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lingerie as outerwear

When it’s warm outside, the way it is now, I want to live in natural fibers. Cotton and bamboo are fine, but nothing (and I mean nothing) compares to the feel of silk against your skin. It’s light. It’s airy. It’s soft. It’s breathable. And something about it just feels so good. It’s also surprisingly durable… if you take care of it. This Ayten Gasson Classic Silk Bedjacket (speaking of […]

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Note: This post contains affiliate links. I know this slip is technically underwear, but let’s just be real here. I’d wear it as a dress. I’ve been eyeing La Perla’s Shape Allure Slip for a little while now; I guess I was on the fence about if I really loved it or if I was just feeling seduced by the name. Then I saw this slip on Nicki Minaj, and […]

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Editor’s Note: NSFW images below. I love lace. Embroidery too. But especially lace. It’s not just the delicate, gauze, ephemeral nature of beautiful lace, it’s also the artistry. Even machine-made lace takes a tremendous amount of time and resources to produce, and the more complex a lace, the more beautiful it is. And while lace is beautiful on lingerie (which we both already know), it’s even more gorgeous when incorporated […]

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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Today’s guest post is by Julia Blaire Klein, who’s had a self-described passion for lingerie all her life. Julia sees finding the perfect lingerie for women as another way of helping women (a statement we completely agree with here at TLA), and hopes to work in the lingerie industry for years to come. Before I even begin this article, I would like to clarify […]

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If there’s a single trend that I hope never goes away, it’s the lingerie as outerwear look. I adore incorporating lingerie into my everyday wardrobe, whether it’s as simple as a bright neon bra strap I’ve chosen to make visible (Flashdance-style) or letting the lace of my favorite balconette bra peeking just above a low-cut top… almost like I’m wearing an undershirt of Chantilly lace. Lingerie is underwear, it’s true, […]

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