Steph Aman & Paul Seville: An Erotic Partnership
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Steph Aman & Paul Seville: An Erotic Partnership

Steph Aman Violet Slit Blouse

Please note: Most of these images contain nudity and are NSFW

The single best part about the 50 Shades phenomenon is the more open dialogue that is happening about embracing your fantasies, however shy or bold they may be. And what better way to explore your fantasies than with lingerie? There is something to be said about the transformative powers of lingerie. Stepping into an erotic fantasy is made easier when first stepping into a garment that takes you out of your comfort zone and into role playing. Yearning to be more submissive? Dreaming of dominating? When considering your darkest fantasies, consider what you will wear to make them happen.

There's an incredibly exciting partnership happening in the lingerie world that celebrates these desires and empowers a fantasy mind-set. You may remember hearing about Steph Aman's incredible textile work. Her pieces were a highlight at last season's Salon de la Lingerie and her diaphanous embroidered robe was a standout on our luxury Valentine's Day shopping guide. Utilizing a century-old Irish embroidery machine, and exceptional hand finishing techniques, Steph transforms fine fabrics into true works of art. And now, in partnership with her husband and leather craftsman, Paul Seville, she transforms the body through decadently luxe erotic lingerie.

Paul blends old-school leather craftsmanship with couture tailoring techniques to create corsets, harnesses, and other erotic accessories that add edge to Steph's dreamily dark designs. His early work helped create the luxury erotica market and genre, collaborating with such fashion powerhouses as Alexander McQueen, Karl Lagerfeld, and Vivienne Westwood. Together with Steph the two have founded an unconventional British luxury collective, Gallery 58.

Steph Aman's 'Violet' collection is crafted of lush tulles and chiffons, with opulent decorative details that highlight risqué silhouettes. The 'Dominatrix' shirt has slashes at the bust to allow the breasts to show. These can be buttoned up with snakeskin covered buttons to allow only a peek of nipple. The slashes are framed with ornate embossed embroideries which serve to highlight the body as the work of art it is. You'll also find this embossed work framing the silk chaps (how incredibly decadent and deliciously naughty!) along the waist, hips, and cuffs.

There is an intriguing play where exotic and erotic come together in those pieces that highlight Steph's talent with textiles. The capes are adorned with intricate moth wings or bird skeletons which add moody drama to tulle that clings to the skin. The embossed moth wings also create an organic netting when used as a veil (shown paired with a leather mask and skull cap topped with a horsetail).

I find it especially exciting when Steph's filmy fabrics are paired with the harder edges of Paul's leather and snakeskin pieces. This is when the fantasy is truly kicked up a notch, when darkly romantic looks are given a bit of kink. The laced-up closure on the horsetail corset belt mimics the sense of being bound, adding graphic elements and hardware that curves around the body to beneath the breasts. The wrap corset belt features a wrapped panel of leather that adjusts with a stud closure and is topped by a separate belt that mirrors the brass chains of harnesses and leads.

While Steph Aman and Paul Seville are each masters of their own crafts, it is their unexpected pairing that elevates these looks to the stuff of fantasies. I imagine the wearer goes through a ritual of sorts donning these exquisite pieces. They inspire a sense of both restraint and release that are truly remarkable. It is empowering to see lingerie used in a way that is completely uninhibited.

Steph Aman Violet Top Steph Aman Violet Cape Steph Aman Violet chaps Steph Aman Violet Dress Steph Aman Violet top and shorts Steph Aman Mistress Gown Paul Seville Horsetail Girdle Paul Seville Harness Bust Apron Steph Aman Veil Steph Aman Headdress

What do you think of the collaboration between Steph Aman and Paul Seville? Do you believe lingerie plays an important part in the role of erotic fantasies? Would you wear any of these daring styles?

Laurie Shapiro

Laurie Shapiro is the former owner and designer of the luxury lingerie label, Toad Lillie. Based in Seattle, WA, she now helps lingerie businesses engage their customers through brand communications and social media.

3 Comments on this post

  1. Just outstanding. Thank you so much for showcasing and writing such an inspiring piece.

  2. Thursday says:

    I have adored Paul Seville’s work from afar for several years now, but never realised the connection to Steph Aman. their collaboration here is intriguing, and manages to combine their different approaches to eroticism while retaining the luxury touches that infuse their work. I would definitely wear some of these, and still hope to own some of Seville’s amazing work some day.

  3. DRJP says:

    Wow! What an incredible collaboration. Yes I do believe lingerie can play an important role erotic role play. Being the first thing you put on and possibly the last thing that comes off, lingerie can be the best stage setter. Yes, yes I would wear these wonderful pieces, especially the harness bust corset. What a great garmet.

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