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12 Indie Lingerie Designers Share What Inspired Their Favorite Designs

It’s so wonderful to immerse yourself in the inspiration behind beautiful clothing, but the lingerie industry often focuses more on fit and visual details rather than design inspiration. I thought it would be fun to change that, so I asked some of my favorite indie lingerie designers to loosen their laces and talk to us about the inspiration behind their favorite sets.

12 Indie Lingerie Designers Share What Inspired Their Favorite Designs

Buttress & Snatch. Photo by dollhouse.


Rachel at Buttress & Snatch:This is my favorite style ever. I designed it for Liberty in London based on a picture of a dress by Norman Hartnell that is in the Brighton Pavilion museum. If I could have any dress in the world it would be this one, so I decided to make a lingerie version of it in delicious deep red stretch silk satin. I live on a barge on The River Lea in Hackney and I named this style Rosie Lee after my boat. I only have very few of the vintage velvet Godetia flowers left and will be very sorry when the last one leaves the workshop.”

12 Indie Lingerie Designers Share What Inspired Their Favorite Designs

Karolina Lakowska

Karolina at Karolina Laskowska Lingerie:The ‘Erika’ waspie incorporates all of my favourite elements of lingerie design – sheer mesh, dramatic shaping, graphic harness shapes, gold plated luxe hardware, and attention to the inside of the garment (you can’t see it but each seam is lined in velvet!). The most important element to me though is the lace; I have an unhealthy obsession with lace and continuously lament the death of the English lace industry. The lace used in this piece is not only an English lace, but it also happens to be handmade out of silk – it’s taken from a damaged antique Victorian shawl, and repurposed in the corset. I love that fact that this means that every waspie created is one of a kind, with varying patterns from piece to piece!”

12 Indie Lingerie Designers Share What Inspired Their Favorite Designs

Evgenia Lingerie. Photo by Kelly Puleio Photography

Stephanie at Evgenia Lingerie: “I’ve always created silhouettes that are somewhat inspired by Art Deco era lingerie and this one from my Night Garden collection is no exception. The Bralette is inspired by the Kestos bra of the 1930s, and the Tap Shorts are a loose adaptation of the tap shorts from the same era, featuring the same flattering bias cut and seamed yoke detail. I knew these silhouettes would be part of my Spring/Summer 2015 collection, but everything really gelled once I found the starry French lace and exquisite botanical print silk crepe de chine. Thus, the Night Garden theme was born!”

12 Indie Lingerie Designers Share What Inspired Their Favorite Designs

Clare Bare

Clare at Clare Bare: “Back in the beginning when I started Clare Bare, it was a hobby and an outlet for me to use vintage fabrics that I had collected. I was working as a muralist and a mosaic installation artist at the time, so all of my work was very influenced by mixing and layering colors and patterns. As Clare Bare grew and the demand for wholesale came about, I realized that I had to change my approach because there was no way I could mass produce one of a kind pieces. I decided to start printing my own textiles based on the ones I had previously been inspired by, and this was the first piece of the new look that I created that still embodied the old spirit of the beginning of Clare Bare. The print is a collage of textiles that I layered and sewed together, then photoshopped into a design that could be silkscreened limitless times. ”

12 Indie Lingerie Designers Share What Inspired Their Favorite Designs

Uye Surana

Monica at Uye Surana: “When I designed this set, it was summer, and I was working late most days. Each night when I left my studio, the sun would be setting in these perfect shades of dusty pink, orchid, and lavender. The palette for this set and the hand-dyed silk sleepwear pieces throughout this collection is very much informed by that image. I’m generally inspired by nature for its color and subtle details, but I think the juxtaposition of viewing it from the screens, windows, and perspective of New York City is what really sets the context for Uye Surana.”

12 Indie Lingerie Designers Share What Inspired Their Favorite Designs


Melissa at Nevaeh: “Inspired by the feisty attitudes of silver screen sex goddesses such as Clara Bow, Marlene Dietrich and Louise Brooks, our glamorous Pleasure Romper is as functional as it is sexually alluring. I wanted to create a silhouette that was as captivating as these women and would empower the wearer to embrace her femininity.”

