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Every career is subject to stereotypes, both good and bad. Working as a lingerie designer, retailer and writer, I’ve heard my fair share of silly clichés. From the start, my career path has brought with it a bunch of myths that I’m constantly defending with the hope of changing people’s ideas of what being a lingerie designer really means. While lingerie is not as risqué a topic as it once […]

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Whew, it’s been a long, challenging journey to get to here! After finally breaking free from the corporate fashion world and starting my own business a year ago, I’m finally on a path that excites and inspires me! It wasn’t easy. There were sleepless nights, multiple sacrifices, and tons of hard work, but this November marks the first anniversary of WonderLust Lingerie. I’m reflecting back on my journey to reevaluate what […]

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It goes without saying that independent designers face more challenges in the lingerie industry than the brands with massive corporations behind them. Some of these challenges will appear obvious even to people with no interest in lingerie (be that a matter of funding or public visibility). This series aims to peel back the curtains on some of the more hidden sides of the industry: this week I’m looking at why […]

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As an intimates designer, I feel like I’ve heard every opinion about how much money we make. There are the parents of design students who wish their children would go into law instead of lingerie so they can actually support themselves. There are the people on Tumblr who talk about how indie designers must be rolling in the cash they make from their allegedly overpriced wares. There are the companies […]

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The internet is a wonderful thing. There’s so much information available for free (or at least cheap!) that was impossible to find before. One of the great consequences of this is the growing trend in DIY. There’s a new wave of people trying their hand at making their own clothing with an inevitable foray into lingerie. I truly think any growth of creativity and craftsmanship is a wonderful thing. However, […]

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