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Dark Garden

Disclosure: This blog post contains affiliate links. If asked the age-old adage, “Can money buy happiness?” chances are you would already know the answer is, “No,” broadly speaking. You’ve probably seen articles about shared on Facebook and of course the complete answer is much more nuanced… So how does that apply to daily life, and to lingerie? Lingerie straddles the line between “material possession” and “experience.” The studies have shown […]

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When buying a corset, there are many types of corset available for purchase – and I don’t just mean the diverse styles! Between the factory produced and the handmade options, your head could spin with the acronyms, turnarounds, and fit options… so let’s break these levels of purchase down into a handy glossary, shall we? Standard Fit Off the Rack / OTR: Also known as “Off the Peg,” an off […]

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Whether you’re waist training, thinking of waist training, horrified by waist training, or perversely fascinated by it, there are a lot of myths, misconceptions, and outright lies to wade through. In no particular order, I’d like to cut through a bunch of the bull. The Myth: A corset needs at least 20 bones to be suitable for waist training. The Truth: Boning maintains vertical tension in a corset, otherwise it […]

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Analyzing Corset Fit: Bust & Vertical Measurements

Last week I introduced some basic concepts of corset fitting. While the lacing allows for a lot of flexibility in fitting a corset, of course, there’s much more to it. I’m going to continue the lesson, going into greater detail with things like bust fit and vertical measurements. General Bust Fit Unlike bras, corsets have no cup or band sizing, which can make them a lot more flexible for fitting […]

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Corset Fit 101

A well-made corset has a very carefully balanced fit: to create a beautiful shape that is actually wearable by a human requires great attention to the distribution of ease and negative ease. The lacing and lacing gap allows for fine-tuning of the fit on an individual basis without requiring a fully bespoke corset. Much has been written about bra fit, but what defines fit for a corset? As a corsetmaker, […]

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