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5 Gorgeous Stockings with Beautifully Detailed Welts

Disclosure: This blog post contains affiliate links.

la perla stockings

Credit: La Perla

Seven and a half years ago, I wrote my very first lingerie blog post on the Falke Lunelle Thigh Highs. Since then, I've bought and worn these stockings at least a dozen times, and they continue to enchant me.

Almost a decade later, I still remember the rush of excitement when I first saw those embroidered peacock feathers. Despite a lifetime of wearing tights and pantyhose, I had no idea hosiery could look like this. For me, legwear had always been about practicality --- propriety even. But these stockings were something altogether different. They were sensual. Beautiful. Artistic. Indulgent. Glamorous. I was like Alice, and these were my looking glass.

falke lunelle peacock thigh highs

Credit: Falke

One of the things that captivates me most about lingerie --- not just stockings, but all lingerie --- is its hidden nature. These delicate bits of silk, lace, embroidery, and nylon are almost always concealed from public view. Lingerie, unlike the rest of fashion, is not meant to be seen. A detail like an embroidered welt is, for most people, a private indulgence; the most beautiful part of the garment is visible by invitation only.

While I don't wear stockings as often I used to, I still enjoy and appreciate beautiful hosiery. A few weeks ago, I ran across the La Perla image at the top of this blog post, and it made me start thinking. While the welt of a stocking is meant to be functional above all, it's also a ideal place to display bit of extraordinary lace or embroidery.

dollhouse bettie eternity stockings

Credit: Dollhouse Bettie

One small thing before I continue, though. Lately, I've seen more and more companies use the words stockings, tights, pantyhose, and thigh highs interchangeably. While I'm sure this helps their SEO, it's also more than a little inaccurate and confusing.

The word stockings refers to legwear that ends above the knee, but that doesn't have the attached briefs or shorts of pantyhose. Purists will say that the word stockings refers only to hosiery that requires garters to stay up --- either in the form of a garter belt or old-fashioned garters. Thigh highs are like stockings, except they stay up on their own through the use of either silicone or elastic within the welt (thus their secondary name, "stay ups"). Pantyhose refers to sheer, usually skintone, tights. Tights, at least in the US, are opaque, heavier denier pantyhose, often in non-skintone colors. This particular blog post focuses on stockings and thigh highs (because to no one's surprise, I am a bit of a hosiery purist).

Do you enjoy wearing stockings? If so, do you have a favorite pair or place to buy? I'd love to hear what you think in the comments.

aubade brazil paradise stockings

Aubade Brazil Paradise Hold Up Stockings - 31.58€ (approximately $33.67)

la perla floralia stockings

La Perla Floralia Stockings - $108.00 (on sale from $180)

Amoralle Tasty Fuchsia Stockings - €67.00 (approximately $71.47)

Amoralle Tasty Fuchsia Stockings - €67.00 (approximately $71.47)

Veneziana Nadia floral pattern top sheer stockings

Veneziana Nadia Floral Welt Sheer Stockings - £7.71 (approximately $11.74)


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Cora Harrington

Founder and Editor in Chief of The Lingerie Addict. Author of In Intimate Detail: How to Choose, Wear, and Love Lingerie. I believe lingerie is fashion too, and that everyone who wants it deserves gorgeous lingerie.

7 Comments on this post

  1. Gary Frisch says:

    Who knew the welts could have such colorful, elaborate designs? I particularly liked the peacock feather one from Falke, very classy. They are all beautifully done though, and very sexy. Thanks for posting.

  2. Dee Lushious says:

    Also Cora, I love what you’ve said here about the secret luxury of lingerie — I share this sentiment 100%, and that’s why I love putting funky linings in fashion corsets, to maintain that secret aspect a bit:)

  3. Dee Lushious says:

    I would absolutely love these as bandelette-style things — but I’m a bit too concerned about chub rub to splurge so much stockings that might be extremely uncomfy to wear… But these are so exquisite that I might be tempted!

  4. Dee Lushious says:

    Those are GORGEOUS!

  5. Estelle Puleston says:

    I’ve not bought the pair you featured here (thought I’ve had my eye on them forever!) but Veneziana is hands-down my favourite brand for budget-friendly stockings that are unusual and beautiful. Their rose-seamed Madlene ones are some of my favourite stockings ever.

    Talking of beautiful welts though, I’m love with the Aubade ones you’ve featured here! As it happens I was looking at the matching bra set over summer and didn’t realise they made matching stockings. Those are stunning. I’d be so worried about snagging them though. Hard ask maybe as it’s the opposite of most stockings, but I’d love to find some opaque stockings (which I find infinitely more durable) with beautiful sheer, lacey welts :)

    • Dee Lushious says:

      I’m going to experiment with about removing welts from stockings and putting them on to more durable stockings — I picked up four pairs of Kixies at Burlycon this past weekend, and their welts are pretty meh, but they stay up SO well! But the beige fishnets do NOT feel very sturdy, so I’m going to attempt to stitch in capezio dance tights onto the welts, once the stocking part tears up!

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