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Orchid Corsetry was a brand I very much admired when I was just beginning to come into my own as a corsetiere, when they were going by “Desert Orchid.” This year their “En Plein Air” collection encompasses not only craft corsetry (handmade in Shropshire), but also lingerie stylings of bras, panties, and harnesses. Though corsets are technically a type of lingerie, in most cases they are made by a specialized […]

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Corset Fit 101

A well-made corset has a very carefully balanced fit: to create a beautiful shape that is actually wearable by a human requires great attention to the distribution of ease and negative ease. The lacing and lacing gap allows for fine-tuning of the fit on an individual basis without requiring a fully bespoke corset. Much has been written about bra fit, but what defines fit for a corset? As a corsetmaker, […]

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Corsets are inherently an attention-getting garment. First, there’s their rarity: you just don’t see a woman (or man) in a corset very often, especially not “real” corsets. They’re unusual, uncommon. Not only are they uncommon, but they create an instant and noticeable change to the wearer’s body, unlike many outlandish or eye-catching styles which may build upon or exaggerate the form but don’t change it. A corseted woman has dramatized […]

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Earlier this month, I found myself at the Oxford Conference of Corsetry – an amazing event dedicated to one of my favourite garments in the entire world of lingerie. We saw Marianne review the event last year as an organiser, but I thought that this year I could give my perspective as an attendee. I’d booked my place over nine months ago (with the entire event selling out very shortly […]

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Angela Friedman has been musing lately on what is means to be a Muse. In designing her recent collection, she was inspired by the very idea of inspiration itself and what sparks the creative process. The Muse collection encourages women to indulge in a world of imagination and intrigue. It is this thoughtfulness behind the design process that really sets Angela Friedman apart. Her S/S 2014 collection firmly established her […]

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