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5 Best Bras For Big Boobs

Elomi Matilda in Unicorn via FigLeaves. MSRP $69. Made in sizes: 32GG-JJ, 34G-JJ, 36-40DD-JJ, 42DD-HH, 44DD-G, 46DD.

Fuller bust people have more bra options than ever, but the search for a good DD+ bra can be overwhelming, especially if you’ve just been fitted into a size you didn’t even know existed until now!

Whether you’re looking for a new favorite bra or you’re hoping to start your well-fitting bra wardrobe, look no further. Here are 5 of the best bras for bigger chests.

Full Cup Bra: Panache Clara

Panache Clara in Emerald via FigLeaves. MSRP $67. Made in sizes 30-40, D-J.

My Panache Clara review goes into more detail about the fit of this bra, but here’s the short version: The Clara is a wonderful bra.

With inner support and sturdy materials, this bra is engineered specifically for fuller busts, but somehow manages to look downright delicate. The gorgeous stretch lace is so comfortable, and makes this bra an easy fit on many different breast types. It's smooth enough to wear under a t-shirt, if you don't want the nipple coverage of foam.

The Clara offers excellent support at every cup size it’s manufactured - which is impressive, since it’s made in 60 (yes, sixty!) sizes. If you’re looking for a full coverage bra for D cups and above, this romantic full cup bra is a great place to start.

Plunge Bra: Elomi Matilda

Elomi Matilda in Black. Available via Bare Necessities. MSRP $69. Made in sizes: 32GG-JJ, 34G-JJ, 36-40DD-JJ, 42DD-HH, 44DD-G, 46DD.

Full bust lingerie blogger Sweet Nothings raves about the Matilda bra from Elomi, a Wacoal brand that makes bras up to a UK K cup. Plunge bras can be tricky for people with fuller busts, but this one is engineered with a slightly higher gore and wider cups to keep your tissue from falling out of the front.

And despite its simplicity, Sweets says it offers a ton of features: “The sheer top panel keeps it feeling light and airy, even in larger sizes; the racer back converter on the straps makes it versatile; the matching briefs are comfy; and there are always fun colors coming out each season.”

The Matilda is also one of the few full bust and plus size bras without any flowers, bows, or frills, making it a good option for someone looking for a more minimalist style. Best of all, “it comes in around 55 sizes,” says Sweets, “and is a fantastic choice for folks who wear both plus and fuller bust sizes.”

Strapless Bra: Curvy Kate Luxe Strapless

Curvy Kate Luxe Strapless in Ivory via BareNecessities, MSRP $75. Made in sizes: 28D-HH, 30-40D-J

You might have seen this bra go viral on The Daily Mail, where Curvy Kate’s models perform the “cartwheel test” with impressive results. That video is true to life. With a good fit, this carefully-engineered strapless bra really does stay up.

I reviewed the Curvy Kate Luxe bra when it first came out in 2014, and it’s still the only strapless bra I wear. There is no pulling, no tugging, no adjusting my bra all night. The inner slings help push everything forward, and the foam cups give a smooth silhouette under fancy dresses. I love that the silicone strips keep everything in place, even after 5 years, and even when my weight fluctuates.

Offering effortless lift in a wide range of sizes (and now available in Ivory for wedding dresses!), I think the Luxe is the best strapless bra for D cups and up.

T-shirt Bra: The Elomi Amelia

Elomi Amelia in black, via BareNecessities. MSRP $78. Made in sizes: 34G-HH, 36-40DD-HH, 42DD-H, 44DD-GG, 46DD-FF.

A good DD+ t-shirt bra—that is, a contour or foam cup bra that gives a smooth, nipple-free impression under a t-shirt—is hard to find. But Erica Windle, owner of North Carolina lingerie boutique A Sophisticated Pair and author of the Sophisticated Pair blog, has a favorite: the Elomi Amelia.

“As a boutique-owner in the southern US, most of my customers prefer neutral, basic t-shirt bras which provide maximum discretion under thinner fabrics,” she says, “but finding a well-fitting t-shirt bra in full-bust can be a challenge.” Bigger breasts get better lift from more seams, so it’s difficult to make an effective t-shirt bra for bigger cups.

But Windle says the Amelia’s “flexible spacer fabric stretches and contours with the shape of the tissue to improve fit, and the lightweight, breathable fabric ensures you feel cool even in the heat.” The addition of a satin side panel, hidden on the outside of the cup beneath the lace, gives extra support at the sides. Plus, it goes up to a UK HH cup in most band sizes.

Sports Bra: The Enell Sport

Enell Sport Bra in Coral. MSRP $66. Manufactured sizes: Bust 32" to 60", Ribcage 27" to 53"

OK, hear me out. I know this isn’t the most gorgeous sports bra on the planet. It’s not available with cool color blocking or trendy prints. But it seriously works.

The Enell Sport is described by the brand as a “piece of athletic equipment” and they’re totally right. The compression technology works on tons of different breast shapes, and the hook-and-eye panel eliminates uncomfortable bra gymnastics when getting dressed (or worse, when getting undressed after a sweaty workout!). As a distance runner, this is the only sports bra I wear (sorry, Shock Absorber).

The Enell Sport bra fits up to a 60” bust with a 53” rib cage, and they have their own sizing system, so you can follow their measurements instead of trying to decode what cup size you need. They even offer affordable custom sizing services, if you fall outside their size range. Enell might just transform you into a person who doesn’t have to think about their boobs when they’re working out.

What's your favorite bra for big boobs? Leave your recommendations in the comments!

Quinne Myers

Quinne Myers is a lingerie expert living in Brooklyn, NY, where she creates quippy written content, crafts dreamy illustrations, and runs the ethically-made loungewear line, she and reverie.