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Edge O'Beyond A/W 2015

The best luxury lingerie is more than just fine materials and stellar craftsmanship. It is an Experience with a capital E. It thrills, excites, and seduces the senses. It is a feast for the eyes and the flesh. Edge O’Beyond is such a label. Decadent lace bras and knickers are transformed into showcase pieces through the innovative use of detachable jewelry chains that turn the body into works of art. […]

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The last steamy days of summer call for easy-breezy lingerie. Lightweight bralettes made special with touches of silk and eyelash lace really up the glamour factor. Top them with delicate chains and crystals that catch the sunshine, and it will feel like the romance of summer never ends. A dreamy new collection by New York-based Uye Surana is an ode to everyone’s favorite season. Titled Luminary City, designer Monica Wesley […]

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In an industry that usually plays it safe, shying away from bold prints and silhouettes and compromising on sizing, Playful Promises is breaking the mold. This independent brand has been slowly growing, developing a distinctive point of view while embracing its commitment to expanding its full bust offerings. Their Spring/Summer 2016 collection is a delightfully fashion forward blend of retro and modern, whimsical and classic, edgy and romantic. Several core […]

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“I like photographing women who appear to know something of life.” Agent Provocateur’s newest campaign, All Woman, takes its cue from legendary photographer Helmut Newton’s love of dominant femininity. Through his voyeuristic lens women became larger than life, flaunting their strength and sexuality in a way that was both celebratory and highly erotic. Agent Provocateur imagines women over the decades that have embodied this unapologetic sexuality, choosing four icons with […]

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Bacchus was the Greco-Roman god of wine, indulgence, intoxication, and freedom. Decadent parties in his honor, called bacchanalia, were venues for revelry and hedonistic pleasures. For her debut lingerie collection, Erica M. has imagined a world of a New York underground secret society where Art Nouveau excess and bacchanalian debauchery come together in an ecstatic celebration of sensuality and empowerment. We were fortunate to have the opportunity to interview designer […]

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