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Lingerie I Wish I'd Bought: Early 2015 Edition

It's time for another installment of "Lingerie I Wish I'd Bought." This infrequent feature is exactly what what it says on the title... me sharing the items that escaped my grasp. Why? Because misery loves company. So let's all commiserate about the beauty we've missed out on again together.

Amoralle 'Lilac of Luck' Robe

amoralle lilac of luck 1

amoralle lilac of luck 2

This robe is the stuff of lingerie dreams. I mean, look at it. Voluminous satin sleeves. A transparent mesh covered open back. The perfect shade of  vintage pale blush. Beautiful gold lace trim (which you can view here). I don't really believe in waxing poetic about any historical era, but this looks like the kind of robe someone would have had in their bridal trousseau of Downton Abbey. There's a lushness and a richness here, a kind of gratuitous opulence and extravagance, that's rarely seen in lingerie nowdays.


Boudoir by D'Lish Sheer Leopard Dressing Gown

catherine d'lish leopard robe 1

catherine d'lish leopard robe 2

I hate to be redundant, but just in case we've got some new readers, it should be said - I love leopard print. I mean, I really, truly, deeply love it. I've heard some people think leopard print is "trashy," but those people aren't my friends because how could any decent human being hate leopard print? Catherine D'Lish (yes, the burlesque icon) makes some of the most gorgeous boudoir dressing gowns in existence. These airy chiffon confections make me want to rent a mansion on the heath just so I can swan about on a velvet-covered staircase somewhere.


Betty Blue's Loungerie 'The Betty' Robe

betty blue's loungerie betty robe 1

betty blue's loungerie betty robe 2

While we're on the subject of robes, why not make it a trifecta? And yes, it is another leopard print robe because leopard print is awesome. While this piece was officially inspired by Bettie Page, I like to think of it as the sort of thing Eartha Kitt (i.e. the personification of glamour) would have worn. Right now, I'm all about a poofy sleeve and yards and yards of gorgeous fabric, and this robe fills both desires.


Toad Lillie 'Sway With Me' Bra Set

toad lillie sway with me 1

toad lillie sway with me 2

Moving away from robes (and leopard print) for now, let's go way, way back to Toad Lillie's beautiful creations. As many of you know, Laurie Shapiro, the designer behind Toad Lillie now writes for TLA (she handles our lookbook features every Monday and Friday, and the blog is better for it), but before that, she ran her own luxury label named Toad Lillie. There's a lot of stuff I wish I'd bought when Toad Lillie was in business, but the pieces I most covet now are the Sway With Me bra and panty. Beautiful silk in a beautiful color with beautiful detailing. What's not to love?


Jolie Mômes 'Pretty' Silk Velvet Robe

jolies momes velour robe

Jolie mômes velour robe 2


Back to robes! (Yeah, you thought I was done with robes, didn't you? Nope.) While I am definitely not the sort of person to get all worked up over French Lingerie, this silk velvet robe manages to be so chic and so hip at the same time that I am genuinely envious of anyone who managed to pick one up. Jolie Mômes does wonderful lingerie just in general, but this is the kind of robe that I think could transfer instant 'cool girl' status...even to the terminally uncool, like me. And if not? Well, I'm wearing silk velvet. Life is good.


Honorable Mention: Oroblu Antea Tights

oroblu antea tights

Tights are the sort of thing I'm loathe to buy more of. I already own so many - more than I could ever wear, really. So buying more just seems unnecessarily wasteful (and yes, I'm aware of the irony of being a lingerie addict talking about owning too much of something). But when I find myself still thinking about a thing months later, that's when I know I should have gotten it... and these tights are the perfect example of that.

Is there anything on your "I wish I'd bought that" list, either from last year or before? Let's share our woes in the comments.

Cora Harrington

Founder and Editor in Chief of The Lingerie Addict. Author of In Intimate Detail: How to Choose, Wear, and Love Lingerie. I believe lingerie is fashion too, and that everyone who wants it deserves gorgeous lingerie.