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Dbleudazzled Plus Size Thigh High Stockings Review

Disclosure: This item was purchased by The Lingerie Addict for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

Dbleudazzled Plus Size Thigh Highs

Dbleudazzled Plus Size "Galaxy" Thigh High Tights

I first discovered Dbleudazzled crystallized lingerie when I saw Beyonce and her dancers wearing the brand's rhinestone encrusted stockings and bodysuits.

Dbleudazzled is the brain-child of former professional dancer, Destiny Bleu, who says she aims to “bridge the stage to the street.” Her pieces are not only a favorite of Beyonce. The brand’s 'As Seen On' list is nearly a mile long and includes names like Sza, Janelle Monae, Katy Perry, Kylie Jenner, Lady Gaga and more.

As with most things I see on celebrities, I assumed Dbleudazzled products would be both out of my budget and out of my size range. Imagine my surprise to learn the brand makes select products for under $100 (though certain items are $700+). My shock continued when I saw a few lingerie styles, including Golden Galaxy, are offered up to 3X! Select hosiery styles are also available up to a size D.

Dbleudazzled worn by Beyonce on the Formation Tour (photo courtesy of @dbleudazzled on Twitter)

Dbleudazzled worn by Beyonce on the Formation Tour (photo courtesy of @dbleudazzled on Twitter)

The Ordering Process

Before browsing, I knew Dbleudazzled offered plus sizes. However, if I wasn't already aware, I would have no idea these sizes were an option just by looking at the website. On the site, you are able to sort by item type, but there’s no way to sort by size. There’s also no indication in product names what's available in which sizes. Basically, if you’re looking for plus size pieces, plan on clicking through everything.

Dbleudazzled Plus Size Thigh Highs

Dbleudazzled Plus Size Thigh Highs

Once you find an item available in plus size, you customize the style by selecting which crystals you want. Depending on the item, the crystal options include rose gold, bronze, diamond, black, blue and more. For certain styles, such as Diamond (not available in plus), you can also customize by skin tone. Lastly, you can customize whether or not you want rhinestones on the bottom (without makes them easier to wear with shoes).

I ordered the Galaxy style in size D which, according to the size chart, fits up to a 35” thigh circumference. For reference, my thighs are a 32” circumference, and I typically wear a size 20/22 in undergarments and pants. The size chart, as well as images of the crystals, feature in each listing, so it’s easy to visualize your order.

Dbleudazzled packaging

The Arrival

The listing clearly indicates items take 2-4 weeks to make, which is longer than fast fashion, but certainly quick for something handmade. I know how the indie designer life can be, so I was prepared for the item to arrive in six weeks. My order actually arrived in two weeks.

The packaging is so on-brand! From the glitter tissue paper to the branded box and custom bag, the packaging has such a high level of thoughtfulness. 

Dbleudazzled care instructions

I've tried a few plus size thigh highs in the past, so I know how careful I need to be when putting them on (especially because I have stiletto nails). That's why I really appreciate d.bleu.dazzled for including a how-to card describing care instructions.

Dbleudazzled Plus Size Thigh Highs

Dbleudazzled's Galaxy thigh highs stayed mostly opaque

The Fit

One of the first things I noticed about the Galaxy tights is the stocking itself is thicker than I expected. They have some weight to them and when I put them on, they stay opaque black rather than becoming sheer as other plus size thigh highs tend to do. They are also ribbed, which I couldn’t tell from the product image. I worried the tights would stretch so much the rhinestones would pop off, but I didn’t lose a single rhinestone as I walked around the house in these.

As expected, they didn’t go up very far past my knees, which has more to do with the shape of my thighs than the construction of the stockings. But more importantly, they also did not roll down at all. This was the real shock to me as this is the most common issue I have with plus size thigh highs.

I did have an issue with twisting on the foot. This was noticeable because they are made with no rhinestones on the bottom so they can be worn with shoes; however without shoes, mine twisted up quite a bit. I didn’t try them with shoes, but I appreciate they made this adjustment based on feedback.  If I had natural nails, this likely would have been an easy fix, but since I don’t, I mostly just left them twisted.

Dbleudazzled Plus Size Thigh Highs

Dbleudazzled Plus Size Thigh Highs

Final Thoughts

Overall, Dbleudazzled did dazzle me as a plus size customer. The Galaxy thigh high size chart clearly indicates they work for someone my size and they did.

Although I found the online shopping process to be challenging to navigate for plus sizes, I was impressed with everything from the packaging to the construction and quality. These are a statement piece and supporting d.bleu.dazzled means supporting a black-owned business, which I appreciate. However, I do hope to see more pieces offered in plus sizes soon, particularly Prism in a size D for Pride, please!

Dbleudazzled's Prism thigh high socks

What do you think of Dbleudazzled’s crystallized styles? Would you wear them?

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