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Lascivious Autumn/Winter 2016/7: The Return of an Icon

Editor's Note: Some of these images may be NSFW.

Lascivious is a brand I admit to sleeping on for the last few seasons. I noticed them (and liked them) when I started blogging, but it took a few more years until I could appreciate them. Certain silhouettes, like their trademark frame bra (the "Milla" style, shown above and just below) are industry staples, having become representative of an entire era in lingerie.

But underneath those bondage-inspired themes is a kind of casualness, a sort of relaxed self-possession that never feels like it's trying too hard. Perhaps this is what speaks to me now - that carefree attitude you get when you've been around awhile and don't have anything to prove.

While the Milla set is closest to what I would wear everyday, my favorite piece, editorially speaking, has to be the Tara Suspender, shown 4th from bottom. A kind of architectural harness, I want to wear it over a white tank and ink-dark jeans, the suspenders slapping against my legs, unimpeded by stockings. But then again, there's a reason I'm not a personal style blogger, so don't necessarily listen to me here.

Other key pieces from Lascivious' Autumn/Winter collection include the Kitty range in purple and the Sian Hoffman for Lascivious 'Model Traitor' Playsuit. I've been an unabashed devotee of Sian Hoffman for years, and I'm thrilled to see them collaborating with such a well-known and loved label as Lascivious.

The lingerie industry is at the beginning of what I believe will be a period of massive upheaval, similar in effect, if not in impact, to the Great Recession of 2008. Sometimes, it's nice to feel a see a bit of stability from the brands you love. Do you have any thoughts on Lascivious? What's your favorite look from below?

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