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Edge o’ Beyond Spring/Summer 2017

Edge 'o Beyond Spring Summer 2017

Edge o’ Beyond first made the lingerie industry sit up and take notice in 2014 with a luxurious debut collection featuring lusciously opulent laces paired with delicate golden chains. In 2017, this still-new lingerie brand shows all those accolades were well-deserved with their Spring/Summer 2017 Collection, the brand’s sixth.

One of the downsides of having such a strong start, as Edge o’ Beyond did, is that it’s hard to keep people interested over the long term. Human nature being what it is, people expect more every season – more creativity, more luxury, more spectacular design. Edge O’ Beyond typically has at least one statement piece each season (can anyone forget this strappy bodysuit?), but designing something that will leave your critics breathless every six months is hard to do. Fortunately, Edge o’ Beyond delivers, with a collection that both shows the maturity of the brand and also introduces a brand new signature item.

The label returns to that strappy, bondage-inspired aesthetic again, pairing sturdy Italian satin straps with impossibly delicate embroidered tulle (as in the gold “Valma” set at top of this post) and French Leavers lace (the “Corinne Noir” set further down the page). It’s interesting to see the label hasn’t abandoned their jewelry concept either. I admit, I thought the chains might’ve disappeared from their seasonal collections by now. Instead, we see several new jewelry designs, and I’m a particular fan of the thigh-skimming chains on the red ‘Elise’ set at the bottom of this article.

The standout range for me, however, has to be the ‘Tamia.’ Marrying pink and silver French Leavers lace with whimsical silver and lilac embroidery, this range is a delightful vision of lingerie perfection. Especially noteworthy is the addition of a waspie, a new silhouette for Edge o’ Beyond, elevating the brand while also giving potential customers an excuse to splurge on a piece that works just as well on top of an ensemble as underneath it.

While previous collections had a laid-back country manor feel or a gritty, rocker-cool London vibe, the Spring/Summer 2017 series feels like a dark, mysterious fairytale. One that has me thoroughly bewitched. What are your thoughts?

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Edge 'o Beyond Spring Summer 2017

Edge 'o Beyond Spring Summer 2017

Edge 'o Beyond Spring Summer 2017

Edge 'o Beyond Spring Summer 2017

Edge 'o Beyond Spring Summer 2017

Edge 'o Beyond Spring Summer 2017

Edge 'o Beyond Spring Summer 2017

Edge 'o Beyond Spring Summer 2017

Edge 'o Beyond Spring Summer 2017

Edge 'o Beyond Spring Summer 2017

Edge 'o Beyond Spring Summer 2017

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Cora Harrington

Founder and Editor in Chief of The Lingerie Addict. Author of In Intimate Detail: How to Choose, Wear, and Love Lingerie. I believe lingerie is fashion too, and that everyone who wants it deserves gorgeous lingerie.

3 Comments on this post

  1. MG says:

    I’m super disappointed in EoB. I want to love them. I’ve spent 4 figures on them… I got the Valma set, and one of the 4 straps was sewn on backwards, not matching/lining up with the others… I emailed them about this andtothey told me to just take a pair of scissors to it, cut it off, and sew it back on. I communicated I didn’t really feel comfortable doing this to a 500 dollar set, and they said to send it back and they’d fix it & give me a 10 dollar voucher on my next order for my bother.

    I explained to them that I was rather happy to send it back if they gave me a pre-paid envelope. but otherwise shipping it back cost about 70 dollars.. not including the hassle of going to the post office.

    They then said how they were trying to work with me, how I could just fix it myself, that they offered to fix it already, or ignored emails..

    Also their sizes are not true to fit… I ordered their camisole, skirt, and sleeping briefs all in a large, even though I tend to be a medium (which is what I got the Valma set in) and they all fit horribly small/tight. When I asked them about their sizes, they said it must be me, that their sizes are true, etc… when I returned the items they never got back to me, then when I sent them a question they simply acknowledged the return was there then didn’t process it until I sent another email several days later…

    I’m embarrassed by their customer service period…. but especially by what poses their selves as a progressive high end brand… which is a shame.. they do make really pretty things!

  2. Holly Harlott says:

    The Tamia set takes my breath away, it’s one of the most beautiful lingerie sets I’ve seen for this season. I’m not usually a magenta fan, especially for lingerie, but the colour works so well in the set, probably because it plays off a few other colours and metallics within the lace. What really gets me about the set, like you, is the waspie suspender belt. It’s just so gorgeous. I’m definitely planning on buying this gorgeous set this season!

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