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Lingerie of the Week: ClareBare Upcycled Eternal Daze Bodysuit

Bodysuit - ClareBare Eco-Friendly Ethical Lingerie

My head is all over the place with book stuff right now, but I still want to make time to share those special little finds that make my job worth doing. This week, I fell in love all over again with an eco-friendly indie fave from my early days of lingerie blogging - ClareBare.

Bodysuits are still a major lingerie trend, especially in the summertime. Though I haven't quite worked up the courage to rock a bodysuit out of doors like a t-shirt, I still adore them. For those of you braver than me, bodysuits are a wonderfully versatile option, able to transition from loungewear to streetwear simply by pulling on a skirt or a pair of jeans (or maybe even pajama pants for the exceptionally stylish among you!).

Bodysuit - ClareBare Eco-Friendly Ethical Lingerie

The Eternal Daze Bodysuit in Vintage Leopard Fabric is from ClareBare's Valentine's Day capsule collection. Lately, ClareBare has doubled down on their ethical, sustainable mission by focusing on limited edition, vintage, remnant, and salvaged fabrics. That is, making use of what already exists rather than creating more waste. It's fascinating to see a label turn "trash into treasure," transforming what others would consider waste into unique works of wearable art. And, of course, all pieces are still made by a small factory team in the Los Angeles area. Bodysuit - ClareBare Eco-Friendly Ethical Lingerie

The fabric for this particular bodysuit was sourced from a thrift store in Mesa, AZ which probably means (although the website doesn't say this directly) that once it's gone, it'll never be made again. On a personal level, I love how kinetic this print feels. It's vibrant, energetic, and dynamic - perfect for summer. And I would never have thought this was vintage fabric; like any good design, it feels modern. I think that's part of the beauty of ClareBare's vision. Because they see the potential in castoff things, so do you.

Bodysuit - ClareBare Eco-Friendly Ethical Lingerie

Off the rack sizing for the brand runs from XS to XL or from a size 0 to a 12/14 in American sizing, but ClareBare, as a small indie, also offers custom sizing. To view the rest of ClareBare's incredible upcycled pieces, click here. What do you think of ClareBare and of this upcycled bodysuit?

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