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Lascivious is a brand I admit to sleeping on for the last few seasons. I noticed them (and liked them) when I started blogging, but it took a few more years until I could appreciate them. Certain silhouettes, like their trademark frame bra (the “Milla” style, shown above and just below) are industry staples, having become representative of an entire era in lingerie. But underneath those bondage-inspired themes is a kind of casualness, a sort of relaxed self-possession that never feels like it’s trying too hard. Perhaps this is what speaks to me now – that carefree attitude you get when you’ve been around awhile and don’t have anything to prove.

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This set was purchased by The Lingerie Addict for the purpose of review. Lascivious is a luxury British brand, renowned for their provocative and directional approach to lingerie. Naughty cutouts and sheer meshes are their design staples. The brand has featured quite heavily in my lingerie wardrobe in the past; I’ve previously reviewed their Midori bodysuit and Isla set. I hadn’t purchased anything from them in several years, but during […]

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It’s so wonderful to immerse yourself in the inspiration behind beautiful clothing, but the lingerie industry often focuses more on fit and visual details rather than design inspiration. I thought it would be fun to change that, so I asked some of my favorite indie lingerie designers to loosen their laces and talk to us about the inspiration behind their favorite sets.   Rachel at Buttress & Snatch: “This is my favorite […]

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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. We’re kicking off the month of March with a brand new feature! Even though the weekly lingerie sales post is a TLA staple, it can be a little..intense to wade through. So we’re experimenting with a shorter, more refined list dedicated to a couple of sub-specialties in lingerie. This post is all about luxury items on sale (by which we mean pieces that had […]

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Disclaimer: The Soie Cherie set was kindly provided MemeShop. All other garments in this post were purchased by me. Lascivious and Lacing Lilith are not affiliated with these reviews in any way. All opinions are my own. I’m constantly shopping for new lingerie – I have a terrible habit of justifying it as ‘research’ for my lingerie studies! I’m forever trawling the internet, sample sales, and eBay in case I […]

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