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Janay S/S 2016: Romantic British Lingerie

Janay was the first brand I covered for TLA about a year and a half ago (wow, time flies when you’re having fun!). Their debut collection was notable for its bras with unique center gore details and its strappy suspender belts that criss-crossed over the hips. I was delighted to see that this small British label is continuing to thrive and has released a sophomore collection that has all of […]

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What better way to start the new year than with the discovery of a gorgeous and glamorous new lingerie label? Liliana Casanova is making the kind of lingerie that is truly rare in today’s world. Handcrafted one piece at a time in her Paris studio, French silk and laces are transformed into incredibly lush and romantic pieces that are far too pretty to cover up. It’s all so dreamy and […]

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Please note: Some of these photos may be NSFW. There’s nothing like black mesh to turn the body into a living canvas. The stark colorway and transparency emphasize the body’s curves the way few other materials can. Bao Tranchi masterfully manipulates this material into graphic bodysuits with incredible energy. Black mesh dips, dives, and bisects the body into fantastic studies of symmetry that are unlike anything else in the industry. […]

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Kellyportfolio: Cheeky Illustrations Inspired by Burlesque

With the holiday season is officially upon us, we thought we’d do something lighthearted and fun for a change of pace. Thanksgiving is just days away, and what better way to celebrate than with witty illustrations of food clad in lingerie! If you’re a fan of burlesque, you probably love its cheeky attitude and irreverence as much as you love the costumes. Kellyportfolio translates this unabashed joy of the burlesque […]

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Please note some of these images may be NSFW. Too often floral lingerie gets a bad rap. It can skew rather fussy and precious, leaving those of us that want a bit more drama in our lingerie feeling uninspired. In a dynamic interplay of art and fashion, StephieAnn Design is creating florals that are unlike anything in the industry. Romantic English garden motifs are abstracted and transformed into silks that […]

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