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Body Harnesses for All Bodies! 4 Queer, Trans, and Plus Size Makers to Know

Plus Size Art Deco Harness by EmmaAlamo ($234)

Strappy looks continue to be a big trend in lingerie and owe their inspiration to the bondage and leather accessories worn by sex workers and folks in the queer leather subculture. Today, the wide variety of harnesses and accessories available in leather, vinyl, elastic, or nylon means finding the right item for your look and you body is easier than ever.

The leather subculture has been important for queer sexual and social connection, as well as a way of being visible as queer. To honor that history, I’m showcasing queer and trans harness makers who show their works on a wide variety of bodies.

Emma Alamo

Kyra Underbust Corset Harness by EmmaAlamo ($235, sizes XS-4X and custom)

Emma Alamo features “handmade leather harnesses for every body.” The innovative shapes from this maker use a mix of delicate, thin leather straps and molded, armor-like plates. I adore the complex shapes and the care taken to fit the contours of many bodies. Standard sizes between XS-4X are available, as well as custom sizes if your body does not fall into this range.

Wild Wolf Leatherwork

Adjustable Thigh Harness by Wild Wolf Leatherwork ($218, custom sized to your measurements)

Wild Wolf Leatherwork creates “shameless, empowered, & handcrafted leatherwear.” Their strappy options are available in a variety of leather colors to appeal to many sensibilities. I’m smitten with the rose white color, a soft blush tone that brings delicacy to items like this many-strapped leg harness. Sizes are completely custom to your measurements.

Bawdy Love

Cassiopeia Body Harness by Bawdy Love ($139, custom sized to your measurements)

Bawdy Love features a variety of clothing and harnesses that “celebrate your unique body and enhance your confidence.” Their harnesses use a nylon/spandex blend fabric stitched into straps that offer stretch and comfort. I’m drawn to the shimmery unicorn colors of the Cassiopeia Harness, which combines a full-body harness with triangle cups and optional matching boyshorts. All items are custom made to your measurements.


Party Gurl Chain Belt by GNAT ($90, waist sizes 20"-60" and custom)

GNAT offers joyful, glittery gear “made for queer femmes by queer femmes.” I can’t stop grinning at the playfulness of these harnesses, belts, and collars, made in shimmery vinyl in a rainbow of colors. Some of my favorites take layers of clear vinyl to sandwich a joyful assortment of confetti and glitter. Sizes range from waist measurements of 20-60” and may be customized.

Don't Be Afraid of Body Harnesses!

One of the things I love about body harnesses is the way they hug the body, making me feel more aware of sensation and present in my body. For a lingerie-as-outerwear look, wear a glittery belt or let a hint of leather peek out from below the neckline of your shirt. As these makers show, too, an array of straps looks great on any body!

Shannon Flaherty