However, it seems like once the stocking started rolling, it was hard for me to stop it.

Glamory Hosiery

Final Thoughts

Glamory Hosiery makes the best fitting thigh highs for plus size bodies, and I have tried many. If you are over a size 20, Glamory Hosiery is your best bet for a thigh high that will fit the upper thigh, but, on me at least, they didn’t stay up completely.

The one thigh high fitting perfectly and staying up gives me hope this product is close to being my unicorn. Until then, they also offer stockings you can pair with a garter belt instead just to be safe!

What has your experience been finding plus size thigh high stockings? Any favorite brands?





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