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Introducing Adina Reay: Luxurious Lingerie for Full Busts

Adina Reay Pen Navy

In the last several years the luxury full bust market has really taken off, and we couldn't be more thrilled! There are more options than ever for gorgeous larger cup bras (at least up to a G cup) that include the lush materials, rich fabrication, and innovative design details normally reserved for smaller cup sizes. The newest brand to emerge in the luxury full bust market is London-based Adina Reay.

Part of the challenge of designing for larger cup sizes is, obviously, the engineering required to accommodate the weight of heavier breasts. It isn't as easy as just scaling up cup sizes. What makes Adina Reay so exciting is its use of invisible engineering to create full bust bras whose delicacy belies their exceptional fit architecture. Fine, intricate fabrics are crafted into incredibly romantic styles with hidden internal sling structures that provide lift and support.

Adina Reay has launched with three seductive and sophisticated styles where lace (and your curves!) take center stage. 'Pen' (shown above) utilizes a bespoke Austrian embroidery atop sheer tulle which was designed in-house. This balconette style features a two-part cup with a vertical seam. The intricacies of the embroidery are shown to great effect along the top edge, beautifully framing your décolletage. Slim, wide-set straps are ruched for texture and join to the band in a ballet-back style. The center gore features a cut-away that points the eye to dramatic cleavage. Styles are available in a deep navy (a gorgeous departure from basic black), a rosy coral pink, and white.

The 'Pen' range also includes a beautiful brief where the delicate embroidery edges the front at the waist band and hips. So, so pretty! The back of the briefs features a cheeky style in sheer mesh to provide a sleek look under slim skirts. Or there's a coordinating thong if that's more your style. Lastly, 'Pen' is available as a bra-sized slip in the white colorway, making it a gorgeous full bust bridal option. The body of the slip is crafted of sheer mesh with dart detailing at the hips and a double panel at the front and back for smoothing. Removable garter straps complete the look.

Adina Reay Pen White Adina Reay Pen White Detail Adina Reay Pen Pink Adina Reay Bridal Slip

Adina Reay offers another balconette style with the 'Jean' range. The two-part cups have a horizontal seam and are crafted of Leavers lace. An internal sling not only provides additional support, it also helps direct the breasts forward. The center and band feature glossy satin for a lovely play on textures. What makes this bra really stand out is the unique back detail. Straps come together in the back in a double closure that forms a keyhole. This allows for two delicate closures (where so many full bust bras rely on four hook and eye closures on wider bands) and a way to show off more lace. Not only does this make for a dramatic exit, it works to keep straps in place (no more pesky straps slipping off shoulders).

The 'Jean' bra is paired with some seriously stunning knickers that feature a mid rise and lots of lace. I love how the back of the panties utilizes an inset of satin to form a triangle (and direct the eye downward). There is a coordinating satin-backed thong as well. The two colorways of this range are especially beautiful, with a vivid magenta or a soft, creamy taupe.

Adina Reay Jean Pink Adina Reay Jean Champagne If you're looking for more of a plunge style, you'll love the 'Jo' range. A three-part cup in Leavers lace overlays an interior satin molded cup. There's quite a bit of coverage on this style, but the overall effect is definitely va-va-voom. Available in black or a luscious blush colorway, 'Jo' is paired with yet another pair of swoon-worthy panties. The high-waist style features lace panels set at angles set against bands of tulle for a striking look that plays up your curves. A tulle waistband is smartly stylish and a sheer back provides full coverage that is anything but covered up. There is a coordinating low-rise bikini style in this range as well.Adina Reay Jo Black Adina Reay Jo Blush Adina Reay Jo Blush Horizontal

Adina Reay styles are available in band sizes 32-36, with U.K. cup sizes DD-G. Panties are sized S-L (fitting U.K. sizes 8-14 and U.S. sizes 4-10). Bras start at around $137, bottoms at $76, and the slip at $198.

Remember that the luxury full bust lingerie is still an emerging market, so don't be too disappointed if you continue to find luxury items in your size to be a challenge. Make sure to support your favorite full bust brands to ensure that the market continues to grow, so that you have more options available to you in the future (whether that be due to price or size concerns). I personally am really intrigued by Adina Reay and think they are bringing something truly unique to the market. Their thoughtful design details, paired with decadent fabrics in beautiful silhouettes, bring something both fresh and classic to the luxury landscape. I can't wait to see what they'll do next!

What do you think of Adina Reay? Would you invest in a new brand like this? Which is your favorite look from the collections?

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Laurie Shapiro

Laurie Shapiro is the former owner and designer of the luxury lingerie label, Toad Lillie. Based in Seattle, WA, she now helps lingerie businesses engage their customers through brand communications and social media.

14 Comments on this post

  1. Laura says:

    Anyone know of good places to get a 28G(American 28I)?
    There was a short sale at and I managed to pick up one in my size for $9.60 – no, that’s not meant to be $96, that’s $9.60 – but unfortunately the sale is probably over. Usually bras in my size must be ordered online and are at least $80, although I’ve seen some as low as $60.

