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Androgynous Lingerie Review: Tomboyx Underwear

Editor's Note: Products for this review purchased by The Lingerie Addict and the reviewer. All opinions are the author's own.

Editor's Note (6/29/20): Since publication of this article, several ethical issues have arisen with this brand. Please reference the comments on this tweet for more information.

Tomboyx Purple Rainbow Unicorn Print Ruched Bralette ($37) and 9" Boxer Brief ($31)

Queer-owned underwear business Tomboyx has been quietly making a name for themselves amongst folks who want well-made, fun, everyday underwear for any gender.

They’ve been a favorite here at The Lingerie Addict for their wide size range and androgynous looks, but we haven’t reviewed their offerings in four years. During that time, Tomboyx has expanding into new styles and prints while staying devoted to ethical manufacturing practices and wide representation in their marketing.

TomboyX Review Context

For this review, I chose to focus on two sets that give different coverage options. All pieces come in a soft cotton spandex made with OEKO-TEX-certified cotton and Tomboyx’s signature elastic. The fabric is thick and opaque, soft to the touch, and has very good recovery. The elastic is similarly soft and wide enough that it doesn’t roll.

I like the way this fabric feels against my skin and particularly appreciate its heft in a world where underwear marketed to women can feel too thin and flimsy for my taste. The front panel on all bras are also double-lined for extra comfort and support.

Tomboyx Essentials Soft Bra in Pride Rainbow Stripes ($35)

Most of Tomboyx’s items come in a wide range of colorways, from solid basics to whimsical prints. They update with new collections frequently so there’s always something new. The two prints featured here, the Rainbow Pride Stripes and Purple Rainbow Unicorn, both caught my eye immediately because they’re so bright and joyful.

All items I’ve purchased from Tomboyx feel true to their size chart. There’s a comfortable amount of stretch, so if you fall between sizes or have a full bust but narrow ribcage, going with the lower size is a safe bet. Here, I’m wearing size 2X bras and 3X bottoms, with a full bust measurement of 48” and hip of 54”.

Rainbow Pride Stripes Soft Bra and Briefs

Tomboyx Rainbow Pride Stripes Essentials Soft Bra ($35) and Iconic Briefs ($23)

The Essentials Soft Bra (XS-4X, $35) and Iconic Briefs (XS-4X, $23) are, hands-down, my favorite Tomboyx items. I own multiples of each style and find myself reaching for them on days when I want to be comfy above all. The soft bra gently holds my boobs, letting me go about my day without a lot of fuss and minimal re-adjusting. While it doesn’t offer much lift, it’s perfect for days when I just want to be in my body without having to think too much about the way it’s shaped.

Tomboyx Rainbow Pride Stripes Essentials Soft Bra ($35) and Iconic Briefs ($23)

The briefs have the perfect amount of coverage for me. I have a full butt and don’t love picking wedgies all day, which I get with any cheeky cut. The elastic waistband usually ends up right under my belly but stays in place there throughout the day. The edges do show through in tight pants and leggings, but are just fine under jeans.

Purple Rainbow Unicorn Bralette and Boxer Briefs

Tomboyx Purple Rainbow Unicorn Ruched Bralette ($37)

I was curious but trepidatious about the Ruched Bralette (XS-4X, $37), a newer design for Tomboyx. I’m full-busted and don’t want to worry about constantly adjusting coverage or having pain from thin straps. But this bralette far exceeded my expectations! It’s not quite as perfectly comfortable as the Essentials Soft Bra, but it stays in place and doesn’t strain my shoulders. I find myself reaching for it on days when I’m lounging at home and want a light amount of support and sweat coverage.

Tomboyx Purple Rainbow Unicorn Ruched Bralette ($37) and 9" Boxer Briefs ($31)

While I don’t find boxer briefs comfortable under pants, I was curious about the 9” Boxer Briefs (XS-4X, $31) as a solution to thigh rub in the summer. I like to have a full arsenal of options when those hot days hit. Toss in some cute unicorns and I’m sold!

These boxer briefs are comfortable and don’t ride up my thighs. However, I do find that the waistband shifts downwards as I wear it, causing some bunching under the crotch. They’re still comfortable for everyday wear, but not quite perfect. Tomboyx did just introduce high-waisted options for a few of their styles including the 9” Boxer Brief, and I’m excited to try those and see if it solves the problem of riding down.

Every item I’ve owned from Tomboyx has been well-made, with neat and sturdy stitching, well-finished insides, and durable materials. I don’t give mine special treatment, just toss them in with the rest of my laundry, and I have a few pairs still going strong after 3 years.

The frequent introduction of new prints, bundled three-packs, and discounts for buying multiples make it easy to cover your daily underwear needs. For underwear, the price point ranges from $26-38, and $32-41 for bra and bralette styles, which feels appropriate for the quality and ethical manufacturing practices.

Shannon Flaherty