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Please note some photos may be NSFW. Sometimes it’s hard to get excited about lingerie when you can’t see yourself wearing it. The industry’s standards of beauty and femininity remain rigidly unrealistic, and many women (myself included) feel left out. As with most innovation in the industry, it is the independent brands that are affecting change. March & August, a handmade Canadian brand, have spent the last year demonstrating a […]

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Please note: Some of the following images are NSFW. Evgenia’s newest collection is about as Old Hollywood glamour as it gets. 1930s silhouettes are reinvented in modern proportions with luxe fabrics and flirty attitude. There are stars! Hearts! And cheeky tap panties that make my heart sing. While most of the collection is derived from Evgenia’s core offerings (tap panties, camisole, and a Kestos-inspired bralette), keeping a limited color palette […]

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In order for the lingerie industry to be seen as a legitimate branch of the fashion industry, we need more experimental, directional labels that go beyond the traditional silks and laces. What better way to bridge the gap than to take the “lingerie as outerwear” concept and turn it on its head, with pieces that start as outerwear before fluidly transforming into underwear? Avant-garde knitwear designer Maude Nibelungen has pulled […]

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Editor’s Note: This brand is no longer in business. While it’s rare enough to see racial diversity portrayed in lingerie campaigns and advertising, it is even rarer on the business side of the industry. Socioeconomic and cultural challenges make it difficult for women of color to launch businesses or rise very high in corporate culture, and the intimate apparel industry is no exception. While there are a few black-owned lingerie […]

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It’s rare when a lingerie brand makes a debut that is so distinctive, so unexpected, that you just know they’re going to be big. Marie Yat is an exciting new label that blends the line between lingerie and unisex underwear, creating androgynous pieces that are sleek and sophisticated. Designs are deconstructed to promote a sense of individuality, with perfectly imperfect details such as ripped bindings, graphic cutaways, and asymmetrical piecework. […]

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