  2. Jenny says:

    Good to know I didnt waste time looking when they dont go past a G. And starting at $127, thats just plain insane.

  3. sol says:

    These pieces are lovely, but Wendybien hit the nail on the head.
    As someone outside their size range i’ll just watch and wait until someone makes luxury lingerie in my size….

  4. wendybien says:

    I agree with the above comment from Susan. Of course the real issue is that “full bust” is used to mean “any size that is not small bust” which doesn’t make so much sense in the real world–not for customers and not for manufacturers. First, in well-off Western societies where underweight people are rare, the way bras are made and graded nowadays, the D-G range technically fits women who are pretty much in the average in terms of breast size/body size ratio. So bra-wearers whose best fit is GG+ are a completely different demographic to design for, basically. And since I fall in the D-G range, I’m personally quite pleased to see all these nice new offerings, but if “full” ends at G then where does it leave the GG+ crowd who, statistically as well as to the untrained eye, ARE actually the ones who are above average in bust size? It’s a bit like having “small bust” ranges that start at 34C. I appreciate that newcomers on the market are trying to make do with limited means at the start, so it’s tempting for them to try to have the best of both worlds–standing out by trying to appeal to underserved customers, but also not going out on too much of a limb design and manufacturing-wise by keeping their size range fairly core. But that also seems like it will make it hard for them to be successful. Because frankly, I AM their target customer and the reality is that as a 32F I’m just not that hard to shop for. I have a lot of options already, luxury and non-luxury. But if I were a 32HH, meaning my only options are cheaper UK brands or 2 quasi (but not really) luxe Polish ones, I would be a lot more inclined to take a chance on a new luxury offering.

  5. Kate S. says:

    It really irks me when brands market themselves as “full bust” brands and then stop their range at a G cup. I was super excited about this brand–their pieces are beautiful. Sadly, they don’t carry anything in my size.

    • Alex says:

      I know exactly what you’re talking about! I don’t even get my hopes up when I see gorgeous bras that are labeled as “full bust” anymore. It’s so frustrating being a GG/H because I feel so close to being able to wear designs like this, but just out of the range. It’s like, what do you do when you’re too large for even the “full bust” designs? They really are gorgeous though, and I really wish I could buy one.

    • Cora says:

      How far along the cup size spectrum do you think a full bust brand should go?

      • A Sad Full-Busted Reader says:

        At least more than two or three cup sizes beyond Victoria’s Secret? It’s more like a slightly extended size range than a specifically full-bust range. I think up to J should be the minimum, and I say that as someone who is larger than that and would still be bummed in most cases. It has seemed to me through my own experience and many discussions with women in my size range that at or after J is where construction really gets a lot harder and such, so that seems like a reasonable cutoff to me.

        • Cora says:

          Well, speaking solely in terms of design/manufacturing, there’s a couple of size breaks where the fit/construction of a bra needs to change significantly. One occurs around the D/DD mark (this is why so many core size brands stop there, by the way, and why most full bust brands begin there). Another size break happens around the G/H mark. And then you get another size break beyond that around the K mark, I believe. So for a full bust brand that’s just starting (again, speaking solely in terms of production), going beyond a G would involve significant reworks to the pattern, in addition to finding new materials and perhaps even a new factory.

          • Susan says:

            I can understand a new brand being unable to offer a wide selection when they are starting up but I can’t help but feel a brand offering sizes DD to G should be referred to as a mid range bust brand. I also think cutting off the sizes at a G will skew sales figures artificially in two ways.
            Firstly customers without bra fitting knowledge fit themselves into the available sizes when perhaps they should be in a larger/smaller size. Secondly, customers with bra fitting knowledge will knowingly sister size down in the cup and up in the band and alter bands to fit so they can buy bras from this desirable brand. Both will result in fewer larger sizes available for those who truly are that size, who will then sister size and the circle perpetuates.
            It’s unfortunate that one of the size breaks Cora mentions occurs right in the middle of the currently available range. I wish I could suggest a solution other than offering all available sizes and having girls taught about bra fitting in school!
            Another pet peeve, these truly are gorgeous bras but it really puts me off when the models aren’t fitted correctly!

          • Susan says:

            Thanks Cora :)
            I’d like to add that I wonder if the first group I mention above would perhaps continue to buy the size they think they are, even when their true larger size is available leading manufacturers and retailers to think there is less demand for larger sizes than is. Perhaps the key is to try to stop society seeing anything over the dreaded ‘double D’ as abnormally large, they are all just bra sizes after all. That’s one reason I suggested teaching about bra fit in schools. It might go part of they way to helping girls (and the women they become) to recognise a well fitting bra and also to be aware of the size range that truly exists, not just what is available in stores.

  6. Sweets says:

    I am SO looking forward to the day I get to see these pieces in person. They look so beautiful, and I particularly love the matching knickers. These collections remind me a little of Fleur of England, but interpreted for a different body type. Really, really lovely and dreamy.

  7. Ana says:

    Love the design of all their bras, so pretty. Lets hope they succeed so they can expand their size range and include 28 bands :P

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