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She & Reverie: Luminescette

She & Reverie has released a delightful mini-lookbook titled Luminescette, and it is truly luminous. Soft and dreamy, this collection has a sweetness that is endearing because it’s not trying so hard. There are no Lolitas or pampered princesses here. Rather, there’s an easy innocence and girlish charm that transcends the brand’s usual “twee” aesthetic. […]


Corsets Are Not Consent

Corsets are inherently an attention-getting garment. First, there’s their rarity: you just don’t see a woman (or man) in a corset very often, especially not “real” corsets. They’re unusual, uncommon. Not only are they uncommon, but they create an instant and noticeable change to the wearer’s body, unlike many outlandish or eye-catching styles which may […]


Else Lingerie S/S 2015

While I love fashion-forward lingerie as much as the next lingerie addict, there’s something to be said for lingerie that is classically beautiful. Yes, it’s fun to fantasize about stepping outside of our comfort level and trying edgier pieces, but at the end of the day many of us just want to feel effortlessly pretty […]


Ebay Lingerie Roundup: Freak Show

marcy13 vintage set FS

Rather than evoking the carnival or circus, what this week’s roundup speaks to most is the collector (sometimes dormant, sometimes extremely over-active) inside most lingerie lovers. How many of us have that drawer, or shelf, or trunk (or dresser, spare room, etc.) filled with vintage and ill-fitting pieces that are too interesting and beautiful to […]


57 Lingerie Sales for the Week of 10/18/14

Disclosure: This blog post contains affiliate links. Is your business running a lingerie sale? Send it to! Note: (Online only) Sales must be received by Friday at 12pm PST for inclusion in that week’s sales post. There is no charge for inclusion in the weekly sales post. This is a listing of more recent sales. For a […]


Clare Bare A/W 2014

Indie handmade label, Clare Bare, seems to have thoroughly embraced her relocation from NYC to LA. Her newest collection, Bend, is beachy, breezy, and thoroughly California-cool. With the dreary, grey months just around the corner, these pieces will add a welcome bit of sunshine and playfulness. Clare Bare is known for simple silhouettes crafted of […]


A Corset Family Tree, Abridged

Corsets have an amazing breadth of variety, though I often simplify it for neophytes to the two basic types, overbust and underbust, at least as a starting point. When corset shopping, the range of options and, importantly, the nomenclature around them can be quite daunting.  The following is a simplified and streamlined guide to corset […]


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