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she and reverie

She and Reverie is a handcrafted brand out of New York City that’s all about whimsy, vintage extravagance, and rose-colored glasses. While this particular brand isn’t a good fit for my personal style, I admire them for doing something different, and bucking some of the fairly homogenous trends I’ve seen in the industry lately. This is loungewear that’s pretty enough to wear out; to mix and match with your everyday […]

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I started my ethically-made loungewear line she and reverie at 23 years old. Before then, I freelanced in NYC’s garment district for a very short amount of time. But starting a line was my dream, of course! And other designers were doing it, many with far less knowledge than I had. So I thought, “Why am I not following my dream right now? Why can’t I do this, too?” I […]

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One of my first lingerie shopping experiences was at Kaori’s Closet Tokyo in NYC. A sweet little boutique on Houston, Kaori’s Closet offered fancifully-decorated Japanese lingerie, otherwise unavailable in the US, and pretty loungewear from international indie lines. With bras covered in engineered floral embroidery, 3D lace appliques, textured elastics, and perfectly-placed rhinestones, the shop was overtly girly and definitely over the top.

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As an indie designer myself, I love seeing what my peers are up to in the world of corsetry. Recently a new designer has emerged: at 23 years old, Rosie Denningham of Rosie Red Corsetry & Couture is already well on her way to the top. Her design voice is unique and easily identifiable, and she’s already had the honor of dressing one A-list celebrity. Rosie’s curve-friendly designs are like […]

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She & Reverie has released a delightful mini-lookbook titled Luminescette, and it is truly luminous. Soft and dreamy, this collection has a sweetness that is endearing because it’s not trying so hard. There are no Lolitas or pampered princesses here. Rather, there’s an easy innocence and girlish charm that transcends the brand’s usual “twee” aesthetic. We’ve swooned over She & Reverie’s dreamy loungewear collections in the past. The brand has […]

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