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5 Full Bust Lingerie Brands To Look For In Flash Sales During 2015

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Carmen Longline Bra by Curvy Kate

Carmen Longline Bra by Curvy Kate

Happy 2015 everyone! Now that we're back in the swing of things, I've been spending some time going through my underwear drawer and purging the stuff that doesn't fit or is worn out. I suspect I'm not the only one starting the year out this way, which is why I thought I'd spend my first column of 2015 talking about flash sales and how to refill your lingerie drawer on the cheap.

I've talked about sales here before, and I'm actually not a fan of waiting until a regular sale to buy something if you're in a rare size range; after all, a sale item is considered risky or unwanted stock, which means a company might discontinue it. If it's a bra you can't live without and can easily purchase at full price, then you should do it. Vote with your money!

However, flash sales are a different animal. Flash sale sites have really taken off and now includes lots of great full bust and plus size bra brands. The real selling point of flash sales for me is the ability to access international brands that currently don't have regular US distribution. This includes several great Polish brands that are not to be missed if you're full busted, but you can also pick up your tried and true favorites at a much reduced price point if you know how to look.

We're going to talk mostly about Zulily today because they tend to have the best full bust and plus size options available. The same stuff occasionally shows up on Gilt, but Zulily regularly features lots of full bust brands up to a K cup. They also have a great notification system, so you don't ever miss a sale that you're really interested in.

So, without further ado, these are my recommendations for brands that you should be tracking on flash sale sites in 2015:


Aurora Set by Samanta

Aurora Set by Samanta

Samanta Lingerie:
Samanta Lingerie is a Polish brand which is just beginning to break into the US market. They don't have regular distribution yet, but they do show up on a semi-regular basis on Zulily. Samanta uses EU sizing instead of UK sizing, but they also offer this handy chart on their website if you want to measure and find your size. It's worth the extra effort since these bras are unusual, elegant and incredibly well made. While I hope Samanta either opens their own website up to US buyers or finds a regular distribution channel, I'll be buying up everything in my size on Zulily in the meantime.

Chi Chi Bra by Sculptresse

Chi Chi Bra by Sculptresse

Sculptresse has developed a real following among lingerie lovers this season, so it's nice to see their pieces showing up at a discount so more people can try them. Go for one of the bras based off of the Jasmine framework if they show up - they're amazing.

The Floris by Panache

The Floris by Panache

Panache Lingerie:
I've recently rediscovered Panache in a big way and fallen in love with both the Envy and the Clara bras (in fact, I just picked up an older Clara color in a flash sale!). If you just want to replace your favorite tried and true bra, the Panache flash sales are a good place to look. They tend to have a fairly comprehensive inventory available as well as a nice range of sizes, so chances are you can find what you're looking for.

Violet Floral Bra by Kris Line

Violet Floral Bra by Kris Line

Kris Line:
Kris Line is another Polish brand that can't seem to get US distribution worked out, which is a shame as their bras are wonderful. In the meantime, they're a regular feature on Zulily. While the same basics show up over and over again, the fashion bras are always changing. I was really tempted by this beautiful floral patterned bra that showed up in the most recent sale.

Carmen Longline Bra by Curvy Kate

Carmen Longline Bra by Curvy Kate

Curvy Kate:
Curvy Kate bras and swimwear have shown up in flash sales, which makes it a great way to pick up a discounted colorway from a past season or just a new bikini that actually fits.

Have you bought any bras through flash sales? What was your experience like?

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4 Comments on this post

  1. Isa says:

    Didn’t know Poland exported bras to the USA :-) Try Dalia brand if you ever come across it, especially the new K02 style. They got the UK/US cup size wrong, but going 2 cups up should work here as well.

  2. Lanae says:

    im a huge fan of zulily and am crazy grateful that they often great bras in larger sizes. It’s how I discovered Samanta, and those are beautiful bras and well made (and true to size) Panache and Elomi are some of my staples as well. I tried Kris Line and Curvy Kate but can’t seem to figure their sizing- I’m generally a 40h, but in those brands I’ve found the cups really shallow and snug. Wish I could figure out what my size actually is with them because they are really pretty. Thanks for this post!!

    • Laura says:

      Lanae, going up 2 cup sizes in Kris Line is my magic number. :) Curvy Kate is a harder brand for me, but 2 cups up in Kris Line so far has yet to fail me. Try a 40J!

    • Charli says:

      I size up in the cup for Curvy Kate to fit me beautifully. They’re bottoms are great in my usual size!

      C xx

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