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Why You Need More Than One Corset for Waist Training

I always recommend to waist trainers that they invest in more than one quality corset for best results. Of course I realize that a good corset is just that — an investment — and buying two or more corsets at a time can be cost prohibitive. Once you’ve determined that waist training is really for you, here are my top four reasons why you should go ahead and get that second or third or even fifth corset!

Pop Antique “Demoiselle” corset | Model: Victoria Dagger | Photo © Joey Mena

Quite simply, if you have more than one corset, they will last much longer! Like shoes or a bra, if you wear the same corset every day, it can wear out very quickly. The more you wear your corset, the faster you will see results with waist training, so you should be corseting daily (and possibly nightly as well). Use your first corset to test the waters; if it fits well, you’ll probably see the fastest rate of change with this corset. Once you’re ready to downsize, this is when you should start rotating between multiple corsets, giving each one a chance to rest and air out between wearings. Which brings me to my next point…

Pop Antique "Gibson Girl" corset | Model: Victoria Dagger | Photo © John Carey

Pop Antique “Gibson Girl” corset | Model: Victoria Dagger | Photo © John Carey

I get it. Some days, you’re just not that into it. Whether it’s your period, something you ate, the weather, or just a general malaise, sometimes you just don’t feel like tightlacing, but you still want to give a nod to your corset lifestyle. Other days, you could not feel more limber and enthusiastic, or you want that firm pressure giving you support. It’s great to not only vary the size of your lacing gap, but actually have corsets with different levels of compression built into their fit and construction. And, of course, you might need a different level of reduction based on what you’re doing…

Laurie Tavan longline corset ensemble | Model: Victoria Dagger | Photo © Martin Ave

Laurie Tavan longline corset ensemble | Model: Victoria Dagger | Photo © Martin Ave

Different activities can call for a different style of corset or level of reduction to accommodate their requisite motions or posture. Driving and sleeping are two prime examples of this. It’s pretty common to continue to use an older corset with a milder reduction specifically as a sleeping or maintenance corset. You might also find that the corset you wear for a long day on the computer is not the same one you want to wear for a night out dancing and drinking!

Dollymop for Dark Garden "Hussar" corset | Model: Khadijah | Photo © Joel Aron

Dollymop for Dark Garden “Hussar” corset | Model: Khadijah | Photo © Joel Aron

And, of course, it would be expecting a lot for one corset to enmesh perfectly with everything in your wardrobe! While there are some general tricks to styling with a corset, color alone is often enough to guarantee a need for more than one corset. A plain black underbust goes incredibly well with a wide variety of looks, but you might find yourself needing another neutral, such as brown or beige, to wear as an underwear corset or pair with earth-toned looks. Waspies, pointed underbusts, standard underbusts, and longlines all create a different impact on a look’s silhouette. Detailing like lace, flossing, or sheer construction can make a corset the centerpiece of your outfit.

Pop Antique "Gibson Girl" corset with pink waist tape and flossing detail. Via @PopAntique on Instagram.

Pop Antique “Gibson Girl” corset with pink waist tape and flossing detail. Via @PopAntique on Instagram.

Waist trainers, how many corsets do you have, and how do you decide which one you’ll wear each day?

Marianne Faulkner

Marianne Faulkner is the designer of Pop Antique, a clothing and corsetry line specializing in sustainable materials and comfortable curves. She is based in San Francisco where she earned her MFA in fashion design at the Academy of Art University, and has been a columnist at The Lingerie Addict since 2011.

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  1. Lauren says:

    I own 4, with 2 more in the works. I usually pick my corset around what I’ll be doing all day (I have two jobs, one as a barista and one as a writer), and I’ll style whatever I wear around the corset. I wear a shorter or a milder reduction for days I’m slinging coffee, and a longer or higher reduction for days I’m stuck at a computer all day.

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