Lingerie of the Week: La Perla ‘Shape Allure’ Underwire Slip

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la perla shape allure underwire slip

I know this slip is technically underwear, but let’s just be real here. I’d wear it as a dress. I’ve been eyeing La Perla’s Shape Allure Slip for a little while now; I guess I was on the fence about if I really loved it or if I was just feeling seduced by the name. Then I saw this slip on Nicki Minaj, and my mind was suddenly made up. I love it. And let me clear, I’m hardly ever tipped over into the “Yes, I must have it” category by celebrity photos, but this slip is really just that amazing.

net a porter la perla slip

It comes in white and tan but I’m most smitten by the black. I love the lace hem and lace detailing along the sides. I adore the adjustable straps (imagine wearing this halter, crisscross back, or strapless… I hardly ever get so excited about straps, but the I love the possibilities here). And I just really dig the idea of having a piece like this to wear for years. I figure if I wear it every Saturday for five years, it should  more than pay for itself.

What do you think of La Perla’s Shape Allure slip? Would you risk wearing it was outerwear? And just in general, what are you thoughts on their new, ultra-glamorous shapewear collection?

Cora Harrington

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  1. Judith says:

    If I was not too concerned about the extra bumps and rolls to my waist-line I would wear that slip as a dress too. Talk about one way to stop traffic!!!

  2. jessa says:

    I’m amazed that slip fits so well on someone with her hip to waist ratio, I wonder if she had it altered? Although based on the bust it’s a small size… love it but I don’t know if it would work on my fuller bust fuller butt form.

  3. Another Lisa says:

    If I had that body, I would wear that slip grocery shopping. It is that gorgeous. Don’t think of the cost too much. This of it as an investment and amortize the cost.

  4. Lisa says:

    I love La Perla lingerie! I think I would risk wearing this beautiful slip as a dress!

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