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Full Bust Babydoll Review: The Fortuna Babydoll by Kris Line

This babydoll was purchased by me. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Fortuna Babydoll in Ecru

Fortuna Babydoll in Ecru

Last week I talked about my favorite underrated bra brands, so it's only fitting that my new Kris Line goodies came in this week! I've reviewed Kris Line bra sets here before, but I wanted to review a new option this week: their gorgeous babydoll line. These popped up on Zulily during the last Kris Line sale and I couldn't resist trying one out. I've tried lots of full bust babydolls from several different lines, but this one is my favorite in terms of construction and fit so far.

Details on the Fortuna Babydoll

Details on the Fortuna Babydoll

While I love colorful babydolls with fun fashion details, sometimes it's nice to get back to basics. The embellishment on this babydoll comes from beautiful embroidered details and contrasting lace and mesh fabrics. The ecru color is gorgeous, but hard to capture on camera. It's a true eggshell, which a color you don't see much in lingerie. It's feminine and classic without feeling bridal like white does. This babydoll also comes in white and black, for those who are looking for either bridal lingerie or something more classic.

If you're new to Kris Line's sizing, the general rule is to stick with your "standard" band size and then go up two cup sizes. In my case, this means I bought a 34JJ rather than my normal 34HH. I bought the matching thong, which was nice and comfortable in an XXL. I've found that their thongs occasionally run a bit small, so if you're between sizes try the larger one.

Fortuna Babydoll by Kris Line

Fortuna Babydoll by Kris Line

My hunched shoulders really don't display this as well as they should, but hopefully you can get a sense of it from this picture. This babydoll is incredibly comfortable and supportive! It makes me want to pick up the bra that it is based on. I love the flyaway detail with the layer of mesh underneath it, as it both covers and allows the babydoll to have a straighter cut skirt that is still beautiful.

This babydoll is comfortable enough that I've slept in it several times, which is high praise as I hate sleeping in underwires. It's one of those pieces that is both beautiful and useful. If another one shows up in the next Kris Line event on Zulily, I will definitely snap it up to have an extra to sleep in.

This babydoll was $55 in the Zulily sale, which makes it cheaper than many other options on the market. The construction is superior to many of the other options out currently, so it's definitely a worthwhile piece to add to your lingerie drawer. It's great to know that the expanded options from Kris Line are just as well done as their bras.

Have you tried anything by Kris Line? What did you think of it?