Lingerie Review: Edge O' Beyond Becca Padded Bra and Knickers
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Lingerie Review: Edge O' Beyond Becca Padded Bra and Knickers

Disclosure: This lingerie was purchased for the purpose of review by The Lingerie Addict. All opinions are my own.

edge o' beyond 'Becca' set. Photo by K Laskowska

Edge O' Beyond 'Becca' set.
Photo by K Laskowska

Edge O’ Beyond is a brand that made a huge splash when it first emerged onto the lingerie scene: its distinctive pairing of luxury laces with gold plated chain jewellery made quite the impression, with the brand picking up numerous noteworthy stockists for its debut collection (a rare thing indeed in today’s conservative marketplace).  When Cora asked me to review the ‘Becca’ set from its first collection, I jumped at the chance to actually experience the lingerie for myself: could the product live up to the hype?

The Becca range is available in bra sizes 30B-E, 32-34 A-E, 36A-DD, and knicker sizes extra-small to extra-large (equivalent to roughly a US 0-12). The bra retailed for £85 and is now on sale for £34 (approx. $106/$43), whilst the briefs were originally £65 and now on sale for £26 (approx. $81/$33).  The range also contains a suspender belt and thong. I purchased my usual sizes of 32C bra and size M knickers.

Becca bra front detail by edge o' beyond Photo by K Laskowska

Becca bra front detail by Edge O' Beyond
Photo by K Laskowska

The bra is made of a mix of a polyester satin outer and powermesh wings. A delicate French leavers lace trim is used along the neckline, with scallop detailing appliquéd at the centre-back.  The cups are lightly padded, with a cut-sewn shape rather than moulded and nylon taped seams.

The elastic is all picot-edged, with a satin finish on the shoulder straps. An organza bow finishes the centre front, with hand-stitched gold rings placed at the centre front and either sides of the back, to be attached to EoB’s signature jewellery ranges.

The shoulder straps are adjustable with gold-plated components and the bra closes with 3 columns of 2 rows of gold hooks and eyes. Side seams and the wire seams are encased in plush wire casing, with plastic boning inserted at the side seams for vertical stability.

edge o' beyond 'Becca' knickers Photo by K Laskowska

Edge O' Beyond 'Becca' knickers
Photo by K Laskowska

The knickers are a ‘Brazilian’ cut, with skimpy coverage on the bottom. The same fabrics are used as in the bra, with a front panel of poly-satin embellished with appliquéd French lace. The back of the knickers is made of a single panel of stretch powermesh, also embellished with a smaller V of appliquéd French lace.

Both lace appliqué details are pattern matched and zigzag stitched in place for security. Organza bows are sewn on either side of the front panel, with a final bow at the centre back. Each bow is trimmed with a gold ring for the attachment of jewellery. Picot-edged plush elastic trims to leg and waist edges and the gusset is lined in cotton jersey.

Back detail on the Becca bra by edge o' beyond Photo by K Laskowska

Back detail on the Becca bra by Edge O' Beyond
Photo by K Laskowska

Both garments are very well sewn, with consistently accurate and secure stitching throughout. The brand proudly manufactures all of its products in the UK, with materials sourced from Europe.

edge o' beyond 'Becca' set Photo by K Laskowska

Edge O' Beyond 'Becca' set
Photo by K Laskowska

I would personally call this bra a balconette cut. However, the brand’s website describes it as both a ‘plunging demi-bra’ and ‘push up’ style. Indeed, the cups on this bra are not particularly generous in their cut. Although I have a relatively shallow bust shape, this bra comes up quite small on me and has a tendency to cut in along the neck edge, causing the ‘double boob’ spillover.  I suppose technically this is a push up effect, but not one that I feel particularly comfortable in.

Edge O’ Beyond’s website actually advises to size up a cup size for the 32C, and I can see why. Unfortunately, I purchased the bra in person so was unable to take the advice on board. Despite the shallow cup volume, the wires are still a good fit and profile for my shape and tack at the centre front. The band is as comfortably firm as I’d expect for this size.  Going by the brand's website, the fit of this bra is somewhat inconsistent. There are recommendations to wear your normal size or to size up between 1-2 cup sizes. If this is a style that you're considering, I would recommend following the brand's advice.

edge o' beyond 'Becca' set Photo by K Laskowska

Edge O' Beyond 'Becca' set
Photo by K Laskowska

The knickers come up a little tighter than I’d normally like to wear, and I imagine that by sizing up to the Large there would be less cutting in around the hips. However, I suspect that even sized up they aren’t a garment that I’d personally like to wear as the gusset is very narrow. At its narrowest point it measures under 5cm, which makes for a rather uncomfortable wearing experience. It also has a tendency to shift around throughout the day. I know that gusset width is a matter of personal preference but I’m definitely in the camp of wider gussets: styles like these just don’t work with my body shape.

