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handmade panties

What do I love more than anything else in the world? (Excluding black mesh here, of course.) Comfy panties. There are entire articles on TLA dedicated to comfy drawers (Exhibit A, Exhibit B) and I’m still obsessed with the subject. Words cannot describe the bliss that is a pair of knickers you put on and then completely forget about. If you’ve ever struggled with bad underwear, then you know what […]

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  This set was purchased with my own money. All thoughts and opinions are my own.  Now that summer is practically here, I finally got around to doing the thing I tell my friends to do: I cleaned out my underwear drawer. I even took the plunge and threw out all of my old stuff that had holes or loose elastic, which meant I got to treat myself to some […]

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Back when I first started blogging, I bought almost all my knickers from Etsy. It wasn’t because I had a special affinity for indie designers (I love handmade lingerie now more than I probably ever have before) or because I had tons of excess cash. Rather, it was because I had so much trouble finding knickers that fit me in stores (my body used to be considerably “bulkier” than it […]

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