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Top 3 "Starter" Corset Brands Under $100

As much as I love and advocate for handmade corsetry, I know that spending $300 on a garment that you're not sure you'll wear often and possibly can't even try on first is a hefty investment. Be it for waist training, back support, shapewear, or fashion, there are many reasons to start wearing corsets. For many of the same reasons it's more practical to buy a standard-fit corset before investing in custom, you might find yourself buying a mass-manufactured corset to test the waters before upgrading to a high-quality handmade piece.

Orchard Corset Steel-Boned Overbust in Satin (CS-511)

Orchard Corset Steel-Boned Overbust in Satin (CS-511)

My first corsets, purchased 10 or so years ago, were like this... factory-made pieces bought off of eBay. Budget corsetry has come a long way since then: styles are curvier and the price point has dropped for some brands and increased for others. I haven't tried any of the brands listed, but these are the three names I hear come up most often. Be aware that sizing, customer service, and even quality control for budget brands can be inconsistent. Though even a starter corset is often considered an "expensive" garment by consumers, consistency is one of the first corners that is cut in order to make that price point.

Orchard Corset CS-426_black_satin_hip_ties_front

Orchard Corset "CS-426" Longline Underbust Corset w/ Hip Ties in Satin, $88

Orchard Corset is probably the most popular brand of starter corsets. Their corsets run from $65 to $103 (there is only one style that even hits the three digit price point). The shaping of an Orchard Corset is moderate and they are very popular with those just beginning to waist train, and certain styles have waists up to 46". They have a wide variety of styles and fabric choices available.

Mystic City "MCC-68" cotton longline/high-back underbust corset.

Mystic City "MCC-68" cotton longline/high-back underbust corset.

Mystic City Corsets are probably the only eBay store from which it's "safe" to buy a corset, as eBay is generally rife with shoddy knock-offs. Their shaping is more extreme and accommodates a high reduction or dramatic natural hourglass. It seems their sizing varies by styling, but some corsets are available with waists up to 44". Prices range from $65-$135; the overall style of the brand is much more classic/industrial goth with detailing like flat studs and large buckles on black leather, though of course plainer styles are likewise available, as well as some with brightly-colored contrast.

Restyle black cotton underbust: "WIDE HIPS MATT," $49 USD

Restyle black cotton underbust: "WIDE HIPS MATT," ~$49 USD

Lastly, we have ReStyle in Poland. ReStyle's styling also tends towards the classically gothic, but more of a spooky direction with occasional forays into basic steampunk. The color palette is all neutrals, black (with occasional white accents) and brown. In USD, prices range from roughly $45 to $62. They offer styles with both moderate reductions and dramatic hipsprings, from 18-32".

Restyle black satin underbust "VIOLIN" longline corset

Restyle black satin underbust: "VIOLIN" longline corset, ~$46 USD

Which of these brands have you tried? What were your experiences with them? If you started wearing budget corsets originally but have transitioned to handmade, what did you think when you made the switch?

Marianne Faulkner

Marianne Faulkner is the designer of Pop Antique, a clothing and corsetry line specializing in sustainable materials and comfortable curves. She is based in San Francisco where she earned her MFA in fashion design at the Academy of Art University, and has been a columnist at The Lingerie Addict since 2011.

8 Comments on this post

  1. A.M says:

    Unfortunately, Orchard Corset’s quality have been decreasing in the last four/five years. I have a corset from them that ripped in the second month of wear. Not to mention their customer service… the sales assistants have been recommending the wrong size and model just for the sake of a sale. At this point, I do not recommend their corsets at all

  2. Trycia says:

    I have an Orchard underbust & am quite pleased with the workmanship, style & durability. It provides a nice fit, not overly curvy which is my preference all at a reasonable price point.

  3. Kirsten Sambrook says:

    I personally wouldn’t recommend re-style because they sell a corset that is a clear rip-off of Louise Black’s famous cameo corsets. However, the re-style version appears to be more curvy.

  4. Alice Black says:

    The main problem with OTR corsets is that they are not curvy enough. I got my first corset 1.5 years ago, it is the popular longline Josephine from Isabella Corsetry, recommended by Lucy as the curviest OTR corset model. It has a beautiful shape and holds up to waist training just fine, and although the fashion fabric is satin it is still in perfect condition. I am still wearing it, modified from 19″ to 17.5″ with darts at the waistline.
    My second corset was from Mystic City and these are probably the curviest OTR models as well, especially if you are lucky to get non-standard sizes which sometimes appear on their eBay, probably photoshoot samples. Mine is 18″ with 36″ hips, very sturdy denim/coutil, beautiful longline shape (It is big for me now but in perfect condition, and I’m wearing it at home for easy training). I like the curvy, feminine patterns and bold designs by Sylvia very much, too sad she cannot make custom. They are mass-produced and many people are complaining about the bones quality, I also had problems with too stiff lacing bones and had to bend them into a crazy shape.
    I did not try Restyle but their corsets are too tubular, and their “wide hip” model looks “square hip” to me (high hips too high and too wide, low hips not wide enough), which is a no-go.
    I had to switch to custom after 3 months of training as my small natural waist reduced even more. Just no other options, as no budget corset can offer a 19″ hipspring :)

  5. Kat says:

    I’ve worn corsets from both OC and Restyle. My only complaint with Restyle is the lack of waist tape. Makes it really hard to judge what size you’ll actually be wearing. And the hipspring isn’t as big as I need for a larger reduction, but the 24″ worked perfectly.

    OC just isn’t curvy. I bought their absolute curviest, the CS426 and it’s caused numbness in my hips and bum. I’m going custom now but for those with squishy middles and bigger hips, I’d recommend you start with MCC probably.

    • Inge says:

      Hi I’m just replying to add something to your comment ;)

      Restyle has started adding waist tapes recently, and their corsets have improved drastically because of it. I have one with and one without it, and the difference is very obvious. Wayyy sturdier with the tape!

  6. Estelle says:

    I’ve bought a corset from Restyle and loved it, I was amazed at the shape it gave for being such a cheap corset! It was comfy too.

  7. KathTea says:

    I’m so happy you made this! <3

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