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Playful Promises Lingerie S/S 2016

Playful Promises - angelina

In an industry that usually plays it safe, shying away from bold prints and silhouettes and compromising on sizing, Playful Promises is breaking the mold. This independent brand has been slowly growing, developing a distinctive point of view while embracing its commitment to expanding its full bust offerings. Their Spring/Summer 2016 collection is a delightfully fashion forward blend of retro and modern, whimsical and classic, edgy and romantic.

Several core styles from A/W 2015 have been reworked for Spring in unique prints that are fresh and dynamic. Sure there are florals, but there are also vivid butterflies, Russian folk embroidery motifs, and frenetic abstracts. Slickly styled (as with all of their lookbooks), images nod to the 1920s (flapper headbands!) to the 1980s (Grace Jones hair!). But what is most exciting about the lookbook is Playful Promises' clever use of differently sized models. Many of the brand's bras are now offered up to a G cup, and the use of two models to show both standard and full bust options is a smart move. It gives customers a chance to imagine themselves in the lingerie while also seeing how the fit of the bras changes with larger cup sizes.

There are some new silhouettes offered this season that really up the wow factor. The Rosa bra is based on their popular quarter cup style, which features a satin molded cup that gently curves around the breast. This season lace has been added on the front band and along the edge of the cups, providing a tantalizing tease of nipple for smaller busts and sitting just below the nipple for fuller busts. Quarter cups are a fun way to spice up your top drawer and I'm thrilled that Playful Promises is offering them in expanded cup sizes.

The coordinating cage briefs feature thin straps that curve around hips and criss cross in the back over a lacy ouvert rear (because X marks the spot!). The bikini is also an ouvert style with cutouts in the front for a barely there look. Playfully racy, I like how these knicker styles utilize cutouts instead of illusion mesh so when worn the wearer's skin can show through and be an integral part of the design, regardless of whether the skin is light or dark. Too often illusion mesh can be problematic with a wide range of skin tones.

Another standout range is Ada in the prettiest shade of peach. Designed with a shell motif (and the color of the inside of a seashell), the balconette bra has a sweetly scalloped design along the edge of the cup. The coordinating high waist knicker is crafted of sheer mesh with a shell applique on the front. I can't see this without thinking of Boticelli's Venus emerging from the sea. And that's a good thing!

Lastly, the Angelina bra is sure to be a hit for Valentine's Day. A barely there triangle of lace is held in place with a cage entirely crafted of vertical channels. The play of linear elements against texture, of hardness against softness, is intriguing. The cutaway knickers (mentioned above) mirror the triangle of the lace and reminds me of a cheeky fig leaf. It's all a super fun game of peek-a-boo!

If you read Karolina's recent review, you'll know that Playful Promises is also committed to well-crafted design at a competitive price point that makes it easy to indulge in a little splurge. Panties in the collection range from $25-47, bras from $31-78, and the bolero is $110. Bras are available in band sizes 32-36 with cup sizes A-G. Knickers are available in XXS-XL, fitting hip sizes around 33 to 42" (or US dress sizes 2-12). Items from the collection will begin rolling out in November, with the full collection available in January (just in time for Valentine's Day!).

Playful Promises - rosa bra isabella brief

Playful Promises - rosa & isabella brief

Playful Promises - rosa

Playful Promises - isabella

Playful Promises - sasha2

Playful Promises - sasha

Playful Promises - haruko

Playful Promises - haruko brief

Playful Promises - gina

Playful Promises - ginafullbust

Playful Promises - gina (2)

Playful Promises - gia

Playful Promises - dolly

Playful Promises - katie

Playful Promises - charlotte

Playful Promises - ada3

Playful Promises - ada2

Playful Promises - adaWhat do you think of Playful Promises' S/S 2016 collection? Are you excited to see full bust sizing up to a G cup?

Laurie Shapiro

Laurie Shapiro is the former owner and designer of the luxury lingerie label, Toad Lillie. Based in Seattle, WA, she now helps lingerie businesses engage their customers through brand communications and social media.

7 Comments on this post

  1. Mimi says:

    I love these, and appreciate that there is an attempt to show the same outfit on both models. I say “attempt” due to how the panties are displayed: with the exception of that wonderfully racy set up top, the rest are shown with only the thinner models wearing the bikini/thong/etc options—the fuller-figure model gets the big panties, and that kind of irks me. In this case, it wouldn’t prevent me from purchasing Playful Promises lingerie, because the intent is there, and that goes a long way (as does the ethical manufacturing!); but it’s something to consider on future shoots. You’re going in a a great direction. I would be deliriously happy with any of these sets gracing my curves!

    • We were actually supposed to have two samples of the little butterfly brief but unfortunately it didn’t arrive on time for the shoot, so we decided to style it with one of our newest arrivals, which happened to be a harness style with a high waist. Not a conscious decision at all :)

  2. Penny says:

    I’m thrilled that they’ve started doing larger cup sizes – I’m a 36 E/F depending on brand, and a big fan of their designs, so much so that I wishfully bought a 36D bra from them a while ago overcome by bra-lust. It’s gorgeous but undoubtedly too small (that’s my fault for letting my desire for the bra overcome my better judgement, not PP’s!). I love how their designs are more fierce than feminine, and the simple outlines let the bold prints come through without being too fussy. With the more classic monocolour stuff, it’s really a case of the lingerie showing the wearer to their advantage rather than being the focus, and it does that extremely well too.

  3. Iris says:

    I’d be more excited if they fit the bustier model better :(

    The cups seem to be wide, shallow, and if the model is a G cup, small in cup.

    • Cora Cora says:

      That’s always the downside of sample sizes. :-(

      Brands get one bra in one size segment (small bust/mid range/full bust/plus size) a year or more prior to the release of the collection, and they have to make do. If the sample is slightly off or if the model simply isn’t a perfect fit for that particular size or style, they still have to shoot. It affects a lot of brands/retailers. That probably doesn’t help if you’re wanting to get a sense of ideal fit, but I do understand why it happens.

    • What Cora said – and in this case we hadn’t yet confirmed the G cup sizing, so she’s still wearing a 32F sample (the sample size we make to fit our fit model). She’s perfect for our brand though, so we love it :)

  4. I love Playful Promises – everything you said about them rings true. Bonus: they really care about doing things right with ethical manufacturing (hence why I stock them at Bluestockings!). Really excited about their SS16 and further expansion into G cups.

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