12 Indie Lingerie Designers Share What Inspired Their Favorite Designs

Lola Haze

Laura at Lola Haze: “‘The City’ Collection took its inspiration from the streets of two great cities, New York and Tokyo. I wanted to capture a variety of bold styles and unify them with hallmarks of Lola Haze’s design. Its electric fuchsia, turquoise, ivory and lime bodies punctuated with silver or black geometric elastic were inspired by the layered colors and bold individualism of New York’s graffiti walls. The team had a great day shooting the collection. We scouted graffitti in an industrial area of Bushwick, Brooklyn and our model, Tanya, played off the energy of the art.”

12 Indie Lingerie Designers Share What Inspired Their Favorite Designs

Lucille and Co

Camilla at Lucile & Co: “My absolute favourite of all time has to be “11 Rue de Penthievre.” This collection was inspired by the original Lucile couture house in Paris in 1910, and this was the address. The delicate gold metallic lace teamed gently with the vanilla silk is reminiscent of the Belle Époque, when a woman would dress for romance.”

12 Indie Lingerie Designers Share What Inspired Their Favorite Designs

Angela Friedman

Angela at Angela Friedman: “The Dentelle Slip was inspired entirely by this decadent french lace. I fell in love with its striped and floral design, especially because I particularly enjoy creating pieces that feel architectural. It’s rare to find a dramatic geometric lace that also feels delicate and soft, so this was instantly a winner. As soon as I held the lace up in front of me in the mirror, I knew I had to design a whole collection around this piece!”

12 Indie Lingerie Designers Share What Inspired Their Favorite Designs

Blackbird Underpinnings

Marin at Blackbird Underpinnings: “My favorite set consists of the ANAΪS Bralette and the JOSEPHINE Bloomers from the MAVEN Collection, which is centered around Paris in the twenties and thirties — a time and place that was revolutionary for women’s apparel and creative expression. Each piece is named for an iconic woman of strength, spirit, and ingenuity. Both dainty and daring, this bralette is inspired by Anaïs Nin, the diarist and passionate eroticist whose candid themes of self-discovery and sensuality continue to defy convention. The bloomers are a nod to the unstoppable Josephine Baker, the dancer, singer, actress, and activist–a true embodiment of the liberated flapper.”

12 Indie Lingerie Designers Share What Inspired Their Favorite Designs

Impish Lee

Noelle at Impish Lee: “The influence of a mix of eras give our cheeky dotted-mesh playsuit a completely unique feel. In design, we’re always experimenting with aspects that upon first thought, appear in dissonance, but through work, unveil into completely innovative pieces.  For this bodysuit, we drew inspiration from the imagined musings of an 80s beach babe in scandalous sheer gloves.”


Chloe at Lascivious: “‘Smitten’ was designed for my friend Sarah’s bridal trousseau. I wanted to encapsulate Sarah’s personality and desires in a delicate, vintage inspired yet modern set, using tulle mixed with black eyelash lace, modernised with faux leather binding. Although it is rare for us to do a French knicker within our collections I felt this suited her style and worked beautifully with the fabrics, so it was nice for us to have the opportunity to incorporate one. The title of this collection was inspired by the fact I have always associated the word ‘Kitten’ with Sarah, but couldn’t call the collection this as we felt it would be too confusing with our Kitty set. As a nod to one of our favourite stockists ’Smitten Kitten’ and Sarah, we settled on the name ’Smitten’ to convey the idea of being completely in love – what better way to begin a new life together.”

Did any of the inspiration behind these sets surprise you? Does the inspiration behind a piece inspire what lingerie you purchase?



Quinne Myers is a fashion and textile designer living in Brooklyn, New York. She currently designs for she and reverie, an oh-so-sweet loungewear line made in NYC's Garment District.

