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Edge O'Beyond: Luxury Lingerie in Leather and Lace

Edge OBeyond SS16-9

Edge O'Beyond is one of those rare labels that came out of the gate with a distinctive point of view that normally takes several seasons to hone. Since its debut just two years ago, the brand has gracefully matured, experimenting with the pairing of materials both exquisite and unconventional. Its Spring/Summer 2016 collection is a shining example of luxury lingerie at its finest.

Gilded laces in smoky silvers and burnished bronzes are draped with shimmering gold chains that sway with the movement of the body. Supple nappa leather warms and molds to the skin. The sheerest tulles seem to disappear, giving the illusion of a body dipped in lace and elastics. There's a restrained opulence that flirts with excess without tipping over that is both intriguing and incredibly well executed.

This season the focus is less on directional silhouettes and more on showcasing exceptional textiles. You may notice the brand's popular lace demi bra making an appearance again this season (Cora wore last season's version at a gorgeous photo shoot). You can choose between textured gunmetal French Leavers lace shot with silver thread, or a version in sheer tulle edged in bronze Leavers lace. The coordinating panties either feature a delicate derriere of silver lace or a honeyed tulle so sheer it's practically like being naked. As with all of the brand's styles, these feature little rings to attach jewelry quality chains that have become the brand's hallmark (sold separately).

The bronze 'Iris' range features the kind of robe that lingerie dreams are made of. Leavers lace is hand cut and appliqued on illusion tulle to dramatically frame the body in radiance. It's designed to wrap around the body, opening at the front and hugging thighs to dip in a sweeping curve at the calf. While it comes with a tulle sash, I'm thinking this would be incredible to waft around in with all of that lace floating in your wake.

Another standout piece is the 'Esme' halter bra crafted in fine nappa leather. The cups are a juxtaposition of strong lines and curves against a peek-a-boo panel of tulle framed with lace. Bust darts provide shaping, and elastic along the edges molds leather against the body. Leather panels adorn the matching panty and garter belt, too.

For all of the positives in this collection, I'm left a bit disappointed with the 'Corinne' range. Granted, it is an incredible colorway. That pale orchid Leavers lace is stunning. While I appreciate the integration of black linear elements in the elastic placement, I can't help but wish the back of the bra was more elegantly rendered. The split elastic at the fastener takes its cue from vintage styling, but is too narrow to show off the V shape to great effect. Rather, it looks like the elastic is twisted or bunched. A shame, because that lace is truly special.

Bras are available in band sizes 30-36, with UK cup sizes A-E. Please note the leather 'Esme' bra is available in sizes XS-L (fitting the above corresponding band and cup sizes). Panties are sized XS-XL (fitting 32"-42" hips). Prices start at $140 for bras, $82 for panties, and $370 for the robe.

Edge OBeyond SS16-1

Edge OBeyond SS16-12

Edge OBeyond SS16-2

Edge OBeyond SS16-3

Edge OBeyond SS16-6

Edge OBeyond SS16-5

Edge OBeyond SS16-7

Edge OBeyond SS16-8

Edge OBeyond SS16-4

Edge OBeyond SS16-11

Edge OBeyond SS16-10

What do you think of Edge O'Beyond's S/S 2016 collection? Do you have a favorite look? Would you wear it with or without the detachable jewelry?

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Laurie Shapiro

Laurie Shapiro is the former owner and designer of the luxury lingerie label, Toad Lillie. Based in Seattle, WA, she now helps lingerie businesses engage their customers through brand communications and social media.

3 Comments on this post

  1. Probe97 says:

    Oh I’m in love with this gorgeous portfolio simply cannot take my eyes away from the wonderful photo’s.

  2. Sheryl says:

    I love your writing, Laurie!

    I agree that Edge O’ Beyond has always seemed to have their aesthetic fully-formed, and this season is definitely a peak for me. They’ve pushed all of my happy buttons with the Ottille range. The smoky, sparkling silver is so, so mesmerizing, and the shapes of the bra, suspender, and panty are my happy shapes. I would love to pair that set with the Iris robe, which I agree with you about – the lengthened rear hemline and cropped sleeves make such a nice silhouette to show off the pairing of tulle and lace, without being frivolous with the materials. It’s a lovely, uncommon shape. I like that there are no corners to the opening… that the lace just swoops behind the neck, down the front, around the back and up again. It gives it a black tie tails vibe that, you’re right, is perfectly suited to flouncing back and forth like a gorgeous peahen.

    I’m not super into body jewelry, but I appreciate their appreciation, and they do seem to have clients who are very into it. There is one exception for me – the Adam/Joshua body chain combo styled with the Iris robe, seen from the front. I like its graphic, straight lines contrasting with the soft curves of the lingerie and fabrics and model, and how the half-circle frames the belly button. I agree with Barbra about its sultry vibe. But as far as the chains that clip onto the lingerie pieces, for me they don’t compliment or contrast the garment shapes enough to justify the cost they add to an already luxurious price point. They kind of just echo the scallops that the laces already have. Interestingly, the Adam chain isn’t one that is meant to attach to the lingerie, though I think it’s clever that it attaches to the other chains. That might be confusing, though – if I hadn’t looked into it, and had just ordered it after seeing it styled in the lookbook, I would definitely have expected to receive both the Adam and Joshua chains. I hope they’ll keep moving in this direction with the body jewelry, because I think their undie silhouettes are very strong, and their talent in separate chain pieces is, too. I’d be more interested in juxtaposing a separate chain over a bra and panty, than adding optional/unnecessary adornments to already stunning pieces. I feel like that might be more fluid to wear, too? Not sure, though. Again, I’m not really their chain customer anyway.

    I’m curious to feel all the fabrics, though – to see if the silver-shot lace is itchy at all, and how soft the kimono tulle is. Sometimes really luxurious fabrics and trims don’t actually have the best sensation against bare, sensitively-located skin.

    I also have to shout-out the Corinne eye mask, as the cutest sheer eye mask I’ve seen. I agree (again?!) with you about that range – specifically the lace feels so soft while the elastic looks so stiff and my brain just gets confused. I love the colour of that lace, though.

    Much love for this season! <3

  3. Barbra Hart says:

    Personally I adore the whole range and love the contrast between masculinity and femininity. My absolute favourite is the Bronze Iris and I was in lingerie heaven when i spotted the robe. I especially love the celebration of femininity highlighted by the romantic and soft leavers lace with the suggestion of submissiveness by the gold chains tight around the neck and draped around the body xxx

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