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Five Plus Size Lingerie Items To Wear As Outerwear

Disclosure: This blog post contains affiliate links. Some of the products shown below were received as review samples. All opinions are my own.


Plus size lingerie as outerwear

Fashion is my form of personal self expression but I can recognize that it doesn’t exist in a bubble. There’s something about my personal style that needs to be seen and heard. I know that for me at least this stems from existing in a body that is so often invisible in fashion. And that invisibility definitely carries over to lingerie as well.

Over the past few years, incorporating lingerie into my personal style has been empowering. Even though I totally got into the camisole and jeans combo in the early 2000s, I never thought I would reach the point where I feel most myself wearing a sheer shirt that shows my bra.

Turning lingerie into outerwear can seem daunting at first, especially when you’re plus size and you’ve been conditioned to think you need to hide your body or alter its shape. But it’s helped me to just focus on wearing styles that I like in a way that feels most comfortable for me and forgetting what anyone else might have to say about it. Here are some of the lingerie pieces that I’ve incorporated into my everyday wardrobe ranging from the most basic to the boldest. 

1.Lace Robe


Lace Robe from

I’ve been noticing the bell sleeve trend everywhere this fall for plus size fashion. So when I thought about what I owned that fit the trend, this lace robe from was the first piece to come to mind. When paired with skinny jeans and a black caged crop top, this look gives me basic witch vibes without being too in-your-face. Trade the crop top for a plain white tee for a more toned-down version.

2. Mesh Bodysuit


The Playful Promises Jessica Bodysuit

When I reviewed the new Playful Promises Curve line last month, my mind was thinking about ways to incorporate those pieces into my everyday wardrobe. The intricate beading on the Jessica Curve bodysuit made me want to wear it as a statement top in lieu of any jewelry.

This bodysuit also worked over others that I owned because it’s double lined at the bust, so it’s not completely sheer like other styles I have. Although pairing this with a black leather pencil skirt was my first inclination, I went instead with this bronze Society+ pleated skirt for a mixed metals and mixed texture look. I also think a detailed bodysuit like this one would pair well with skinny jeans and pumps.

3. Halter Bralette


Torrid Mesh and Lace Halter Bralette

Rarely do I see a piece of lingerie that I buy without any contemplation but this mesh and lace halter bralette from Torrid is the exception. I knew I needed it as soon as I saw it but I didn’t know how exactly I was going to wear it since it’s completely sheer in the front and I don’t own a plain black strapless bra (though if I did, that’s one sure way I would style it!). Then I remembered that I had a little black off-the-shoulder dress from Fashionable Addictions and I was able to wear my favorite Curvy Couture strapless multi-way bra while still showing off the mesh and lace detailing of the halter bralette for added visual interest at the neckline.

4. The Naked Dress


Poshtiqe Implicit Bodycon Dress

I have been personally itching to give the naked dress trend a try and this bodycon from Poshtiqe seemed like the perfect opportunity to take my sheer top obsession to the next level. Although in straight sizes, these dresses are often worn bra-less, I knew that wasn’t in my comfort zone (not yet at least).

When I know my undergarments will show, I wear a smooth bra without any lace detailing so it doesn’t distract from the texture of the dress itself. The Curvy Couture Flawless Wirefree is my go-to to achieve this look. For the panties, I went with a pair that was high-waisted and seamless. If you don’t want your stomach to show, I suggest a fitted bodysuit like this one from Ashley Stewart.

5. Fishnet Panty


Yandy High Waist Fishnet Panties

I saved this look for last mostly because it’s definitely the most over-the-top. Because of my height, I rarely wear anything around my hips, so the idea of wearing shorts around my hips instead of them sitting at my natural waist was new for me. But I love the idea of creating visual interest around a pair of panties, like these Yandy high waist fishnet pantieswhile still being completely covered. The caged bralette added another lingerie element while pairing with the jacket give it an athleisure edge.

For some, lingerie may be reserved for the comfort of home but for others, incorporating lingerie into their everyday personal style can be empowering. Finding new ways to challenge myself through fashion has helped to build my confidence in my own creativity and see my body in a different way.

How do you like to incorporate lingerie as outerwear?