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Lingerie Sale Spotlight: Luxury Brands

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

We’re kicking off the month of March with a brand new feature! Even though the weekly lingerie sales post is a TLA staple, it can be a little..intense to wade through. So we’re experimenting with a shorter, more refined list dedicated to a couple of sub-specialties in lingerie. This post is all about luxury items on sale (by which we mean pieces that had a starting price of $150 before discount), and in the future, we’ll do other posts focusing on other areas of lingerie. What do you think…both of this new feature and of the items shown here?

Aubade Balcony Bra (was $207.94, now $103.97)

Aubade Balcony Bra (was $207.94, now $103.97)

Bordelle Adana High Waist Brief (was $450, now $270)

Bordelle Adana High Waist Brief (was $450, now $270)

Shell Belle Seduce Me Gown via Coco de Mer (Was £230.00 / Approx. 355.11 USD, Now £69.00 / Approx. 106.53 USD)

Shell Belle Seduce Me Gown (Was £230.00 / $355.11, Now £69.00 / $106.53)

Dirty Pretty Things Fluro Body (was £125/$192, now £15/$23)

Dirty Pretty Things Fluro Body (was £125/$192, now £15/$23)

Parah Parisienne Demi Cup Bra (was $235, now $118)

Parah Parisienne Demi Cup Bra (was $235, now $118)

Parah Retro Chic Panty (was $170, now $102)

Parah Retro Chic Panty (was $170, now $102)

Lascivious Lucy Bra (was $240, now $120)

Lascivious Lucy Bra (was $240, now $120)


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Sin In Style: 7 Pieces Of Lingerie Representing The 7 Deadly Sins

Disclosure: This blog post contains affiliate links 

1 garter belt closeup
We’re all familiar with the seven deadly sins, whether it be through our religious upbringing, friends and family, or hunky Brad Pitt in the move Se7en. Many of us battle with one or more of those seven vices on a daily basis in attempts to live a healthy, moral life. But when it comes to beautiful fashion, I say it’s a sin not to indulge at times! If lingerie is your passion (which I assume it is since you’re reading this) then chances are you have an appreciation for a little bit of disobedience here and there, an affection for objects once considered taboo and confined to the privacy of one’s own dressing room.

But today things are a bit different, and we no longer have to hide our love of lingerie. It has become an art form in its own right as well as a popular outlet to explore and express oneself. It is much less scandalous and more respectable, no longer being considered a risqué topic worthy of sin. In fact the whole notion of sin in general has shifted within the last few decades, and many of these seven sins no longer hold the same stigma as they had in previous generations.

While I’m not advocating over-indulging in one’s own vices, a little dip here and there never hurt anybody. And now, with the many diverse designs available to us, we don’t necessarily have to commit the sins in order to look the part. Here I have chosen my favorite “sin-spired” lingerie pieces that only look sinful but are in fact harmless. Although you may break a few hearts in them…


2 lascivious william wilde kitty

If lusting after this three-piece set is a sin, then consider me corrupt! Obsessively pining over sleek, tactile latex is my crime, and I just can’t get over this William Wilde Kitty set from Lascivious. Provocative in its skin-like material, dark color, and peek-a-boo design, the slightly transparent rubber ruffles and oversized bows add a playfulness that makes this set a bit more good-girl-gone-bad than full on dominatrix.

Bra £135, Suspender £125 & Panty £120 all available at


3 naja the happiest meal

Over indulgence and over consumption is never a good thing. We live in a culture with abundance readily available to us, which can be both a blessing and a curse. Junk food happens to be a particular weakness of many (myself included) and giving into this vice can garner you some harsh judgment from others. While it’s healthiest to lay off the calories and saturated fats, you can still have your burger and eat it too with Naja’s new The Happiest Meal panties. These cotton spandex hipsters come in a three-pack carton and feature photo-realistic depictions of some of our favorite treats.

