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A Short Guide to Buying International Bras Online

More US consumers are buying bras internationally these days than ever before. A few years ago, buying bras internationally was mostly something that was talked about in the full bust community. Some Polish bra companies were the only ones who catered to the more extreme end of small band/large cup sizes and lots of full busted […]


Sale Lingerie of the Week: Hips & Curves V-Back Panty

Disclosure: This blog post contains affiliate links. Though people often refer to white lingerie as “bridal” lingerie, it’s obvious (I think, especially, to readers here) that white isn’t only for brides. I think white lingerie is a great color for summer or winter, and for women with deeper skintones, it gives a remarkably graphic, editorial […]


Introducing Madame Supertrash

Madame Supertrash is seduced by the allure of  la dolce vita – a life full of pleasure and indulgence. Launched earlier this year, this decadently fashion forward lingerie and swimwear line is a division of the super hip global fashion brand, Supertrash. Designed to make affordable luxury a reality for the strong, sexy, and cosmopolitan […]


In Memory of Velda Lauder: A Video of One of Her Last Corset Collections

With the events of the Oxford Conference of Corsetry this past weekend, I’ve had corsets on my mind a little more than usual. And I have a hard time thinking about corsets without also thinking of Velda Lauder. For those who are unfamiliar with her name, Velda was a Master Corsetiere who passed away suddenly […]


Lingerie of the Week: DDSLL Girls Satin Bodysuit

I’m fairly certain I’ve mentioned this before, but one of the things that’s really important to me on TLA is actively looking for and featuring new designers. Like many people, I have my personal favorites lingerie brands, both in terms of fit and aesthetics, but if I only ever talked about my favorites, the blog […]


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