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Lingerie Wishlist: Adina Reay 'Ava' Vintage Pink Bodysuit

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Adina Reay 'Ava' Vintage Pink Bodysuit

I don't know what's caused it, but lately I've been majorly into beige, tearose, and blush lingerie. After years of actively avoiding anything beige (at least partially because of how it's always advertised as 'nude'), I feel as though I've rediscovered the color. Despite the marketing, beige, blush, and soft rose are so much more than "invisible" colors for certain skintones. These shades can be elegant, timeless, glamorous even, and nowhere is that more apparent than with Adina Reay's 'Ava' Bodysuit.

adina reay ava bodysuit 1

Adina Reay 'Ava' Vintage Pink Bodysuit

Adina Reay is a relatively new UK lingerie brand specializing in full bust sizes (that is 30DD-36G). I know there's quite a bit of contention over what qualifies as 'full bust' currently, but in terms of bra design and construction, there are some definite changes at the DD cup size mark. This label is one of six full bust brands Sweet Nothings' is excited to see for 2015, and it was also recently used as an example by Scarlet's Letter of a full bust lingerie brand that's "on point" (and I agree). After decades of boring-yet-functional bra design, the full bust market is experiencing a renaissance, most especially at the luxury price point.

adina reay ava bodysuit 3

Adina Reay 'Ava' Vintage Pink Bodysuit

The Ava bodysuit is, in a word, beautiful. I'd even dare to say radiant. There's a fine balance of luxury detailing and materials without tipping too far into the ostentatious or obvious. Glowing silk satin combines with exquisite Austrian embroidery, and the seaming details (empire waist, pintucking, paneling) are delightful. It's those details that make a piece like this look expensive without being gaudy. And to be clear, at £250.00 (roughly $400 USD, over $500 CAD or AUD), this bodysuit is most assuredly expensive. But it would be perfect for a bridal trosseau, layering piece, or (my favorite reason) just because.

Adina Reay 'Ava' Bra & Panty

Adina Reay 'Ava' Vintage Pink Bra & Panty

This garment is bra sized and available in Adina Reay's full size run. As a UK brand, they're using UK sizing, so please consult a conversion chart if you're accustomed to US bra sizes, and are not sure what your equivalent size would be. If you like the look of the silk and embroidery, but hate bodysuits, there's also a bra and panty set available in this range. Additionally, if you love the bodysuit, but dislike the color blush, take a look at the graphite grey version. If money is no object, I recommend getting both... but you already knew I'd say that.

adina reay ava graphite bodysuit

Adina Reay 'Ava' Graphite Grey Bodysuit

What do you think of Adina Reay and their mission to offer truly luxurious options for the full bust bra size market? Would you wear something like this? Or recommend it to your friends?

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Cora Harrington

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