$50 available at


4 lipgloss clubwear little gold necklace

Too much of a good thing is… too much of a good thing. Unless you’re talking about lingerie, in which case I say bring it on! Sure, adding more details, embellishments, and trims can be seen as unnecessary and a bit tacky – but that’s what indulgence is all about. Take this Little Gold Necklace Rave Bra and Bottom from Lipgloss Clubwear, for instance. Beads, bows, rhinestones, embroidery, rope, and ruffles are just some of the ornamentation on this elaborate, meant-to-be-seen set. The gold details and sparkling crystals help push this look over the top, making it a fabulous example of excess and perfectly suited for any material girl.

$123.99 available at


5 foreverlazy footed trifflin tie dye

Laziness is a tough trap not to fall into, especially when riding out the winter months submerged in the cold temperatures outside. Falling into a sluggish and lethargic state of mind is easy to do at times, especially when you have pajamas as cozy as this Tie Dye onesie from Forever Lazy. As the name suggests, you’ll be tempted to hibernate all winter long in these fleece pajamas complete with hood and attached footie slippers. So why fight it? I say just sit back, snuggle up, and embrace the laziness.

$49.99 available at


6 royalblack phoenix

We all get a little angry from time to time, but exercising control is what keeps us out of trouble. Rage is an unbecoming look and can lead to some serious health problems down the road. Avoid fanning the flames of any anger you may feel with the fiery Phoenix corset by Royal Black. This elaborate bustier features gold synthetic leather “flames,” delicate embroidery, and Swarovski crystals adorning the bodice and straps. Metal boning and a gold busk make this a truly couture piece of fashion where you can safely express your feelings and look sizzling hot at the same time.

€969 available at


7 agentprovocateur molly

The grass is always greener on the other side, right? Maybe not, but it can sometimes feel that way. Envy is a dangerous trait, characterized not only by intense desire, but also with discontent towards others and a need to covet possessions. Becoming green with envy is nothing to, well, envy. But this Molly set from Agent Provocateur sure is. The emerald green satin with scalloped beige lace looks opulent, sumptuous, and the epitome of luxury. And, as an added bonus, this rich green color will be perfect next month for St Patrick’s Day.

Bra $250, Suspender $250 & Panty $220 all available at


8 wearehandsome mighty zipsuit

Pride is defined by excessive admiration of the personal self, and has often been considered the deadliest of the seven sins. Which is why the courageous lion is the poster child for the proud and the noble, with its ferocious attitude and royal status in the animal kingdom. The Mighty Zipsuit by We Are Handsome looks like a fitting choice for this sin for obvious reasons. Okay, so technically it is a bathing suit, but I think the zip-up spandex piece would look fierce with a pair of thigh highs, garter belt and robe. All it takes to pull it off is some confidence and, of course, pride.

$332 available at

Which style would you sin for? Do you have any other wicked pieces to add to the list?



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Lingerie Reviews: Autumn Acquirements From Maison Close, Lascivious, & Lacing Lilith

Disclaimer: The Soie Cherie set was kindly provided MemeShop.  All other garments in this post were purchased by myself.  Lascivious and Lacing Lilith are not affiliated with these reviews in any way.  All opinions are my own.

I’m constantly shopping for new lingerie – I have a terrible habit of justifying it as ‘research’ for my lingerie studies!  I’m forever trawling the internet, sample sales and ebay in case I manage to uncover a bargain.  Here’s my lucky finds from the last month and what I thought of them.

Maison Close’s Soie Cherie bra. Image from

I’ve encountered the brand Maison Close only briefly in the past – they’d always appeared to me as being highly erotic and boudoir wear focused, with lots of garments featuring naughty cut outs and straps.  The Soie Cherie set was therefore quite a pleasant surprise – it’s much more girly and not quite as obvious as the brand’s other offerings.  Featuring a soft bra (£60)  and detachable-suspender brief (£55), the set is made in a stretch fuchsia silk with delicate black stretch lace inserts.  Sizing comes up very small in Maison Close’s designs, so I would fully advise going up a size in any order.  I ended up ordering a Medium bra and Large briefs when I usually wear a 30D bra and UK 10/12 briefs.