Detail on the back of the Becca knickers by edge o' beyond Photo by K Laskowska

Detail on the back of the Becca knickers by Edge O' Beyond
Photo by K Laskowska

Although the Becca set isn’t something I’ll be wearing much in future, it still gives a good first impression for the Edge O’ Beyond brand. The products are well made and beautifully designed. The fit isn’t quite there in my opinion, but such teething issues are to be expected in a lingerie brand’s early days, especially with garments as complex to fit and grade as padded bras.

I suspect there’s a bright future ahead for the brand, especially if they’re able to fix these fit niggles. Already in the seasons since their debut, they’ve released some incredibly beautiful and striking designs. I personally have my eye on the Domoni and Odile ranges, but I might wait until I’m able to try them on before I buy!

Readers: Have you tried Edge O’ Beyond? How does fit affect your opinion of a brand?





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Karolina Laskowska

Lingerie designer. Spends most of her time sewing bras and getting excited by chantilly lace.

7 Comments on this post

  1. Carlotta says:

    Add me to the group of people who’ve had fit issues with their lingerie.
    I did order the Karis and Lily sets from them and both run very small. I have 35 hips and wear a 30 DD but both the bra and knickers did not fit even though I checked with their size chart and followed their fit guidelines (it says they fit tts ).
    Their designs are gorgeous and I love the idea of being able to attach various body chains to your lingerie but I won’t order from them again unless they do something about their sizing.

  2. R says:

    I have the Becca set and Evie as well in 36DD/L. Neither are particularly supportive for my size and Evie especially I think would better suit a different body shape and breast shape (less full on top, more centered). But given their marketing (very thin, small-busted women) I figured that fit wasn’t going to wow me anyway so these issues and the kinda weird silhouette I get in Becca—a previous commenter mentioned the larger sizes just adding width to the cup and I noticed that, too—don’t bother me that much, I just loved the aesthetic. Evie especially in buttercream is so lovely.

    That said, I hope they continue to improve these flaws since their aesthetic imo has been on point from the start. So cool, feminine, and different.

  3. D says:

    I have just been dissapointed with them several times. For the prices they have, the materials are mediocre ( polyester), the sewing is mediocre, and the fit is awfully small. Considering you can get beautiful hand made silk lingerie for the same price I find them totally overpriced for the quality if their work.

    • Karolina Karolina says:

      I have to admit I was a little surprised to find this set was polyester, but honestly, I wouldn’t call it overpriced. EoB make their products in the UK and I know that the costs involved in that are *much* higher than outsourcing it to another country… so to me, the prices seem about right. As a designer, I know that I wouldn’t be able to achieve any better if I was using a British manufacturing unit. I personally found the sewing to be great in this set, though I have read about issues in other reviews… I hope the brand is able to take that on board and correct it in the long run. I can see why you’d prefer to go elsewhere though, there’s so much gorgeous lingerie out there! Thanks for stopping by to share your experiences :)

  4. Megan says:

    I bought the Becca set last year when it first went on sale!! I think I bought a 30DD (I sized up one cup size from my usual as recommended by the brand) and got a Small in the knickers. I fell in love with the black and the gold and how pretty it was, but had to send it back because it was SO small. The size up just made the cups wider and didn’t help with the fit issues I was having and the knickers were immensely small. I probably could have gone with a large. So there was that, and the fact that there were still threads hanging off the bra (I was super unimpressed with that but I also figure it was probably just the one I got that slipped under the quality radar). I also bought the Alexina bra and the Elise bra from them. I found the Elise to run a bit generous in the cup but was overall a good fit and the Alexina I had to send back because it was such a poor fit (the cups had the tendency to move towards my underarms so my boobs were OUT.) I’m still in love with the brand and do plan on buying more from them, but I’m extremely cautious about sizing. Great review, I always enjoy your perspective!

    • Karolina Karolina says:

      Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with the brand! It really is a shame that the Becca set was cut so small, the lace is just so gorgeous. The Alexina is a beautiful design but I have to admit that fit problem was a concern of mine when I first saw it! Likewise I will probably buy from them in future but will be keeping an eye out for stockists where I can actually try everything on. Glad you enjoyed the review!

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