My first impression of the set was that Maison Close use utterly gorgeous packaging – each garment comes in its own purple and gold branded box and is wrapped in tissue paper.  The actual set is very flirty and feminine – the combination of delicate lace and soft silk gives it a very luxurious feel.

Unfortunately it does appear to be a bedroom-only set. As with most soft styles, the bra doesn’t provide any major amount of support, though it does give a flattering shape to a smaller bust.  I also had some issues with the knickers – on their own, they are utterly fabulous, being both comfortable and flattering.  However, the problems start with the garters straps: the fact that they are silk makes adjusting them quite tricky, whilst the small clips can get quite fiddly and make it rather difficult to actually attach them to stockings. My real problem with them though was the fact that they don’t actually hold your stockings up – take a single step, and you’ll find your stockings actually start pulling your knickers down!  This is unfortunately unavoidable for any suspender straps that come from the hips and not the waist.  If you are considering buying them, I’d simply advise ditching the suspender straps and pairing the briefs with some lace hold ups.

I can’t deny that I’ve been eyeing up the Midori bodysuit (£198) for a while now – I adore Lascivious’ aesthetics, and as part of their ‘Classics’ range, this garment has simply been taunting me every season. I was lucky enough to find this bodysuit in a sample sale a couple of weeks ago and so avoided breaking the bank!  Featuring sheer net that drapes across the body, elastic strap detailing, satin ties around the bust and neck and suspender straps, it’s a hugely flattering piece for all sorts of body shapes.  The satin ties can be worn according to your preferences, whether you prefer them crisscrossing across the body or wrapped tightly under the bust.

Unfortunately I have once again encountered some trouble with Lascivious’ sizing – I’d previously purchased knickers and another bodysuit from them in a Medium, only to find that they were too short for me in the torso.  With this playsuit, I took a bit of a risk in buying it in a size Large.  Whilst it fits perfectly on my bottom, this time it’s a little too long in the torso, with the draped mesh falling a lot lower on my body than in any of Lascivious’ product shots!  Nevertheless, I think it still looks absolutely gorgeous when worn so I don’t have any real complaints!

Latex can seem like a pretty scary material for most people – with its obvious fetish connotations , the average lingerie lover is going to deem it as just a little too S&M to incorporate into their lingerie drawers.  Nevertheless, latex has been rather prevalent in the high fashion world recently, perhaps making it a little more socially acceptable!  I’ve previously only dipped my toes in the water by buying latex stockings and fingerless gloves (the perfect accessory to toughen up any lingerie outfit – trust me!), but decided to take a jump when I saw this Lacing Lilith corset sample (in my size would you believe it!) on ebay.  It’s a lot more extreme than my usual lingerie tastes but I still have no regrets – latex is a fabulously forgiving material and it’s bound to make an impact wherever you wear it.  I bought this with the intention of wearing it for Hallowe’en but I haven’t quite decided how I’ll be styling it! Either way, I have plans of making this corset at home with the rest of my lingerie collection – I wonder how softening the look with some lovely lacey pieces would look?

1940s and 1950s bras

Finally, my occasional perusing of Vintage shops resulted in my finding these two vintage lingerie treasures: a 1940s and a 1950s bra, both in amazing condition. Most surprising of all though is the fact that they both fit!  They both feature delicate lace inserts, pale satins and intricate stitching and boning.  Both bras use liberal amounts of boning for their support (instead of the underwire that we are all so familiar with now), with the 1950s bras’ being so effective it is in fact strapless.  They both have the rather pointy bust shape that was so popular at the time – unfortunately this renders them a little inappropriate for daily-wear, though the collector in me says this is irrelevant!

Readers: What do you think of my most recent lingerie wardrobe additions? What have your most recent purchases been?



Contour Fashion graduate. Spends most of her time sewing bras and getting excited by shiny things.

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